Japan Wedding Shoot with Decollte - Part 2

If you haven't read part 1 of my pre-wedding shoot in Japan with Decollte Wedding Photography, then you should click here first: 

So previously I shared all about the Behind The Scene experience from exchanging emails and skyping sessions to heading down 1 day before the shoot to pick out my Kimono and gowns. & I actually received several emails from you guys asking me about the shoot and asking me to show the final pictures soon! Haha.

& today I'm here to show you guys all the pictures we've taken from the 1 full day shoot with Decollte Wedding Photography. Okay, I have 40+ pictures to share but these are just 10% of what Toshiya Mizuma shot of us. He gave us all the soft copies and there were around 500+ pictures. SX and I spent 2 hours+ going through all the pictures to pick out 35 for our wedding album, which Decollte will print out and mail over to Singapore! 

Our shoot started at around 8+am at Gion area in Kyoto and it was just starting to drizzle. In fact, when we met up the day before to select the gowns and kimono, the photography crew told us that they've checked the weather forecast it would be raining the whole day during our shoot.

& it did.

But thank god during our traditional kimono shoot, the rain was very minimal.

Traditional Japanese Style Shoot at Kyoto

I can't stop admiring my hair and the pretty fresh flowers on it. Akiko San did an amazing job at styling my outfits and doing my makeup. 

I like how during the shoot, many times we were told to just be ourselves and Toshiya Mizuma will do his job. Also, we were wearing the traditional wedding kimono, that was the highest in hierarchy amongst all kimonos, we had to "respect" it and that means we had to "behave" in a proper manner so no crazy ideas. But that wasn't my style too so, it worked perfectly fine for me.

I love this picture so much!
The rain actually did us a favor instead and made the pictures more romantic and moody (a style that I really like!). You'll see what I mean in the next set of pictures.

Western Style Shoot at Kobe

We arrived at Kobe after a 2 hour+ drive and had a change of outfit + hair & makeup and it was already around 4-5pm by then. The sky was looking slightly dark and gloomy plus the rain was pretty big. But, the show must go on so we braved the rain and hit the streets of Kobe.

Not joking when I said the rain was pretty heavy, check out the rain droplets on SX's tuxedo. Haha, and my wedding gown was soaked wet up till my knees. But it was definitely all worth it.

Another shot that we both agreed to use for the wedding album immediately upon seeing it.

Another set of pictures that left SX and I with serious dilemma because there were so many shots that we went "OMG, SO NICE", "This one also nice!" and "This one too! How? Which one should we pick?" 

We ended up picking 3 to be in the album.

This was the picture that I used for our "Save The Date".
It is so amazingly gorgeous.

The entire feel is something beyond my expectations. 

"Till death do us part"

This Toshiya Mizuma san is really something. I told him that I specially bought this pair of heels from US and I wanted it to be in the pictures because of the quirky bottoms and that was it. He came up with all these angles right on the spot and mind you, we were all hiding from the rain at every possible shelter and moved from 1 location to the next very quickly. All I had on my mind was how the rain was going to ruin my curls and how icky it felt dragging the wet gown as I walked and staying under the umbrella. 

I love how the pictures could look and feel so different with just a portable flash.

A last shot which was super impromptu before we headed back to the studio. & I really liked this picture too!

Indoor studio Kebaya shoot

This indoor kebaya shoot was added in really last minute, like a week before I flew to Japan I had this light bulb go on in my head, telling me that I should take some pictures of me wearing the SQ uniform for memories sake. & so we did! I didn't want too much focus to be on this so I told the Decollte wedding team that I just needed a few simple pictures and we both agreed that an indoor studio shoot would be most suitable.

So these are my pre-wedding pictures by Decollte Wedding Photography.

If you are keen on finding out more about the wedding packages provide by Decollte, you can visit their website - http://d-weddingphoto.com/ , 
or email them at overseas@decollte.co.jp !

Here's the Personal Page and Portfolios for you to check out:

Mizuma Toshiya (photographer):http://www.deco-studios.jp/member/mizumatoshiya 

SX and I are so thankful to work with such a professional team. They were not only friendly and helpful, they treated us with genuine care. Every time we were done taking a shot, the crew would rush over with umbrellas to shelter us from the rain even though their hands were already full from holding the flowers and props. 

We came to Japan with high hopes for our pre-wedding shoot because, come on, it's Japan. The pictures would definitely turn out pretty, that's what we thought. And it turned out way better than our expectations. We had such a hard time picking out the precious 35 pictures that will be printed out on the wedding album because there were so many good looking ones! I am really very happy and lucky to work with Decollte Wedding Photography for my pre-wedding shoot.

Thank you for leaving me with such wonderful memories to look back on. 


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