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So I've been packing and reorganizing my room from a week ago. Everyday I'll throw like 3-4 bags of rubbish out, those that are in good condition, I'll put them in another pile for flea or to post on carousell. But I'm so lazy to deal with ppl who bargainπŸ™„. So I shall see how. 

& finally, I'm somewhat happy with my vanity area now, the best I can do lah, cause I'm gonna move in with SX soon so I don't wanna do anything drastic. Just tidied things up a little.
So here's an overview of it.

From L > R,
- tissue box
- lipstick holder
- makeup drawer
- skincare box

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I've shown you the skincare holder before so let's talk about the makeup area today!


So, these aren't all my makeup, because I have another bigger drawer that I got from ikea at the side to keep all of my other makeup products.

Eyeshadows, blushers, palettes and all my other makeup products can never fit into these drawers so they're in another area. 

Those on the vanity are items I'll reach for the most? So I switch them out depending on my "favorite of the month"
The latest addition is this lipstick holder that I super love. Cause it comes with a sliding door!

I try my best to not leave my makeup out in the open as possible, to minimize collection of dust, so I'm always trying to buy organizing units that comes with covers!
These are my most used lip products so I decided to display them out.

As you can tell, those longer lip products like ColourPop liquid lipsticks, or any glosses and lip liners, they can't fit into the lipstick holder. So I just put them all on a Daiso square holder on top.
This can hold about 50-ish lipstick? Pretty impressed with it. πŸ‘πŸΌ
& here's all the other lip products..
I know, how many lips do I have, right?
& here's an overview of the makeup drawers.

I like how pretty it looks to display the perfumes out like that.

But I'm fully aware it will be covered in dust if I don't clean it once every 2 weeks. πŸ˜“
There's only 3 layers in this unit, which is definitely not enough for me.. so I'm contemplating if I should get another one to stack on top of this..
In the first drawer, I keep my base products.

Foundation, bb cushion, DD perfector, face powders & a stick of concealer.
& the 2nd drawer houses my current go-to highlighters!
& the 3rd drawer is where I keep some of my blushers. I have a whole lot more but these are what I reach for at the moment.
For those who are keen on purchasing the acrylic holders..
I got them all from Taobao!

From different sellers. I just type in the search bar "ι€ζ˜ŽεŒ–ε¦†η›’” or something and then I'll link and link from shop to shop to see what range they have.

There's a lot of sellers on Taobao selling it!
Only thing is, one of the cases came damaged at the corners. Still usable lah but if you inspect closer, the plastic is cracked πŸ˜‚

Oh and the price.

It may seem cheap.. $17 for brush holder.. $22 for skincare holder, $23 for the makeup drawer. 

BUT when you add in the shipping, it goes up to around $5 more per item I think? I remember my shipping fee to be quite expensive cause of the weight. These acrylic holds are pretty heavy!

So.. I think in all I spent around $150 or so for all?
Still cheaper than Muji clear cases for sure.. πŸ˜‚

I just carted out 1/2 portion of pearl beads for the brushes holder, cause mine doesn't seem to be enough and all my brushes are unable to stand firmly. πŸ™„

Heng only $3.50 or so, by with shipping...?

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