Superstar Virgo - Hong Kong & Guangzhou!

We're going on a cruise trip!!!
Okay, we already went and am back but, that was how excited I was when I found out that I will be going on the Superstar Virgo last month in collaboration with UFM 100.3!

Our itinerary goes like this:
Day 1: 
SIN - Guangzhou via Singapore Airlines.
Board the Superstar Virgo - overnight to Hong Kong.

Day 2: 
Cruise docked at Hongkong around 10am.
Disembarked and explored Hong Kong for the entire day.
Got back on the cruise around dinner time.
Overnight to Guangzhou.

Day 3:
Cruise docked at Guangzhou.
Took a coach and headed to their town area.
Checked into Holiday Inn hotel for overnight stay.
Explored Guangzhou for the day.

 Day 4:
Headed to the airport & back to Singapore!

My fiance, SX, has never been on a cruise before and we've always wanted to go on one together so can you imagine how thrilled we were for this trip? I've actually gone on Superstar Virgo before, when I was 12 with my mom and grandparents but I fell ill on the cruise and didn't enjoy myself at all.

No worries on that, we can create new memories on this trip!

Us on board Singapore Airlines to Guangzhou. 
SX was all ready to take his nap which is something he always do whenever he flies. He would throw on this eye shade and just zzz for at least 1-2 hours before waking up for food. 

I've been flying with SQ for all my trips this year and it really is a "great way to fly". I chatted a little with the steward that was serving my aisle and within the few sentences that we've exchanged, he could guessed that I was a crew. Sorry, ex-crew. Haha.

Here I am at the port of Guangzhou waiting to board the Superstar Virgo.

It looked seriously magnificent from where I was standing at.

& this was our room for 2 nights.

We got the Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony!

The room was really cozy and perfect for us. I loved having the balcony in our room because most of the time, we would leave the balcony sliding door ajar and just enjoy the ocean waves and breeze.

Imagine I got to makeup and prepare myself for the day in such a setting, how great is that?

After checking in to our room, we explored the cruise a little and had dinner!

There's seriously a 101 things to do onboard.
There's a library, a huge pool with jacuzzis and slide, a video arcade, gymnasium, private karaoke rooms,  activity centres, dance lounges and bars with live bands and more.

We were invited to join the UFM 100.3 singalong event too.

We truly enjoyed ourselves singing along to all the songs as the UFM 100.3 crew count down to the top songs. I knew most of the songs because they were all the popular tracks that we would always pick whenever we go KTV. The UFM 100.3 djs have really good vocals too. They performed for us numerous songs and I even won myself a travel adapter in one of their games. *Yay, go me!*

Decided to have a light breakfast the next morning as we will be spending our day in Hong Kong!!

The cruise was dock at Harbour City, which nearest MTR station is Tsim Sha Tsui, so it is really convenient.

So happy to be having my favorite cold noodles and SX's love for curry fishball.

When in Hong Kong, we'll always have Hui Lau Shan.

OMG, we totally chanced upon this pastry shop in Causeway Bay and I decided to order 1 cheese tart and 1 matcha tart to try.... we took a bite and went to heaven.


Similar concept to BAKE cheese tarts that I had in Japan but the crust was thinner and it has other flavors besides just cheese.

Okay, I went to google the name of the shop and I found it!!
It's called - Hanjuku Kobo.

Please try it if you are heading to Hong Kong.

& I brought SX to try out Capital Cafe for their scrambled egg and truffle cheese toast.
I kept telling him how it is even better than Australian Diary company and he needed to try it. 
Verdict? He agrees with me that we no longer need to visit Australian Diary co for their scrambled eggs because Capital Cafe's tastes even better and they have so many other dishes on their menu. Plus, service is so much better.

So we ate & shopped the entire day, I spent way more than I should have and decided it was time to go back to the cruise.

We went up to the top deck because I wanted to take some nice pictures with Hong Kong as my background.... but the weather was very hazy that day. :(

But it was still very beautiful too.

I really like being up at the top deck, just taking a stroll with SX around the entire track.

There's many sports & fitness activities that you can do when you up there too! Like, golf, basketball, swim and jog.

Had dinner with XJ from Superstar Virgo and other bloggers before we headed for a concert at the Lido!

Every week, there will be famous pop artists that will perform on the SuperStar Virgo and when we were there, it was William So who was performing!

I was really looking forward to Andy Hui!! You know, Sammi Cheng's bf!?

It was really nostalgic hearing all the songs that William So was belting out, those were all my secondary school era kinda music! So I knew how most of it too. 

With other bloggers who were invited on this trip too - Maybelline & her bf James, Joanna & her bf Abel.

Day 3 breakfast was at the chinese restaurant, head from the other bloggers that he food there was very good so we decided to try it.

& it was! I love having porridge/congee for breakfast and it came with a huge assortment of of side dishes.

The view was pretty too, as we were seated next to the large windows!
Oh & not to mention, there's wifi on the cruise for certain levels, which were mostly the bar and restaurants, so SX was able to work and contact his clients even out in the sea.

Told you our favorite place in the room was the balcony.
But it was really foggy that day, so I wasn't able to capture the sea at all.

We docked at Guangzhou and took a coach to our hotel for the night.

Holiday Inn Shifu, which was located conveniently at one of the most busy shopping area in Guangzhou!

Our hotel room was huge!!
So luxurious and comfortable, I wanted to just take a warm bubble bath and throw myself onto the soft bed and not go out. But since our time is limited in Guangzhou, we had to explore as much as we can.

There were many roadside stalls that were selling food, reminds me of Bangkok or Taiwan!
We joined the queue for some mango drink and the potato tower. 

I also managed to shop a little, but the style of clothing there isn't really to my liking so I didn't get too much. But Maybelline on the other hand, bought so much with her bf that they needed to buy a luggage to fit all their shopping!!! She couldn't stop raving about how affordable each item she got was.

It was their Public Holiday, so the place was really really crowded.
I think you could say this area is similar to our Orchard Road.

Day 4, taken in the hotel room before we check out and returned home to Singapore.

I didn't want to leaveeee....

Thank you XJ for everything, taking care of us and arranging everything!
We really enjoyed ourselves and it was an unforgettable experience.

If you are keen to find out more on the SuperStar Virgo, you can visit: 


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