Fitbit Alta

Hello everyone!

It is no secret that I'm trying to lead a more active lifestyle these days and for good reasons. 

1. I'm growing older and my metabolic rate is declining.
2. I want to be in the best shape & health condition.
3. I want to look good on my wedding day.

I used to work out weekly for a year back in 2014 when I was introduced to the gym by my fiance. It was easier to be motivated when you have a gym buddy. I definitely noticed changes physically, as well as internally (health), a couple of months after I started to work out regularly. 

Right now, I'm trying to incorporate more fitness into my current lifestyle and I'm so happy I found a new "workout buddy" to keep me on track - my Fitbit Alta.

You see that black slim band I'm wearing in the above picture? 

Guys, meet Alta.

Alta, is the latest addition to the Fitbit family and to put it simply, it is an activity tracker.

Just wear it on your wrist and go about your day as normal and you can just glance down at this device to find out your current activity status for the day.

You will be able to tell the following just by tapping on the screen of Alta or the motion of "rotating" your wrist inwards:
- How many steps you've taken 
- How many km you've walked
- How many calories you've burned 

It also displays the time and date at first glance which means, you don't have to wear a watch if you don't want to. 

If you want to know why I'm such a fan of Fitbit Alta, it is because I used to own a Fitbit One! I got this around 2 years ago and used it for so long. It is more basic and has less functions compared to the Alta so I'm really glad I have the Alta now because it is so useful in keeping my healthy lifestyle in check.

So the first thing I did after getting my Alta was to charge it and also download the Fitbit app on my mobile phone. The setting up was really easy, which I really appreciate because I'm not good with anything technical. 

Selected the Alta tracker for set up.

These are the accessories that came in the box.
- A charger
- The Alta
- Wireless sync dongle

I was shocked by the celebratory vibrations that the Alta gave when I reached my first 10K steps. Let's be honest, it is a little difficult to hit 10K steps per day if I'm just going to work and heading home after work. So I will always try to take walks after dinner with my mom or my fiance whenever I find myself lacking behind in the number of steps per day.

I like how it keeps me motivated to "move more" and not just be a lazy couch potato at home.

What a smart device.
I wore the Alta the other day when I was on the Elliptical at the gym and it really did track my workout. 

I was really excited about this function! Able to see who is calling or texting me? How cool is that!

There's other features on the Alta that are really interesting too. Like tracking your daily sleep progress, setting fitness goals with your Fitbit app & collecting victory badges and managing & selecting your music choices via the Alta.

So needless to say, I am in love with my Alta. I wear it everywhere and almost everyday. The design is so sleek and fashionable, I can wear it from day to night occasions. The only time I don't wear it is if I'm attending a formal event that requires me to be dressed to the nines. But for 95% of the time, the Alta goes really well with my outfits.

I wore it every single day when I was in Japan and I'm not lying when I say it goes really well with most of my outfits. 

& just in case I'm feeling a little girly that day, I can just switch up the bands to match the color of my clothing.

I got the Blush Pink Leather bands to match my girly outfits.

Removing and changing the bands is really easy and effortless.

Doesn't it look so feminine now? I really love this pastel pink shade and I'm also torn between getting the Graphite leather or the stainless steel band. 

They look so gorgeous too!! 
Can I collect them alllllll?

There are also classic colors for the bands too.

My night routine is to sync my Alta with the Fitbit app on my mobile to find out my daily activity.

Another thing that I love about the Alta is the long battery life. I only have to charge my Alta like once every 5-6 days?

Am showing you my BEST day ever since I got the Alta. 
I walked 18K steps and burned 2.4K in calories!! It was during my trip in Japan, as if you've been there before, you'll know that taking taxis is a no-no there because it is so expensive so we walked and take train everywhere. I shopped a lot that day which explains why we walked so much. *laughs*

Really love how the Pink Leather band looks when paired with more feminine outfits.

Thank you Fitbit for being my partner in achieving a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

It is retailing at S$198 and you can find the retailers here:
More on Fitbit:
& their Facebook page:


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