One Raffles Place

I’m sure One Raffles Place is a mall that everyone have walked past or entered before as its location is just right above Raffles Place MRT Station. Right in the heart of the CBD! 

 I have personally have been there several times to have dinner with my friends who are working nearby but I’ve never really shopped there before. So when I was told to pick out 2 outfits for a contest that is happening at One Raffles Place in April, I was pretty worried with the clothing options that I would have. 

One Raffles Place has 6 levels, comprising of food & beverages, fashion and services. The fashion boutiques are mostly from level 3 to level 4 so that was where I headed straight to.

A shopaholic like me knows that the first thing to do is to visit all the shops before confirming on an apparel because, what if I see something else nicer right? It was pretty difficult for me because I saw so many items that I wanted but I kept telling myself that I only needed to pick 2 outfits.

I’m a huge fan of sunglasses so I stopped by OWNDAYS and picked a pair to match 1 of my outfits. It is a leading optical company from Japan specializing in spectacles and the prices are really affordable with many designs to choose from.


I personally own a pair of PC glasses that I will wear when I’m working from Owndays and it is really an amazing buy because it helps protect my eyes. I used to get headaches from long hours of staring into the computer screen and after wearing the PC glasses, I actually feel much better.

I then went to this shop called audaash and got 1 outfit + a clutch. Remember what I said about not deciding on the outfit until I’ve seen all the shops? I caved in once I saw the shirt dress from audaash, it is so unique and totally my style so I got it on the spot.


It is a multi label store that specializes in Korean apparels and accessories.  The items that they carry are really one of a kind and I love the chancing on surprise finds like these when I’m shopping.

I got 2 shoes from this shop called Carl & Oak.

Carl & Oak

Carl & Oak caters to both women and men and aside from selling shoes; they also carry bags, & accessories. They are known for their timeless style and quality in its range of premium leather. The 2 pairs of shoes I picked to match my outfits are from their very own designs.  

So here are the 2 outfits that I’ve put together for the contest held by One Raffles Place. 
I will be dressing the mannequins in these outfits and it will be on display from 31 Mar to 27 Apr. I’m not sure when my outfits will be on display because each week it will feature a different blogger’s choice of outfit. If you catch mine, snap a picture for me ok? Keep a look out for it! :)

Here is my outfit #1.

I decided to pick an outfit that can bring me from work to play because I often find myself at a fashion dilemma on Fridays where I’m heading out with friends after work and I don’t want to wear to formal for the night. 

The dress is from S Lady.

S Lady

I got this pair of earrings from  S Lady too. 

This sunglasses from OWNDAYS really matches my outfit.

Shoes from Carl & Oak
It is very comfortable and I really appreciate the sleek design and metal heel.

I also got a watch from Swatch to match this outfit.


I believe not much introduction is needed for this brand as we all grew up wanting a pair of swatch watch. The latest collections are really adorable and of course there are the timeless classics too.


& here is Outfit number #2.

This is the dress from audaash that I saw and fell in love at first sight. 
Isn’t it so unique and pretty? I love how the shirt dress flows and moves with each step I take and the cascading side details are right up my alley.

The cute Mickey Mouse clutch is also from audaash and the brown wedges are from Carl & Oak.  The shoes are from their very own brand and it fits me perfectly. I can definitely see myself wearing these and walking the whole day without complaining about achy feet.

So here’s a shout out to those who frequent the CBD are or are meeting their friends there for meals, do pop by One Raffles Place if you are in the mood to shop as there are really many fashion boutiques with styles to suit everyone!

You can follow them on these social media links:

Or visit their website to find out more:


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