Bind and Block away the calories!

I’ve wanted to go on a diet for the longest time because
A - my wedding is taking place this year,

B - in just 1.5 months, I will be heading to Japan for my pre-wedding photo shoot,

 C – I’ve gained 3 kg since I left my previous job as a stewardess.
 I’ve procrastinated my diet plan ever since December last year and with all the festive seasons like Christmas, New year and now, Chinese New Year, it took all of my willpower to not reach for that next pineapple tart.
How I wish I have the metabolism of a teenager or that every food item I put into my mouth will not add inches to my hips!
Chinese New Year is a mega feasting time for my family and this was just round 1 of the dim sum that we’ve ordered! *gasp*.

I was really afraid that instead of losing, I would be GAINING weight because of all the food that I’ll be consuming over the entire week of Chinese New Year celebrations. & it is definitely not easy to turn down all those delicious food placed right in front of me, so I’m really lucky to have..
Bind&Block FAT by Borsch Med
to prevent me from gaining those extra pounds!!
Bind&Block FAT by Borsch Med is formulated with Chitosan, Psyllium seed and FOS to block out the fat content from all the food you’ve eaten so that your body does not routinely absorb those extra fats.
So where does the fat go?

Step 1Bind Fat
The main ingredient Chitosan, binds itself with the fat from the consumed food when comes into contact in the stomach.
Step 2Block Fat
This binding action forms a molecule where it passes through the digestive system without being digested or absorbed by the body.
Step 3Bye Fat
This molecule is then passed out as waste. In additional, Psyllium Seed, a type of dietary fibre, helps to ease constipation and expands when comes into contact with water in the human stomach. This keeps you full longer, preventing overeating.
& it comes in powdered sachet forms which is really convenient for you to bring it everywhere for easy consumption. All I do is just tear open the sachet, pour the powdered contents into my mouth & wash it down with a gulp of water!
*The only thing to remember is to consume Bind&Block FAT 30 minutes before eating,
not take more than 3 sachets a day,
& to consume 6-8 glasses of water for better effect*
As someone who is always suffering from bloating and abdominal pain from constipation, I’m so happy to learn that Bind&Block FAT contains prebiotics ingredients to help promote a healthy intestinal environment that relieve constipation!
So here I am, celebrating my Chinese New Year with my family and eating all the food I want without having to worry about putting on extra weight!!
I started taking Bind&Block FAT on the day of the CNY reunion dinner & weighed myself in the morning to track my weight.
This was taken on Day 1 of CNY where we had steamboat!
Isn’t that the best thing a lady can ever wish for?
To eat without worrying about gaining weight!
I weighed myself 1 week after all that CNY feasting and I did not gain weight at all, in fact, I even lost 0.8kg! Haha!! Do bear in mind that Bind&Block FAT is not a slimming product that helps you to lose weight. It is a weight management supplement that prevents you from gaining weight by blocking future fat absorption.  However, I did find myself eating lesser by maybe 20% after consuming Bind&Block FAT 30 minutes before my meals because I feel fuller faster? So I guess that is the works of the Psyllium Seed, expanding & keeping me feeling full which helps me to not overeat!
Oh, & do not worry about the taste of the Bind&Block FAT powder because it actually tastes good! It has a fruity taste which I couldn’t tell what flavor it was until I read that it was Mango & Peach!
You can find Bind&Block FAT at all leading pharmacies & selected departmental stores!
There are 30 sachets in each box.
It is retailing at S$49.00 but right now, the introductory price is only S$42.00!
I will definitely be buying 2 boxes to prepare myself for my upcoming holiday trips, because who has the time to exercise and control food intake when enjoying overseas right?
Free sachets of Bind&Block FAT giveaway!
Just sign up at to receive them.
I love how I do not have to change my diet plans or workout to burn the extra sinful meal that I have so that I will not gain weight. All I got to do is to remind myself to take Bind&Block FAT 30 minutes before each high fat meal!!
Thank you Bind&Block FAT for this product which is a god ‘sent to all of us out there.



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