Kate Eyeliner

I used to apply eyeliner daily as I really like the dark and thick eyeliner look but then I had a change in my makeup style as I grew older and I seldom apply eyeliner now. That’s because I can hardly find any eyeliner that is thin enough for me to draw a clean precise line for my everyday go-to-work look.

You see, I work in a corporate environment so I think dark and thick eyeliner is frown upon so I usually go to work with no eyeliner on. & I only draw eyeliner on after work when I’m heading out or during the weekends. 

But now that KATE TOKYO has launched this new line:

I’ve been lining my eyes with their KATE DIGITAL MEMORY LINER to work daily and I love it! I take less than 3 minutes to get both sides of my eyes lined, really convenient & great in application.

Let me share with you the key features of this eyeliner.

[Digital Black Formula] 
The pigmentation of this eyeliner is insane. The black is really intense & it goes on really smoothly in a complete stroke during application.

[Digital Memory Effect]
The eyeliner has an amazing staying power due to the new formula that features 2 types of polymers to achieve smudge & fade resistance. This is real good news for girls with oily eyelids who always complain about their eyeliner flaking or peeling off after long wearing.

[Super Fine Flat Brush]
This is one of my favorite key features because I am able to have great control over the thickness of the liner that I wish to achieve. I can go really thin as the super fine tip of the brush allows an effortless and steady application. 

[Easy Removal with Warm Water]
This is something new to me as I was very intrigued by the fact that with warm water, the product actually comes off easily. But note, water temperature should be around 40 degrees to have easier removal.

Here’s a comparison of Kate Digital Memory Liner along with a Japanese brand eyeliner that I previously own.

Can you see how truly black the Kate eyeliner is as compared the Brand X?
Both of the eyeliners are drawn in a single stroke.

This is how thin the Kate Digital Memory Eyeliner can go.
Even though it is thinly drawn, the black is so strong that it is still very visible and my eyes just looks more striking and bright without going too over the top with my makeup.

Here’s a short video of how I apply my eyeliner.


This mascara seriously lengthens my lashes and it also has very strong color pigmentation to give me really black lashes.

& here are 3 of my favorite key features that make this my go-to mascara recently.

[Hard Black Formula]
As I’ve previously mentioned, the color pay off is very intense, jet-black in fact.

[Virtual Long Fibre]
It contains both straight and curled fibres to length your lashes and curl them at the same time. So you’ll end up with voluminous and curled lashes. Sounds really promising right?!

[Compact, Catch All Brush]
The application wand has bristles all precisely positioned to spread your lashes apart even as they are generously coated. The brush is so dense that it ensures all my lashes, be it short or long, are caught and layered with the light weight formula.

See what I mean by the brush is really compact? 
Oh, the mascara, just like the eyeliner is easily removed with warm water too!

Here’s a close up of my lashes with just 1 application of the mascara.
As I’ve mentioned previously, I am learning towards a more natural makeup look now so I tend to go very light handed on my makeup application.

But I really love how my lashes are evenly coated and lengthened.

This is my current everyday look.
Clean & simple yet my eyes are emphasized subtly.

The Kate Digital Memory Liner is retailing at S$20.50 & the Kate Virtual Long Lash is retailing at S$25.50.

The KATE TOKYO BLACK SHOCK COLLECTION will be available from February 2016 at selected FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, OG, John Little, Sasa Cosmetics and Watsons stores.