Bioskin collagen drink

So I met up with lady boss of Bioskin, Mathilda, awhile back at The Central outlet just before I went for my monthly facial.

Mathilda was sharing with me their new product, the Stem Cell+ Collagen Drink.  

I’m sure many of you have already seen this on TV commercials or even print advertisements. I was really excited to try the Stem Cell+ Collagen drink as I am already in my late 20s and my skin is not at its optimum best anymore 

I’ve noticed my skin’s firmness decreasing as well as the creeping in of some fine lines around my eyes and even in between my brows (I think I frown too much, haha). Besides just applying skincare daily to hydrate and keep the moisture level high, I believe that beauty comes from within too!

That’s why we need to ensure that our internal systems are at its optimum best so that we can achieve healthy skin and body. Even though there are many procedures nowadays that can have instant results targeting the surface skin problems, but if we have accumulated a lot of toxins in our body without treating it with proper supplements, our system will be unable to function at its best.

Unlike many others, Bioskin Stem Cell + Collagen leverages on the most premium and beneficial ingredients to give you the maximum results, Other than collagen and stem cell, the drink contains at least 10 other main ingredients that will have a huge beneficial impact on your skin and health.

800x more effective than CoQ10, 
6000x greater than Vitamin C,
550x more powerful than Green Tea Catechins.

All in this small bottle, amazing right?

Bioskin Stem Cell + Collagen drink is specially formulated by Bioskin and wholly made in Japan!
 It only contains premium healthy ingredients with no added sugar or artificial flavourings

& with these 10 skin benefits, what’s not to love?
    Anti Aging
    Firming & Lifting
    Skin Brightening
    Skin Rejuvenation
    Overall Well Being
    Anti Oxidant
    High Internal Lubrication
    Inner Moisture
    Inner Sunscreen

So if you are looking to get younger looking and hydrated skin with reduced fine lines, you can give the Bioskin Stem Cell + Collagen drink a try! You should be able to feel a difference after  in 10 days and start to see visible results after 3 months (but it depends on individuals for the results though, if your body is healthier, you’ll definitely see the visible changes sooner!).

SMS <Meiting_Stem Cell> to 82881133 and enjoy 1 bottle of Stem Cell Collagen drink + Stem Cell Face Treatment + Cell Renewal Cream + Foot Pressure Detox massage @$38* only!

*T&Cs apply

For more information, you can visit their website: