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Have you ever encountered those “OH-NO” moments the night before you have a big day? I swear it is like the murphy’s law or something. But whenever I have an event to attend, a wedding dinner or a date with my fiancé, I’ll somehow pop a pimple or two and it is so frustrating!! I’m not sure if it was due to the stress of looking my best or just lack of rest, but I’ve seem to always be the victim of such situation & the thing about my skin is, I seldom get pimples. But when I do, they are usually just a single big one randomly planted on my face.
How I wish there were inventions that could suck the pimple out of my face!
& well, there sort of is.
These Acne Patches from 3M, Nexcare do almost just that!
It clears acne spot-on real fast.
I am not sure if you can notice it, but do take a double look at the picture of me above & focus on the left eyebrow. Can you spot an acne patch there? Yes, I was wearing the acne patch because I had a pretty huge zit with yellow pus and I wanted that nasty thing out asap.
This is the acne patch for ladies, which was the one I used for my pimple in the above picture.
It is suitable for regular as well as night use and it comes in assorted sizes in 36 or 18 patches.

& the men’s one is designed especially for regular and night use and it comes in assorted sizes in 30 or 15 patches.
This over here is the Thinner Acne Patch and it’s the meant for day use.
It is 40% thinner than the ladies acne patch (only 0.01cm thick!) and less obvious so you can actually wear it out under your makeup!
It comes in assorted sizes in 30 or 18 patches.
I’m so glad that there are different types of 3M Nexcare acne patches to suit my different needs!
This is how it looks like!
It targets effectively on stubborn acne with visible results, with
out drying your skin and causing scars. The 3M Tegasorb is a water-based material that acts like a sponge in helping to absorb the oil secretion and pus in your pimple. It is also breathable even though it is water proof, so it makes wearing it really comfortable!
See my huge pimple above my eyebrows?
It is pretty big and painful when I touch it but I do not wish to squeeze my pimples as I do not want to leave a nasty scar. I’m pretty fair so whenever I have scars on my face, it takes a really long time for it go fade away.
Since I was home and not planning to go out, I picked the regular Ladies Acne Patch to treat my pimple.
Just remove the acne patch from the transparent film like how you’ll remove a sticker.

& stick it firmly over your pimple! Make sure it is stuck on properly so that it will have better absorption of the oil secretion and pus. Just leave it on overnight, and the next morning when I wake up, I can see the sticker becoming white as compared to when it is unused (beige), that means all the sebum and pus has been sucked out!

One thing I really enjoy about using this acne patch is that, it actually prevents me from touching and picking at the pimple! It also acts as a protective barrier against the environmental pollutants and risk infecting the pimple even more.
A really fuss free solution to treating pimples!
The retail price for the Nexcare acne patches are from S$5.20 to S$8.20 and right now they are having promotions ongoing at Watsons and Guardian. So do check them out if you are keen and it is always safe and best to keep 1-2 boxes of these acne patches at home because you’ll never know when a pimple will creep up on you!

Besides the highly raved Nexcare acne patches, 3M also have a huge range of products under their belt that are things we will often need in our everyday life.
I really like high heels because I’ll instantly look taller, my legs looks slimmer and longer but I’m really afraid of wearing heels the entire day cause most of the time they look pretty but hurts so bad. I’ve had blisters on my feet cause of high heels and it made me stopped wearing heels for awhile but I’ll still wear it cause beauty over pain right?
Well, with the help of the Nexcare Foot Care Pads, I think I would be able to walk the entire day in my heels!
It is the next level of blister care. Made with Hydrocolloid material, it aids healing and provides cushioning to reduce friction pain caused between feet and footwear. It also has lavender oil to soothe and moisturize the skin. & best of all, it is mostly transparent and the cushion is beige color so it would look invisible against the foot.
I’ve heard that these Foot Care Pads are not just loved by women, but men too, as many of them get nasty blisters after playing sports.
It is retailing at S$7.90.


Injuries - cuts and wounds can happen anytime. & it is always best to have a couple of plasters in your bag because you’ll never know when you’ll need it. I do not have the habit of carrying plasters around but I have some friends that do and they are often life-savers! I shall try to have this habit too!
Usually falls and scrapes will leave behind unsightly scars on our skin and did you know with Nexcare Wound Care Solutions, these bandages actually promotes fast wound healing and prevents scabs from forming!! I didn’t know about this and it is an amazing technology to be able to prevent scab formation.
The bandages are latex-free, waterproof, comfortable to the skin and offers good protection against bacteria and infection. The gel pad also helps in reducing pain by providing cushion to the wound. I’ll definitely be carrying a handful of these in my bag from now on, so friends, whenever you need them, you know you can look for me!
The Wound Care Solutions bandages are retailing at S$8.30 to S$8.95.
& lastly here are some other products like the Kinesiology tape, the Bath & shower puff and the Non-Exposure tapes.
I’m mostly drawn to the Non-Exposure tapes as I do have a couple of dresses and tops that are pretty low cut and I will definitely need the help of these tapes to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions!
These fashion tapes are really thin, double sided and hold strongly even when you perspire! They are also made suitable for people with sensitive skin so not to worry about it causing any itch or discomfort.
It is retailing at S$6.30.

And as Valentine’s Day is approaching, here’s a tip from me: Do remember to stock up on a box of these incase any sudden pimple pops up when you least want it to. We all want to look good and at our best during that special romantic dinner date and having a big red zit is just not cute!
I know for sure that my mood will be dampened if I wake up in the morning to find a pimple on my face because that cute dress that I bought definitely does not go well with the pimple.
So, remember to have one of these Nexcare acne patches ready at home just in case!


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