AIS Traveller Sim

Traveling is my favorite thing to do, I mean, who doesn't love to take a couple of days off from work and have a good time overseas?

I have 3 different trips coming up in the next few months and 1 of it will be to Bangkok!!

Thailand or rather Bangkok is always a holiday destination that I will visit every year. Sometimes even twice a year! Not only is it due to the fact that it is just a 2 hour flight away from Singapore, it is also one of the places with the best food & shopping! 

This was taken a couple of years back, & if you are an avid fan of Bangkok, you’ll definitely recognize where we were at.
Chinatown for seafood! Yummy!

I love treating myself to a cup of root beer and curly fries over at A&W! 
What a shame Singapore does not have A&W fast food chains anymore. So I can only satisfy my cravings whenever I visit Bangkok.

This isn’t Bangkok, but Phuket! 
I had one of the best times there. The locals were friendly & the beach was so beautiful.

I will be traveling to Bangkok, Thailand, at the end of January 2016 and I'm so happy that AIS, the most trusted network in Thailand, is collaborating with me! 

The 1st thing we Singaporeans always do when we land at airport overseas is to hurry over to a telecom counter get a Sim Card for data and call usage. This is to ensure that we are still able to connect with our loved ones back home and also some of us need it for work too.

& we will always be looking for those that are able to offer the best package.

So let me share with you AIS Traveller Sim.

You can easily find the AIS shop at Suvanabhumi International airport (Bangkok). There are several unlimited internet packages such as 7 days, 10 days or 30 days packages for you to choose from. Also there is a 3-in-1 SIM in one package (Nano, Micro & Normal SIM) which will be suitable for all devices.

AIS's helpful staff in the shop will ease all the complicated steps in SIM registration and help to set up your SIM in your devices when you purchase over the counter.

Also, the AIS call center 1175 is available in foreign languages like Chinese, Korean and English, so do not worry if you meet with any issues, you can just call the call center any time.

& there's a quick and easy guide to top up your credits as well as checking your balances!

To top up the credits, it is really fuss-free and can be done at any 7-11 convenience store. Just hand over the user manual to the staff and it will be taken care of!

The AIS Traveller Sim has a strong and wide coverage so it does not matter if you are on an island, or up on a mountain, you will still be able to receive excellent signal and high speed data!

Now, I’m able to update my Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat on the go!
The above screenshot was taken from my Instagram page when I visit Bangkok 6 months back & we visited this traditional breakfast place.

 As a blogger, I always love sharing my food finds and travel pictures online with my friends & readers and so having a strong & reliable mobile network is very important to me!

Also, there is a privilege for AIS Traveller Sim customers when they make a booking via Golfdigg, a mobile golf booking service on iPhone & Andriod which is offering over 30 golf courses across Thailand with up to 80% discounts, customers will be get a 100 Baht discount code!

Another privilege for AIS Traveller Sim customers is that a 10% discount will be given whenever a booking of any packages with Local Alike is made. However it is limited only 3x per AIS Traveller Sim number each month.

Local Alike is a travel company that offers a wide range of community-based tourism experiences. Travelers get to take part in off the beaten path experiences that contribute to the preservation of local ways of life and conservation of our environment. 

So the next time you are going over to Thailand, do give AIS Traveller Sim a try if you wish to enjoy
- High speed data 
- Wide network coverage
- Crystal clear voice quality service calling back home
- Non-stop internet and free calls credits offering in various ready-to-use package
- Easy & convenient buying & setting up the Sim card

For more details on AIS - visit

Now, I can't wait for my Bangkok trip!! 
I will be able to update my social media accounts like Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook on the go without worrying about lousy network and slow speed, thanks to AIS!


  1. good background info.better if prices could be indictaed,

  2. Thanks for your information on AIS.. I will change provider my next trip over at bangkok. BTW

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  3. Thank you for the useful information on Travel Sim. ��
    Next trip to Thailand I will get it.

  4. The AIS travel sim u are using is 3G only...use others for 4G and faster coverage...

  5. This is just Advertising and nothing more...there are many other service providers with equally good (and maybe more attractive packages) than AIS. I traveled to Thailand frequently and personally I preferred TRUE to AIS

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