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What makes a good gift?

I know most of us enjoy receiving presents especially if it is a surprise gift but personally, I really enjoy being the giver. I like the entire process of it all, from having that particular person in mind, remembering their likes and searching for the present that they will be thrilled to receive. Nothing makes me happier than seeing their faces light up with joy when they are opening the presents. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just knowing that I can make them smile.

As you know, Christmas is nearing and it is the season of giving!

I’ll usually have at least 3-4 different parties to attend and the celebrations will just spread over 3-4 days. I love playing secret santa and it can be challenging to get the perfect gift for your friends especially when there is budget to keep to! But, for the special loved ones, I’ll usually go all out.

Here’s an idea you can keep in mind if are looking to get the perfect present for your partners or even a very dear old friend.

“A good watch should possess all the attributes that make something a classic: dependability, durability and design integrity. These are all things we consider when we think about a timepiece that bears the Coach name.”
Stuart Vevers,
Executive Creative Director

I recently collaborated with Coach for their watches from their Fall Winter 2015 Collection.
& let me share with you the ones that I’ve picked.

Tristen – “Car Paint”

“Colored with the same rich, “car paint” inspired enamel used on Coach Fall handbags and accessories, the latest Coach Tristen watch is a sporty, day-to-evening style with a substantial bracelet. The case, accented with a bezel of sparkling Swarovski crystals, makes a particularly bold statement. The navy version is balanced with the richness of lavish gold plating with deep blue Swarovski crystals around the bezel and on dial, while the blush style has a rose- gold plated case encrusted with the romantic glow of rose crystals. The deep blue ion-plated case and bracelet is accented with a lustrous navy dial with crystal markers.”

I picked the gold bracelet instead of the blue or rose gold one because I think the color contrast between the gold and the blue face + Swarovski crystals around the bezel is very unique. I do not own any watches with a blue dial as I think it would be difficult to match with my outfits but this combination goes so well together! I appreciate the luxurious vibes.

You can’t see it, but I actually wore the Coach Tristen watch along with this outfit.

The watch dial that I picked for this is 36mm (also available in 28mm), not as dainty and small as the usual female watches and I think the entire look & feel of it gives the wearer a lot more character. It adds just a tiny bit of masculinity and everyone knows that androgynous trend is so hot right now.
The watch is water resistant (99 feet) and comes with a 2-year limited warranty and manufactured by Movado.




“With rounded, open lugs and no hard edges, the delicate-looking Delancey watch echoes the softly shaped hardware used on Coach’s key handbag styles. Soft fluid bracelets complement the feminine look of this slender case design. The classic yet modern case and dial recall the heritage of the Coach brand with a decidedly New York edge. All Delancey dials are a soft white accented with a heritage Coach Horse and carriage emblem and delicate open hands.
Available in stainless steel, stainless steel mesh with rose gold-plated case and rose-gold tone case and bracelet.”

I decided that I would also need a more feminine watch in my collection and that is why I picked the Delancey watch. As I have a pretty versatile dressing style that goes with my ever changing mood, it is also important that my accessories are able to match them.

I paired the Delancey rose gold watch with this girly outfit with soft neutral colors and it looks brilliant together.

I think this is the perfect watch for me to wear to work daily. Even though it is small and subtle, it is able to make a significant difference to your entire look.  
It comes in 23, 28 and 36mm sizes so ladies with very tiny wrists; you should definitely try this out. 
The watch is water resistant (99 feet) and comes with a 2-year limited warranty and manufactured by Movado.



“The Bleecker Sport features a larger, 44mm case and a rotating bezel. Distinctive straps, including leather, NATO and integrated rubber give these designs a sporty character. Chronograph sub-dials add refined functionality; laser-etched side plates lend to a custom.”

Watches are an essential item to a man’s wardrobe. It has been said that a man’s watch is one of the few things people take note of during first impressions.

Some people feel that the more expensive your watch, the better. But I feel it isn’t necessary, unless your goal is to show how wealthy you are. A watch to me just needs to be of 3 things.

That will be the durability, stylishness and comfortability.

That’s why I picked the Bleeker Sport for my fiancé as it comprises of all these 3 elements!

Even the name suggests “sport” it is still perfect when worn with formal attire. My fiancé is a property agent and his work requires him to meet clients daily and first impressions are very important as that is when the client decides if they are able to trust him to sell/buy their property.

Coach Men’s watches are made with the same uncompromising standards this lifestyle brand brings to its iconic leatherware. Created for the fashionable consumer who appreciates style and quality, these signature timepieces offer the innovative design and attention to detail that Coach is famous for.

Like all Coach Watches, these new men’s styles are crafted with state-of-the-art quartz and chronograph movements. They are water-resistant to a depth of 99 feet, and equipped with extra-durable crystals rugged enough to withstand the demands of a sporting lifestyle.

Price range of these watches are from S$289 – S$535.

Available at Coach Boutiques and authorized retailers shops.

Happy shopping!


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