Attorege AD+ 2

Nothing makes me happier than working with brands that I’ve personally bought and used before. This is my second time collaborating with Atorrege AD+, products of Japan, and I agreed immediately when my manager told me about this campaign! 

Up till now, I’ve been a loyal user of their Skin Treatment. I have 1 bottle at my fiance’s house so that I can use it whenever I sleep over! It is like a toner that firms up your skin as well as balances skin tone and give it radiance too!

The other product that I really enjoyed was the Cool Lotion. There was a period where I had really sensitive skin that would itch and become so dry and break out into tiny bumps, and I would use the Cool Lotion mist on my skin for a comfort relief. It is an anti-bacterial mist that helps calm the skin and suppresses any acne breakout + reduces redness and itch. It was truly my life saver during my sensitive skin period.

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This time round, I was sent their Mild Cleansing Gel and the Face Wash Liquid.

Have you girls been Double Cleansing and what does double cleansing mean?
Well, it simply means, cleansing off your MAKEUP with a makeup remover + cleansing again after with a facial wash! This double cleansing method is widely used in the Japanese skincare routine and I have been following it ever since I started putting makeup. 

One thing I really love about Atorrege AD+ is how they label each product with numbers so you will know the sequence to use them.
You will not believe how many people out there have been applying their skincare products wrongly because they do not know which step comes first.

So for Step 0, it is the Mild Cleansing gel.

Which makes sense ya? You got to remove all your makeup first right?

The Mild Cleansing gel dissolves makeup really quickly and thoroughly. 
Even thick and waterproof makeup can be easily and gently removed with this. 

The gentle cleansing agent is derived from plants, it reduces skin sensitivity and at the same time prevents allergy too. 
It is definitely suitable for all skin types and I like how my skin feels after using this. Some make up remover is pretty harsh on the skin and makes leave it feeling dry, but not this! 
It really is a gentle cleanser that does an amazing job at removing impurities and makeup.

How I use this:
  • - Squeeze a 50 cent coin amount onto my dry palms
  • - Spread it all over dry face 
  • - Massage gently to dissolve oil & dirt
  • - Rinse off with water

And now for Step 1
The Face Wash Liquid after removing the makeup.

This mild facial wash cleanses my pores deeply and it is said to help prevents blackheads too! This caught my attention as blackheads are my nemesis! It is so difficult to keep them at bay and anything that can reduce my chances of having blackheads, I’ll use!

With long term usage of this cleanser, your skin will feel softer, clearer and brighter.

This Face Wash Liquid is suitable for people with normal to dry skin conditions. If you have oilier skin, you can purchase the Face Wash Foam instead.

How I use this:
  • - Squeeze a 10 cent coin amount onto wet palms
  • - Gently rub palms to form lather
  • - Massage face gently with foam 
  • - Rinse off with water 

For someone who has experienced sensitive skin, I am very careful with the products I apply on my skin now. & Atorrege AD+ definitely won me over with their 5 safety assurances for sensitive skin.

No Fragrance.
No Paraben.
No colourant.
Internal Cellular Tested.
Allergy Tested.

I took this picture 2 weeks apart in my room before I head out for work.

Here is the difference after using Atorrege AD+ Double Cleansing Skincare Routine.

As you can tell clearly, in the BEFORE picture, my skin tone was duller and uneven. 
In the AFTER picture where I’ve used Atorrege AD+ skincare, my skin tone is balanced and much clearer. 

If you are wondering where to purchase Atorrege AD+ skincare products, it used to be only available at major pharmacies and departmental stores..

But now…

You are able to purchase it ONLINE!

And for new sign ups, you are entitled to 20% off your purchases!

& if you are purchasing the Mild cleansing gel and the Face Wash Liquid/Foam, there is an additional S$10 off automatically!

AD+ will also be having 20% in stores too!! 
So visit Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little, OG & Metro today!