Dentiste' - No more morning breath!

So just 2 weeks back, I was invited to join Dentiste’ for their launch event.

What makes Dentiste' so special is that they are the 1st Nighttime Toothpaste in Singapore!

What’s a night time toothpaste? Why is it only used in the night? 
Well, I will answer all these questions later on.. but first, let me share with you the event happenings!

The Dentiste’ event was held outside Cineleisure Orchard shopping mall and it was definitely hard to miss.

There was this lucky draw spinning wheel that gave out Dentiste’ products to participants. Everyone walked away with an item & as you can see, it attracted a lot of attention. The queue got pretty long.

I also want to win something!! 
So I gave it a go and got myself a travel sized product, yay!

The Dentiste’ products on display for everyone that was curious about the brand which I will share more on in a bit.. just continue scrolling.

My Fiance, SX, and I were invited to come down because we will be taking part in the Dentiste’ Kissing Silhouette Event!

This is a sneak peak from behind-the-scenes.
 I was little nervous and excited for how the picture would turn out on the other side.

& this was how it looked like from the other side which was on display for the public.

really enjoyed myself at the event and this is the first time I’ve seen something like this in Singapore - a silhouette kissing both! Most of the time we are pretty conservative and shy so I think it is a great idea to have us show our affection behind the screen. The idea is really romantic and fun!

Here’s a group shot with everyone else, as you can tell, we had a lot of fun.

Do head over to Dentiste’ Facebook page to see the video taken at the event!
Dentiste’ Facebook - 

So let me share a more with you on Dentiste’.
It is created to empower you with the confidence of having fresh breath. 

I don’t know about you but I am going to be honest here and admit that my breath in the morning isn’t that pleasant. & it can be a little embarrassing when I’m sleeping over at SX’s place. When we wake up together in the morning and I’ll be mumbling “good morning” followed by a quick peck on the lips before I hurry to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I guess this scene is pretty familiar to many of you? 

Even though we brush our teeth before going to bed, when we wake up the next morning, it still smells! This is because our saliva flows slower than compared to day time, bacteria in our mouth grows rapidly and that produces smelly & volatile sulphur compounds which gives us bad breath in the morning.

So to combat the problem of nasty breath, I was introduced to Dentiste’ Nighttime Toothpaste! 

It effectively controls oral bacteria so you will wake up with a fresher breath! 

It has 14 natural extracts which are naturally antiseptic and anti-bacteria, contains Xylitol which is a natural taste enhancer that creates an unwelcoming environment in your mouth for bacterial growth. Other ingredients such as CDX (Cyclodextrin Complex) help to trap bad breath and Stable Vitamin C increases antibodies for our gums to be healthy! It also has micronized Silica Complex that sooths sensitive teeth pain.

I love that it comes in this pump design, such a brilliant idea. 
This is also the first time I’ve seen a toothpaste in a pump form!

I definitely felt the difference after using it within the first night!

The next product here would be the Dentiste’ 100% Natural Toothpaste.

It is the 1st 100% natural toothpaste in Singapore and it will be launching exclusively at Watsons on 10th December 2015!

It contains 14 Natural Extracts, Xylitol, Vitamin C and other essential ingredients, with..

  • No SLS
  • No Preservatives
  • No Parabens
  • No Triclosan 
  • No Flavorings
  • No Fluoride
  • No Colorings
The Dentiste’ 100% Natural Toothpaste inhibits nighttime oral bacteria which grow rapidly in the mouth while you are sleeping!

The Dentiste’ mouthwash is another item that I really like.
I love the minty feeling that lingers in my mouth & breath after using it!

I’ve always felt that brushing the teeth alone is not enough to clean my teeth and gums 100% and I’ve seen articles saying that when pairing mouthwash + toothpaste together, it is the most effective way of cleaning your mouth!

Just ¾ cup is sufficient for me! 
I use the mouthwash only during the night time too. 

I’m definitely bringing this travel set for my next overseas trip!

Dentiste’ products are sold at Watsons & major retail outlets.

I can’t see myself turning back to the previous toothpastes now that I’ve discovered Dentiste’.
I love the fact that it has so many benefits in 1 product! 
Able to minimize bad breath + teeth sensitivity and at the same time whitens the teeth, definitely all that I am looking for in a toothpaste.

Girls, don’t share I never share ah, the nighttime toothpaste is definitely a must-buy!

Start waking up with fresh morning breath with Dentiste’!

(Trust me, your partner will love you for that)

Dentiste’ products are sold at Watsons & major retail outlets.


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