Marina Square Xmas Shopping

Christmas is nearing!!

Are you guys excited as I am? It is one of my favourite, wait, I think it IS my favourite holiday of all! I love how everyone is in a merry mood, casting all stress and work aside and we just gather together to have a good time. I already have 4 different groups of celebrations lined up – 23rd with friends, 24th with my family, 25th with my fiancé’s family and 26th with another group of friends! 

So much fun!! I can’t wait for Christmas to arrive! 

But first, I guess I’ll have to WORK for it. 

What I meant was, I’ll have to start thinking of the number of Christmas presents I have to get! With 4 different parties to attend, that means I’ll have to buy 4 gifts for Secret Santa! I’ll also be getting for my parents as well as my fiancé individual gifts too! How am I ever going to find so many different presents for everyone?


But fear not, because Marina Square is going to help me solve all my dilemmas!

This festive season, Marina Square shopping mall is one place you definitely MUST visit. 
Besides having tons of shops that will cater to your every Xmas gifting need, the main atrium area has transformed into a Musical Christmas Village!

Even though it was only November when I went down, the holiday season vibes are so strong it felt like it was Christmas already. 

For those who have little ones that loves Pororo, there’s even a daily session where you can meet the characters!

For more details on the timings of the various happenings at the main atriums, visit: 

There are even a couple of shops set up at the Festive Fair selling Christmas hampers, gifts, toys, chocolates and candies!
There’s a crafts booth for the children to enjoy activities too!

There’s a few shops that I visited to get Christmas presents for my loved ones so let me share them with you!


The Cookie Museum is dedicated to creating the finest cookies you probably ever tasted! With amazing flavors and authentic tastes lovingly baked with the most exquisite ingredients, The Cookie Museum delights friends and cookie lovers from all over the world!

Around the world in 80 cookies.. that’s what I learnt about The Cookie Museum.

They have cookies created that captures the most magical memories and journeys in over 380 original recipes. There are even cookies with tom yum flavor! I think it would be really interesting to try that.

What goes well with cookies?
Tea, duh.

These tea cups are so delicate and pretty, I think it would make a great gift among the ladies!

These are some of the Christmas hampers that The Cookie Museum has created to make a really nice and thoughtful gift! It consists of cookies, tea, wine, fruit cake and nuts. I’m sure this is a hamper that no one will mind getting!

I already have a person in mind to receive this tin of cookie, but for now, I’m going to keep it a secret because I want it to be a surprise!



The next stop I visited was Pylones. 
As a utility designer in Paris, Plyones has continuously been reinventing for over 25 years to create and fill our everyday lives with dreams of colorful and playful products.

This quirky and fun store has just recently opened and I felt like a little child who couldn’t keep her hands off anything when I stepped in.
The entire shop was filled with cool items that are usually things that you’ll use on a daily basis, but it comes in a really cute and unique design.

I was sure that I’ll be able to find the ideal gifts for the young as well as the young at heart with the huge selection of items that they have.

This tea top over here reminds me of Mrs Potts in the Disney film Beauty and the Beast, so now, where’s chip? 
There are more designs for the tea pot but this out stood out to me the most!

I couldn’t get my eyes off this cute cup set, I love the storage design that resembles a bird cage and the tiny cups in it are all birds.
I think it is meant for tea or shots of coffee but I really like a lot!  Like, it is an item that I would love to receive for Christmas!

Hey secret santa, are you reading this?!

You can even get this matching set for a couple!

There are so many other things in the shop that caught my eyes but this blogpost will never end if I don’t stop here, so if you are looking for something fun and quirky as a gift for your friends, do drop n by Pylones!



Mucarti, a premium multi-label ladies’ accessories boutique was my next stop.

The store is really a heaven for the ladies. Many of the luxury leather goods and accessories are from European designers. They too carry a Singapore designer’s brand MUCHAS J that has beautiful jewellery and hair accessories. 

I know I was supposed to be here shopping for presents to give others but I ended up wanting to get this bag for my own use. It would be perfect as an everyday bag that I would bring to work. Not to mention, the quality of the bag is really excellent!

The craftsmanship and premium material used to produce these jewelleries really pays off. The necklaces and earrings that I’ve tried feel very luxurious and it would be a great hit among the ladies. How can we ever say no to a new pair of earrings?

Now you know where to go if you are looking to get a gift for the ladies that appreciate the finer pamperings!



Ahh, Times Bookstores. 
Aren’t we all familiar with this bookstore? It used to be one of my favorite places to visit when I was still studying because I love reading. I still do love reading a lot and see myself buying a couple of novels from time to time but it is pretty difficult for me to finish an entire book in 1 seating like when I was still a student.

Oh, if you or your friends are a huge star wars fan, you MUST drop by Times Bookstores because they have so many merchandises for the upcoming movie and they are all so collectable-worthy!

Oh, and if they are also serious bookworms, these box set novels will definitely be the best present they can receive this Christmas! 

& for that football fanatic friend, this book on Alex Ferguson as a present will not go wrong.

Here’s another item that I really wish I could receive from my secret santa!
These coloring books for adults seems like so much fun and I think I will really enjoy just spending a lazy Sunday afternoon filling up the pages with colors.


#02-109/111 to 117 and #03-100 to 107

I think I don’t really need to mention this because everyone I know always heads to Marks & Spencer for their Christmas shopping, but let me share with you what I found this year at their store.

You’ll definitely know where to look for the Christmas food items when you step into the store because it is really decorated very festively.

Here’s some of the really well designed items.
I got the musical Christmas tree in the above picture for only S$25.90!
Not only does it spins and plays the Christmas tune, it has cookies in it too.

A whole section on Christmas food items that will be the perfect gift for office gift exchange! 
Not to be boring or anything but, it is the safest and sure-win choice– food!
Most of the time if we have to buy unisex presents within a budget, I will always go for food related items because everyone eats, ya? Haha.

I also really appreciate that the items are all beautifully packed in tin boxes that are so pretty; you wouldn’t even need a wrapper!
Oh, this shortbread is going at S$25.90 too.

As you can tell, I was going crazy at Marks & Spencer and I’m so glad I got my office gift exchange present settled! 



The last stop I made was to Emporium Shokuhin. 
I’ve been dying to visit this place ever since it opened 1 month ago!

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of Japan.
The country itself, the culture, the food and the produces!

Emporium Shokuhin is a one-stop place to visit if you are keen on checking out the latest F&B from Japan!

This is the first integrated Japanese Emporium featuring a live seafood market, a beef dry-aging facility, a Japanese Gourmet Grocer and 8 unique dining concepts. Yes, all under one roof!

The seafood available at Emporium Shokuhin are all so fresh and huge!

For Christmas, they have actually created a few hampers consisting of Seafood, Meat or a mix of both!
In the above picture is 1 of the mixed hamper with crab, lobster, beef, ham and pork!

The prices for the seafood & meat hampers ranges from S$100 – S$540.

This is the first time I’ve come across such hampers and I think it would make an excellent gift for the host at the party you are attending. I know it is pretty costly but if you were to split the amount with the number of people attending the party, it is definitely affordable. I think it is a good way to thank the host for having their place used as the venue for the party.

Aside from the seafood & meat hampers, there are also other food items that are specially picked for the Christmas season.

& here’s another type of hamper that was created, the Ehime Specialties hampers!

These hampers would be great for those who really enjoy Japanese food and many of the products in the hampers are not easily found at other supermarkets. This hamper above is going at S$150 and with the number of items in it, I must say it very reasonably priced.


My fiancé and I had such an amazing time doing our Christmas shopping over at Marina Square last week and we are still not done! There were too many shops that we have yet to visit and just a couple of gifts left to buy so, we will definitely be heading back to Marina Square again.

Remember to visit Marina Square to do your Christmas shopping as there is certainly something for everyone!


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