I’m sure in such a technology savvy era like ours; most of us would have at least 1 bank card in our wallets. I have several in my possession and I only recently learned that my NETS FlashPay card is really useful besides just using it to make quick cashless purchases!  

Do you know that you can actually use it for commuting? 

*Just make sure your bankcard has the NETS FlashPay Logo at the back!*

I’ve had this UOB card with NETS FlashPay for the longest time and all I did with it was just to shop online or when make payment when I’m out dining and shopping.

I’m like majority of the people out there who doesn’t find out much about the benefits and privileges of most of the cards I own. 

So I was pretty surprised to find out that cards with NETS FlashPay can also be used for transport?

That’s right! Besides using our EZ-Link cards to take the public transport, and having to carry an extra card in the wallet, we can actually just use our card that has the NETS FlashPay function!

Be it taking a taxi, bus, MRT or LRT!
& it works exactly the same as an EZ-Link card!

 Topping up your credit value in your NETS FlashPay is really simple too. 

If you are at the MRT station, you can Top up your credit at these machines:

local bank ATM (DBS/POSB, OCBC & UOB or NETS self-service top-up machine


Add Value Machine+ (AVM+)

It was my first time adding value to my NETS FlashPay and it was really fast & easy.

All I did was place my NETS Flashpay card on the reader,
The value in my card will be displayed,
Select the TOP UP option,
Select the amount you wish to credit into your card 
And pay!

& here’s a promotion from NETS that I’m sure most of you will be keen to know about!

From 1st November 2015, you will get a 10% rebate on your NETS FlashPay card whenever you use it on commuting
That means, taking the taxi, bus, MRT or LRT!
It may seem like an insignificant amount but for someone who takes the MRT to & fro daily, all these little savings actually adds up to quite a lot! 
I’m a little bummed that I’ve been having this card for the longest time and I did not fully utilize it! Now that I know it can double up as a transit card, I have left my EZ-Link card at home and my wallet has 1 less card to carry!

If you do not have a bank card with FlashPay enabled, visit your bank and request them to issue you one with Nets FlashPay.

Go ahead and try using your NETS FlashPay bankcard to commute today and you can thank me later when you’ll realize how convenient it is!

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