NTUC Income - Orange Health

Health is wealth.
I bet you’ve heard of this saying, and I truly believe in it!
I used to be really unhealthy. I ate junk food, skipped meals and exercise was not part of my vocabulary. I was able to get away with it when I was in my teens but as I got older, it really started to catch up with me. I was tired all the time and often fell sick. It hindered my daily life and affected my performance at work. So my 2014 resolution… was to lead a healthier life!
So I started to take care of my body by feeding it right with nutritious food, coupled with exercise.
I took up pole dancing and signed up for a gym & yoga membership too!
I definitely felt a difference in the quality of my life. I was able to do more and I felt lighter & happier.
When I got to know about NTUC Income’s Orange Health initiative, I was very excited. I never thought that being healthy could reward me monetarily.
Orange Health is a value-added service from NTUC Income aimed at encouraging Singaporeans to adopt an all rounded healthy lifestyle. The initiatives include (1) health screenings offered at a special rate (2) a friendly mobile application for you to keep track of your health and medications daily. 
What’s more, NTUC Income literally rewards those who stay healthy!! I was really pleased with this initiative because it is such a positive movement.
So I checked out the Orange Health screening!
The NTUC Income branch I went to was at Bras Basah!
The registration and time taken till I got to my turn for the health check was fast although there were quite a number of people there.
Conducted by medical professionals, the Orange Health screening helps you to find out the general status of your health.

Each Orange Health screening is offered at a special rate of $15 (inclusive of GST).


I quickly texted my parents & family members (we have a family groupchat on whatsapp) and encouraged them to book an appointment for the Orange Health screening too!

You too can book your Orange Health screening appointment here:
The Orange Health screening consists of the following checks:
- Health & weight examination to find out your BMI
- Blood pressure reading
- Lipids profile (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL & triglycerides)
- Fasting blood glucose level test
These four tests are commonly used for early detection of symptoms that may lead to major diseases such as stroke amongst many others, and are recommended by the Health Promotion Board for general health screening.
The entire process of the health screening was completed in less than 10 minutes!!  My results will be out soon and I can’t wait to find out if I passed the health screening.
So, you might be wondering about how the monetary rewards fits into all of these… if you pass all four tests of the Orange Health screening;
• NTUC Income IncomeShield policyholders will receive $50 shopping vouchers;
• Non-policyholders will receive $50 discount on their first-year premium should they apply for Enhanced IncomeShield!

As mentioned, there is also an Orange Health app for your daily use.
I downloaded it & you definitely should too!
 On the “homepage”… you’ll see a dashboard highlighting a summary of your exercise, your up-coming health appointments and even your up-coming medications!
It is also a great place to keep track of your daily exercise!
What’s unique about this app is its caregiver function. What is this, you may ask? Basically it is a function that allows you to assign a caregiver to ensure that your medication is taken. Should you miss your dose, your assigned caregiver can be prompted to remind you. This is especially great for those who have to look after someone, for instance an elderly in your family.
I’m really happy to be part of the NTUC Income Orange Health initiative to encourage healthy living for all. I’ve experienced the difference in my quality of life ever since I started living healthier and taking steps towards an active lifestyle. & I really urge all of you to take this step towards healthier living too!!


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