Mentos Pure Fresh Mints

What’s something that you should always carry around with you when encountering the following awkward & embarrassing situations?

These are just some scenarios that I’ve personally experienced & I’m sure many of you have been down similar road as me.

When you have that “haven’t eaten anything the entire day” unpleasant breath.. 
& you are caught in a social gathering where you are meeting new people, talking and making first impressions. 

Or when you find yourself struggling to keep your eyes open during a meeting in the office..
& all the big bosses are around but you are trying your best to fight the yawns & force the eyes wide open.

The answer to my problems earlier on is the latest Mentos® Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints!

It was first launched in Singapore last year in 2 mint variants, Peppermint & Spearmint and now, 2 additional flavors are joining the Mentos® Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints family.

These sugar free mint tablets contain natural active ingredients such as Green Tea Extract that helps to actively purify breath

Here’s one of my personal favorite, the new Strawberry Mint!

I find myself reaching for these whenever I need a mini break away from work.
The fruity flavor definitely gives me a kick and I love how they are big on flavor but will not affect your waistline as it is sugar-free!

The other new flavor would be the Intense Mint (A stronger mint variant)!

This item is always in my bag because it really does an amazing job at freshening up my breath.
I’ll always pop one of these in my mouth before I go for my appointments or meet-ups with friends. I think it is just plain courtesy to have a pleasant breath as you’ll be really making people around you feel uncomfortable. I know there were times where I was caught in such situation where people around me didn’t have the freshest breath and I was wishing I had a box of mints with me so I can offer it to them!!

It is always good to give yourself a hit of mint after each meal!

Or even after having a coffee date.
I don’t know about you, but I really dislike having coffee-breath!
I mean, I love drinking coffee and I think it is really fragrant but the aftermath of it, oh no no..

Am glad that the Mentos® Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints comes in these sleek tin casing that is really convenient for me to throw into any bag that I’m carrying. 
& I do not have to worry about crushing it like how I usually do with paper box packaging.

It is retailing at S$3.30 per tin, with 50 mints inside!

So do try out the 2 new flavors and let me know which your favorite is!

The Intense Mint..

Or the Strawberry Mint!

From now till 15th September 2015, you’ll stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 4G+ (2 SETS TO BE WON!) with every $5 worth of Mentos® Pure Fresh Sugarfree Mints! 

You’ll be able to purchase the mints at all major retailers island-wide.

Good luck for the contest & remember, always keep your breath fresh & smile wide!

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