Bio-essence Bird's Nest Peptides

Bird’s nest has been one of my favorite delicacies since young and I fondly remember how my grandma used to always treat me to a bowl of her homemade bird’s nest whenever I’m studying hard for my examinations. 

Bird’s nest is popularly known to be a “beauty food” which many celebrities speak about when it comes to their beauty secrets. My friend used to even take a spoonful of concentrated Bird’s nest every morning as part of her skincare regime but it was too costly for her to keep up with.

So, here’s a big HOORAY! for all of us because Bio-essence has just launched 2 skincare products that contains Bird’s nest – The Bird’s Nest + Peptides!
Now we can all able to include the benefits Bird’s nest in our daily skincare & to slow down the process of aging.

Bird’s Nest + Peptides is a newly upgraded Pre-aging and Whitening series from Bio-essence, Singapore’s leading mass skin care brand.
Newly added with Bio-Whitening Peptides, this new skin care range contains highly luxurious ingredients of Bird’s Nest’s extracts to provide intense nourishment for your skin.

This is the Bird’s Nest Plumping Capsule Essence
It contains Collagen Capsule essence that is rich in collagen that instantly plumps up the skin. Can you see the many tiny collagen capsules in the bottle?

Applying Bio-Whitening Peptides directly to the skin can “trick” it into thinking that it has enough melanin, which is the cause of pigmentation and stops if from producing! So that means it helps reduce the formation of those nasty pigmentation marks that I am so dreading! 

This Plumping Capsule Essence really helps in brightening dull looking skin and at the same time keeps me looking fairer with each use!

I use about 3 pumps and it is more than enough for my entire face, neck and collar area. With each pump, the capsules are burst and the concentrated essence of the collagen are released. Upon breakage of the capsules, rich collagen is released and absorbed into the skin, keeping it plump, tender and youthful.

I love how light weight the product is and how my skin instantly absorbs it and I’m also slightly drawn to the slight fragrance it has that gives a pretty calming effect.
It also effectively helps to moisturize my skin to quickly reduce any fine lines caused by dryness.

Another plus point of this Plumping Capsules Essence is that it is added with Bio-Whitening Peptides to help brighten the skin and improve overall fairness.

The next product that I use after applying the Plumping Capsule Essence, will be the Capsulated Essence-in-cream.

This Capsulated Essence-in-cream moisturizer combines the richness of cream and treatment of capsule essence. 

I was expecting the cream to be very rich in texture as it was filled with collagen capsule essences but to my surprise, it is not heavy at all! 
Even though it is a cream type of moisturizer, it goes on and spreads easily on the skin.

As the name suggests, Capsulated Essence-in-cream, it is filled with collagen capsules that break upon application to release all the goodness of the concentrated essence that helps to firm & moisturized the skin.

I have been using this moisturizer pretty much every single day since I got it a week ago and I really enjoy how my complexion has seem to become brighter and my skin tone evened out. Thanks to the Bird’s Nest Extract that effectively firm and nourish my skin!

Fun fact: Did you know that Bird’s Nest is reputated to maintain youthfulness and enhance one’s complexion. Studies have shown that it is rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF) that is responsible for our skin & tissue repair!

The Plumping Capsule Essence is retailing at S$39.90 but for the launch special, there is a 15% discount and it is going at S$36.90!

The Capsulated Essence-in-cream is retailing at S$36.90 but for the launch special, there is a 15% discount and it is going at S$31.35!

You can find the Bio-essence products available at Watsons, Guardian and NTUC.

Right now, Watsons is having a promotion till 7 October 2015! 

Purchase a Bird’s Nest + Peptides Perfect Cleanser with a Plumping Capsule Essence or Capsulated Essence-In-Cream to receive a FREE bottle of Yu Xiang Yan Rock Sugar Bird’s Nest 150ml worth S$18!
(While stocks last at selected Watsons outlets)


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