Triumph Pop Up Store

I’m kind of embarrassed to say this but… I’ve always been wearing bras that are ill fitting. Most of the time, the cup will either be too big (that dreadful occasional nip-peek) or the band may be too tight (causing angry red marks around my ribs) or the one that I hate the most, where the band keeps riding up my back! & to counter the loose cup & loose band, I will usually pull the bra straps super tight and they will leave me with very painful shoulders. 

I don’t really know the exact size for me so it is always 32 or 34 width with a cup size of either A or B. 

I’ve also been one of those who love wearing tube bras ever since I was in my poly days and do you know it is really bad for your lady lumps? LOL. It does not give much support and it is the main culprit for those unsightly accumulated fat lumps at the armpit region. I really got to throw all of my tube bras away soon. 

We, and I dare say I’m speaking for the majority amount of women out there, have been wearing the wrong bra all these while. In fact, the statistics is, 7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra and many of them do not even have a clue on how to get the perfect bra that fits them.

Thankfully, Triumph Singapore is having this “Stand up for Fit” campaign and they are on a mission to help every woman find their absolute optimum lingerie choice!

They are currently having a Triumph Pop-Up Store located right outside The Robinsons, Heeren. From now till 12 July 2015, you can head down to have a detailed fitting consultation by their professional fit expert.
(From 10.30am to 10.00pm)

Through the campaign “Stand Up For Fit”, Triumph aims to fit one million women in Asia and help each of them find the perfect fitting bra!

Now let me take you around the Triumph pop up store!
Isn’t it just so cozy and girly?

Rows & rows of lingerie that is suitable for ladies of any age and size.

Look at the intricate lace design.

On top of getting professionally fitted at the pop up store, you will stand to win $1000 worth of Triumph vouchers when you get fitted! (Terms & Conditions apply)

In addition, you can trade in your old bra at the pop-up store and you can purchase the Body Make-Up Jacquard bra at $20* only (U.P $89.90) and matching undies at $10* only (U.P $29.90)! 

I think this is a super good deal! Just look at the huge amount you will be saving!

I could not miss out on this deal so yes, that pink & white polka dot bra in the above is an old bra of mine.
I traded it in and got myself a brand new bra that is so fitted, it feels like it is made for me!

Like I’ve mentioned earlier on, I never knew how to get the right bra size for myself so I decided to leave it to the professionals.
Here I am getting my over bust and under bust measured.

I was then handed a bra to try on & at first glance, I felt the cups may be too small for me because I have a wider chest, but I was wrong. 

It fitted perfectly!!

My breasts are fully contained within the cup & there was NO gap in between at all. It looks really full and so darn flattering! The band feels firm and is very comfortable. The straps also sit flatly on my shoulders and are not digging into my flesh at all.

I cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to be wearing the right bra. Not only it will give you extra confidence, it will also make dressing up easier too! Wearing an ill fitting bra also affects your posture, you know?

The perfect one will be supportive, understands your body needs and fit seamlessly in your lifestyle.

I’m particularly fond of the Triumph Maximizer Aqua range.
Instead of using thick paddings to give you that push-up effect, they use these liquid filled bags to create a very natural cleavage.

Decided to share with you guys some of the promotions that are ongoing at the popup store!

Attended the event with Yina and Evonne too!

We were then led outside to watch a short animation created by Triumph on finding the perfect bra.
& just when it ended, we were surprised by a flash mob!

The models were wearing the exact same outfit & hairdo as the characters in the animation.
So cute one!!!


Watch the short animated movie “Find The One” here.

So, let Triumph Finds The One For You at their pop up store right now!

Location: Outside The Robinsons, Heeren.
Date: Now till 12 July 2015.
Time: 10.30am to 10.00pm

[Free fitting consultation by professional fitting experts!]

[Trade in an old bra & get the Body Make-up Jacquard bra at S$20!]

[Stand to win S$1000 worth of Triumph vouchers!]



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