Dine & SAVE with EATIGO!

About 2 weeks back the girls and I went on a food trail around Clark Quay area and I was surprised by the number of restaurants and wide variety of cuisines there were. We also made super huge savings that night for all our meals because of the discounts we were getting from EATIGO!

First and foremost, it is pronounced as “EAT-TI-GO” and not “EAT-I-GO” like what my friend thought. Haha.

Eatigo is a dining deals and restaurant reservation portal where you can enjoy discounts up to 50% everyday when you make your dining reservations via Eatigo! No kidding okay, it is really a huge discount and there are not hidden clauses or minimum amount spent for you to enjoy the discounts.

I will explain in detail later but for now, let’s take a look at all the glorious food we had that day!

Our first stop was HOT STONES booked by Tricia.

We had the option to dine inside the restaurant or outdoors on the boat!
& obviously you know which one we picked.

Here are our Hot Stones Surf and Turf set waiting to be cooked and some sides that we ordered. I really like the potato wedges and fries. Haha, I can’t help it when there is potatoes; I just love them so much.

Cooking the king prawns and the Australian Wagyu beef on the really hot volcanic plates and I had the pork instead which was really good. I was worried it might be too tough after being grilled but it was just the right texture if you know when to remove it from the stone! There will be a staff there to help you with “cooking” your mains, so don’t worry about that.

Oh & the prawns were really fresh and sweet!

Jayne & I with my refreshing mojito.

Here are the happy girls after our first “meal”.

& onward to the next!

We were then led by Jessica to FREMANTLE seafood market!

We had the Live Sri Lankan Crabilicious Bag cooked with Cajun Spice Garlic Herb.
Can you just look at the size of that crab.. the pincers were pretty huge and we were all aiming for it..

Luckily we ordered 2 sets.. haha.
There were also clams, grilled corn and prawns in it!

The way to eat this dish is right off the table!
Yes, time to get your gloves on if you want to keep your fingers clean. 
We polished everything clean and I could actually go for more but we decided to not be greedy as we had 2 more restaurants booked for the night.

The 3rd restaurant that we’ve reserved was.. Pind Balluchi!
Authentic North Indian cuisine is served here and it is definitely a first for all of us. Jayne wanted to be a little adventurous and she chose this restaurant to bring us on our food trail!

We started with this Bhatti Chicken which is really fragrant and tender.
I really like how it is slightly charred because it brings out the flavor even more.

The next 2 dishes were lamb and I do not take lamb so I didn’t get to try it.
Here we have the Bara Chops and the Galouti Kebabs.
We were told that there were over 100+ herbs n spices used in the dishes. 

Now here’s a dish that I wished I could have more of, the Tandoori Broccoli.
I’ve never eaten my broccoli grilled with cheese before and I’m surprised at how well this combination is.

& lastly this Naan and butter chicken sauce was something that we kept reaching for.
The garlic naan went perfectly with the butter chicken sauce.
I really enjoyed my first authentic Indian dining and it will definitely not be my last.

& for the final restaurant, I was in charge of booking it and I decided to go for….


My undying love for Japanese cuisine is widely known by all my friends.

So I installed  the “Eatigo” app on my iPhone via the Appstore and it is FREE for all to download.

Then I opened the app & search for “Japanese” cuisine to check out the list of restaurants that were available on Eatigo.

From there, I am also able to tell the discounts each restaurant was offering at different timings. 
Here’s one tip I can share after using the app for a month, usually the off-peak dinner hours offers the best discounts! So if you want to maximize your savings, have a later dinner!

So I decided to make a reservation under Azmaya restaurant but because it was a weekday, we girls didn’t want to stay out till late so I booked the 8.00pm slot. & the discount that was given was 30% off the entire food bill!

Make sure all the details are accurate and then just go ahead and confirm the booking!

Just so you know, EATIGO:
  • - Allows Free booking & cancellation 
  • - Sends confirmation via email & sms
  • - No credit card details input
  • - No coupons whatsoever needed

& it is all done.

My reservation was made within 3 minutes. 
It was that simple!
I didn’t even have to figure out how to use the app because it is so user friendly and quick!

Azmaya Japanese restaurant.

We had sashimi platter and tomato as appetizers.
Jayne & I loved the Japanese tomato so much we couldn’t stop. I think we ate half of it ourselves, it was so crunchy, juicy & sweet!

Here’s the beef bowl that I didn’t try but it was emptied by the end of our meal so I guess it must be pretty good.

Here’s the plate of fresh vegetables for our shabu shabu.

A5 Wagyu Beef.
Can you just look at that marbling on the thinly sliced beef?
I’m not a huge beef lover but I really think this is quite delicious. I had like 4 pieces of it HAHA.

Look at this pot of goodness, all in the konbu dashi (kelp broth).
I would have random cravings for this even till now, am already planning on revisiting Azmaya with SX during the 50% discount period. Hehe and I can proudly say it will be my treat this time.

If you have yet to download the EATIGO app on your mobile device, do so now!

I think it is really super beneficial for foodies because when you are out of idea on what to eat, you can actually check out the nearby restaurants and see what discount rate they are offering right now. 

Also, here's a bonus for first time users. 
Key in the promo code (LMT5CC) when making your reservation, turn up for it and you’ll receive a S$5.00 Coffee Bean Card for FREE! 
This offer is only valid or one month, so hurry and use the code.

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