ReLEx Smile

My fiance, SX, has myopia since young and has been wearing spectacles since he was in his primary school all the way till maybe 17 years old when he discovered contact lens. He used to tell me how often his parents would have to bring him to Eunos area to fix his spectacles because he was in the school's basketball team and due to the heavy body contact sport, his spectacles are always damaged

He told me he has gone through more than 30 pairs of spectacles since he first wore them till he started getting contact lens. Can you imagine how much his parents spent on this child?! Haha.

I can hardly find any pictures of him in spectacles because he really hates wearing them and does not like the way he look in them. The only time he wears them is when he is home and has to soak his contact lens in the solution overnight or when his eyes has infection due to prolong wear of contact lens.

SX has been telling me he wanted to get lasik done for more than a year already and he finally did it in March.

The reason why he decided it was necessary for him to undergo "lasik" was even though he wore contact lens and it is more convenient than spectacles, it has its weaknesses too. Contact lens can cause really dry eyes if he wears them for many hours and the risk of having corneal infections is really high. He used to be prone to eye infections but after he change to another brand of contact lens solution, it reduced but it was such a hassle because he has to soak his contact lens for at least 6 hours before he can wear them. So there are times where we have to go home earlier than we would like because he has to soak his contact lens for at least 6 hours. Talk about inconvenience right?!

Even though I wasn't the one with myopia, I kept urging for SX to get lasik done because it was also bothering me. LOL. There were times where he was staying over at my place and he forgot to bring his contact lens casing + solution!! & no one in my house wears contact lens so we didn't have any contact lens solution so he ended up having to drive all the way home to take it.

Another factor is the high cost that comes with wearing contact lens, every 3 months I will accompany SX to get new contact lens and I think he has spent more than double the cost of a "lasik" surgery for the past 10 years of his myopia-life. It was definitely a wiser choice to go for "lasik" surgery because it will end up saving him a lot of money in the long run and he wouldn't have to worry about the inconveniences that comes along with wearing contact lens!

So the day has finally arrived where he got his myopia corrected by ReLEx® Smile surgery.

What is ReLEx Smile surgery?

ReLEx® Smile is a new bladeless, flapless, and micro incision refractive eye procedure that corrects visual problems including short-sightedness & astigmatism.
The key difference between the traditional Lasik and ReLEx® Smile is that ReLEx® Smile is less invasive. The ReLEx® cut is 5 times smaller in length than that of traditional Lasik.

The entire ReLEx® SMILE is performed with gentle, low suction such that vision is preserved with no “black out” phenomenon, unlike other laser refractive procedures.
He sent me a text he was nervous but excited at the same time. He was worried that his eyes would be wandering and unable to stay still during the surgery but all of his doubts were for waste because he told me that it was over so quickly and the experience was surprisingly calm. He told me that numbing eye drops were applied before the surgery , thus no discomfort was felt!

As I was at work and unable to accompany him for the surgery, he was escorted by the nurse down to the taxi stand to get a ride home. He was even able to text me still. But he said that he felt like closing his eyes and once he got home, he just slept for 2 hours.

I went over to his house with dinner straight after work and saw him like this. Haha, I called him ultraman. He was wearing that in case his hands rubbed his eyes during sleep..

He could even use his phone to text just 2-3 hours after the procedure and he told me his vision has cleared up so much.

Did you know that SX did his ReLEx® SMILE surgery just 3 days before our Japan trip?
He was supposed to get it done after the trip but he decided that it was too much of a hassle to bring along his contact lens and solution and having to soak them for 6 hours daily. & the doctor said it was safe for him to travel 3 days after and he would be able to go about his day as usual so he immediately agreed on doing the surgery.

SX said that ReLEx® SMILE definitely changed his quality of life.

He mentioned that waking up to perfect vision is a luxury that he now appreciates.

He was so thankful that he didn't wait any longer because ReLEx® SMILE is one of the best decisions he has made for his life. He even kept recommending his sisters and friends to go for it.

SX & I are divers too and during our recent diving trips, he said that he didn't have to worry about salt water stinging his eyes and having his contact lens dry out underwater.

This was 1 month after his ReLEx® SMILE surgery and as advised by his doctor, it was fine to resume contact sports and swimming after a month. 

He was able to do all the things he loves in life with ease, sports especially, super athletic one this fiance of mine.

If you are considering on this surgery, you will need to have a complete pre-surgery evaluation to check if you are suitable for the surgery treatment. & for the recovery period, SX was able to go to work the very next day! But full recovery can be expected in the next 3-6 months!

It has only been 2 months post ReLEx® SMILE surgery for SX but he said that his visual is almost near to perfect and he can read, drive at night with no problems at all.

Thank you ReLEx® SMILE for giving SX this life changing opportunity where his vision is no longer dependent on spectacles or contact lenses!



  1. I also have myopia and I participate in several different sports. My costly pairs of glasses never seem to have last.Lately, I have been looking into getting ReLEx® SMILE eye surgery. I live in the London area and saw that Eye Clinic London offers this treatment. After reading this post, I am persuaded to call and schedule a consultation.

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  2. Can you recommend a place to get ReLex SMILE surgery in Korea? Also, do you know what the cost is? Thank you!

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