Japan Day 8 - 9


I'm back to continue sharing with you guys where I left off on my Japan trip. 

So after spending the first 7 days in Tokyo, our next destination was to KYOTO!!
We bought the JR pass from Singapore & it cost about S$335 per pax for 1 week's worth of train ride on the JR line and that would cover our ride to kyoto too.

We were all pretty excited to leave Tokyo city because we shopped so much and sort of had enough of the busy city life and we wanted to do something more laid back and touristy.

Day 8

& what better way is there to do it than to be exploring Kyoto wearing a Kimono?

We rented our kimono from this shop in Gion district, there were probably more than 4 shops there that did kimono rental and we just picked a random one. If you are keen on dressing up like we did, you can simply google "Kimono rental kyoto" and you'll be able to find tons of shops that offers this service.

Some packages does hair & makeup for you as well.
The one we picked only provided hair and it was just what we need! We didn't want to look like a real geisha with white painted faces anyway.

A random bento set we had because we were all too hungry.

We visited the Fushimi Inari-Taisha.

I've been dreaming of wearing an authentic kimono for the longest time.. and it finally came true!
I really love the prints of my kimono, there were too many pretty ones and I think the ones that my girlfriends picked were very beautiful as well.

Check out the back details.

Why so serious one.

At this point when were taking these few group pictures, we were surrounded by tons of tourists. They were all in glee that there were a bunch of kimono & yutaka dressed asians who were posing for the pictures and they just kept snapping away with their cameras. It was definitely a first but it was so funny we just kept laughing.

Beautifully lit streets with blooming sakuras.

We were all completely exhausted when the night ended and the weather was so so cold we all couldn't wait to get back to the airbnb that we booked. The house was really tiny and it should have stated that it would be good for 6 pax and not 8. But thankfully we only had to spend 1 night there.

Day 9

We woke up pretty early, checked out of our airbnb & stowed our luggages in those lockers at the train stations and continued to explore Kyoto for the day.

Sneaky shots by the fiance.

Everywhere just looked so pretty....

So unreal.

I can't wait for our next trip to Japan.. which I think is going to be in November when we take our pre-wedding shoot! YAY!

Just look at this view.

Omg, this taiyaki is so good!!!

& this is tofu? Or like soy bean? 
It is my first time trying something like that with light soy sauce and it is really fresh!

& we arrived at the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest.

The boys...

are forever...

goofing around!

Soba once again at another random restaurant.

Look at zee egg...

Okay, its 2.33am right now.

I know this post isn't super wordy and that's because I have to wake up at 7am tomorrow for work but I decided to just post this entry up! 

Now, I'm just left with the last 3 days of the trip!



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