Singapore Fashion Week 2015

Hi guys, I decided to write about Singapore Fashion Week instead of my Japan trip this week because the amount of pictures I need to edit and resize for the Japan trip is too high. And I made a promise to try & have a blogpost (not advertorial) up every week so here it is. 

Attended 3 shows during SFW this year.

Collate by Velda
Exhibit by Yoyo
Love Bonito by Rach & Viola

Got my hair done at trusty Salon Vim before the 1st show on Friday. I had no idea in mind and just told the stylist to wing it and this was what I ended up with.
The above image was from my snapchat: @lianmeiting.
If you want to see unedited/filtered daily antics of mine then follow me there!

All glam-ed up in a side ponytail.

I kinda like it!

Felt really shiok to not have to touch and arrange my hair every now and then cause it is all nearly in place.

So if you have any hair woes or events to attend and need to styling, you can consider Salon Vim! 

Wore a black/white jumpsuit with a cape blazer & I'm sort of hating the bottoms of the pants. It would be perfect if it was more flare.

Attended the event with girlfriends, Jessica, Tricia, Eve & Beatrice.

This was our awkward turtle shot.
We looked like 2 different groups of friends. LOL.
& here we have Peggy, Jayne & Jeneen in the picture.

Anticipating for Collate to begin!!
Sorry guys but I didn't take any picture of the apparels as my camera wasn't functioning well in the dark because I set it in the wrong mode *face palm*.
But Collate label is out so you can actually view all the pieces that we saw too!

Jayne so chio here!! *heart eyes emoticon*

Then it was time for the next show, Exhibit!

Love quite a couple of their items and even though it is pretty quirky, with the pom-poms and all, the silhouettes are all so nicely done. 

& yes, that's Yoyo getting swamped by all the bouquets of flowers.
The next day for Love Bonito's show.
As usual, headed down to Salon Vim with the girls to set our hair and my stylist gave me this super sleek look.
He said it matches what I wore and that's the look they did for the models the other day. LOL.

OOTD, monochrome, yet again.

I think I look quite fierce leh.

With the girlfriends.
They need no introduction by now right?

& this was the final shot of the Love Bonito show.
Very whimsical theme and quite a lot of the fabric used was neoprene.
Definitely not for everyday wear but it will surely turn heads.

YAY, that's the end of SFW.
Was pretty tiring for us even though all we did was just to doll up and appear for the shows.
But you know what? Picking what to wear, making up and having to get to the salon 1 hour before to set hair is quite tiring. HAHA. #firstworldproblems.
It was fun though, to have a reason for all of us to dress up.

Twinning effect with eve.

Yup, so here's my short update but better than nothing right?
Happy midweek guys.
I'm really looking to the weekend as it is my birthday weekend!!!
SX & I are going to have a 3d2n staycation at Ritz Carlton (one of my fav hotels) and we're just gonna vege out and roll in bed, swim, eat and do nothing for the 2 days.
Will make a mental note to take more pictures so that I can share it here with you guys.
*So not looking forward to turning a year older*


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