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Father’s day is around the corner, 21st June 2015 (in case some of you need some reminding!), and usually I will just bring my dad out for a dinner or I will get him a cake or something. When I was younger, I didn’t even buy him anything during Father’s day because my dad is usually the kind that gets what he needs himself while my mom will always not-so-subtly tell us what she want. LOL. 

So Mother’s day gifts are always a breeze for me because my mom will always tell us what she wants to get and to not buy flowers or useless items for her. 

Lucky for me, this year’s Father’s day gift has been settled!

This is not my first time coming across Oral-B’s Power toothbrush.
My brother & I both bought one each about 3-4 years ago when we were having late night shopping at Mustafa. I’ve been using it ever since and usually at night because I always make sure I get my pearlies cleaned out before I head to bed. I’ve not been checking out the latest models of Oral-B electric toothbrush and I can’t even remember what model mine is. It is still function fine after 3 years of usage and all I do is just change the brush head every 4 months. 

The set that I was sent by Oral-B was the Professional Care 3000.

& it is now with my daddy! 
His advanced Father’s day present!
One up my brother this year. Hehe. 

Passed it to him last night and he was grinning from ear to ear and commented “Wah, so high tech I don’t know how to use”. Then I show him how simple it was to use and the different functions it has and that’s it. 

Let me show you the current situation of our bathroom.
We take our health hygiene pretty seriously, we have mouthwash, dental floss and like almost everything one should have to keep their teeth in tip top condition.

There are only 4 of us living in the house but we have soooo many toothbrushes. 
First things first, the Oral-B electric toothbrush with splitting brush head on the far right is my brother’s! He hasn’t changed his brush head for at least 5 months I think? Mine is the one on the left and yes as you can see from the aged exteriors, we’ve been avid fans of Oral-B electric toothbrush for quite a while.

So, amongst one of these manual toothbrushes, I think 1 or 2 belongs to my dad.

Why was I glad to have gifted my dad the Oral-B Power Brush to my dad? It is because as they age, their teeth and gums start getting weaker and more attention, care and protection needs to be taken to maintain the health of it. None of my parents need any dentures or what not yet as they have been taking care of their teeth pretty well but why let them settle for manual tooth brush when you can give them something even better?

& here we have the handle & I’ve attached the brush head – Oral-B Precision Clean on it, the charging station with brush head storage and 2 extra brush heads.

The Oral-B Precision Clean brush head that comes with the product provides a deep and thorough cleaning experience. It removes more plaque than regular manual toothbrushes and it is able to penetrate hard-to-reach areas with its interdental tips! The cleaning action provides 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations per minute to give you a tooth-by-tooth cleaning that will leave you with a brighter smile! Regular manual brushing can only pulsate at 600 movements per minute, so you are getting 5x better cleaning along the gum lines!

The extra brush heads caters to your teeth’s different needs.

On the left, we have the Oral-B Pro White brush head. As the name suggests, it is to whiten your teeth and how it does so is by removing stains on the surface and notice that yellow polishing cup on the brush head? It holds the toothpaste in it and gently removes surface stains to reveal your white pearlies. The yellow polishing cup is what my dentist use on my teeth when I go for my yearly cleaning.

On the right, it is the Oral-B Sensitive brush head. The bristles on this are extra soft for those who have very sensitive gums that bleed easily. It provides a very gentle yet thorough cleaning for your gums & teeth.

Oh & you know what’s cool about the Oral-B brush heads? They all have indicator bristles!! The colors will fade halfway to signal when you need to replace your brush head so you don’t have to keep a mental note on the when to throw out the old one! So clever right?!

So this is the charging station with the storage for your extra brush heads, how very thoughtful!

I told my dad he can keep the rest inside here & swap when he wants to.
But being the typical asian dad, he was like “I don’t want to use all at once, one by one can use longer”.
Face palm, alamak dad!!

Oh another thing my dad told me when I passed him the Oral-B Professional Care 3000 Power brush was… “So mafan (troublesome), I must bring the charger to toilet and use”. 

Another face palm moment.

I then had to explain to him that it is like a mobile phone, you charge it in your room/living room till the battery is full and then you can place the Power brush in the bathroom and the battery life can go up to 2 weeks with 1 full charge!! So, dad, where got troublesome you tell me?!?!

So, thumbs up for extra long battery life, Oral-B!

This new model has the indicator for the battery life, so convenient!!

The older power brush that my brother and I have does not have this indicator and we just have to use it until the battery runs flat.

& now this is a function that I had to repeat to my dad like 3 times because he is known to brush his teeth with so much force that my mom is worried. HAHA. It is like, when he is brushing his teeth in the bathroom, we can hear it even before we walk into the kitchen because he using so much strength! 

The pressure sensor will stop pulsations to let user know if they are brushing too hard! I’m really amazed by this technology because it is just so intelligent and like, how did they even think of that?

& another new function here is the professional timer. Yes, it has a 2 minute timer with 30 secs interval to track how long you’ve been brushing. 

Another thing that I love about Power toothbrushes is that, you will never have that “slip-off-hit-gums-&-bleed” moment as compared to using manual toothbrushes. I am always so furious when that happens to me in the morning last time because the wound will usually become a dreaded ulcer that takes days to heal. With Power toothbrushes, you’ll never have to do that “brushing” action in such quick motion so your gums are safe. LOL

So here is the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s day, the Oral-B Professional Care 3000 to power up your dad’s smile!
& right now, great news to share with you guys because there is a Father’s day promotion on selected models of Oral-B Power Brush!
Discount goes up to 50% on Qoo10!

Click on the link here - http://bit.ly/oralb_dad

Concurrently, there is a Giveaway Contest happening on Instagram as well!

Oral-B Father’s Day Giveaway contest
  • - 3 lucky winners will be selected
  • - Post a picture of your father with his best smile on your Instagram
  • - Share with us why you’ll want to win an Oral-B Power Brush for him
  • - Hashtag #oralbsg & #powerofdadsg
  • - Set your Instagram account to “Public”

The contest is from 8 June to 21 June 2015. Terms & conditions apply.

All the best to the participants and I really hope my readers win it because it is such an amazing product. I feel like throwing away my basic Oral-B model to get this new one! 

A bright smile brings you one step further away from a bad day.

Thanks for reading! 
*Flashing you my biggest grin*


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