Alba Botanica Hair Care

Having full head of hair is something that I’ve been blessed with by the good genes from my maternal side of the family. However, over the years I abused my poor tresses by going through phases of coloring, bleaching and even perming. Besides going for hair treatments at hair salons that can be quite costly, it is also time consuming! I hate sitting down in a salon for hours because I feel I can spend my time more productively doing other things. So what I do is to maintain and protect my hair condition by making sure that the shampoo and conditioner I use daily does not contain chemicals that are harsh and harmful to my scalp & hair.

Having healthy and luscious looking hair is very essential to me because I strongly believe that you can never complete your look if you have bad hair. Oh how I wish my hair could be wash, blown and styled daily at the hair salon so I can look my best whenever I am out.

But in reality, most of us do not have the luxury of having perfectly blown and styled hair daily. So the only way to having manageable and healthy hair is by home maintenance!

Remember Alba Botanica?

I did a review on their Hawaiian skincare range about 2 months ago, you can read it here:

Besides taking care of your skin, Alba Botanica also has an extensive range of shampoos and conditioners and I’m pleased to share them with you! 

Now you get what I mean by an extensive range of hair care right?

Just a little background information on Alba Botanica before we move on..

Alba Botanica’s products are of natural, 100% vegetarian (YAY!) packed with potent natural, botanical ingredients that are formulated to nourish the individualized needs of your skin and hair.  Most of the ingredients are from our wonderful Earth’s plant sources, from rich vegetable and nut oils to pure plant waxes to herbal extracts and pure essential oils.

Most importantly, Alba Botanica is committed to the health and happiness of all furry friends, and their products have never been tested on animals (DOUBLE YAY!), and contains no meat or by-products of animal killing, or any cruelly obtained animal ingredients. 

I really like this sentence I saw from their press kit which says,
“Together we can help to preserve and heal the planet, now and for future generations, because we truly believe that everyone deserves their place in the sun.”

Now let me introduce you Alba Botanica’s range of shampoos & conditioners.

Gloss Boss - Honeydew

It is formulated for dull and lifeless hair.

“For glossy sheen, take a permanent vacation from the harsh, moisture-depleting sulfates and dulling salts in ordinary shampoos. Instead, discover this shine-inducing shampoo, a residue-lifting cleansing experience. Honeydew extract, awapuhi and pineapple nourish and revive hair for vibrant shine. Hydrolyzed protein binds the hair cuticle creating a smooth, reflective, glossy shine. Dull, lifeless hair is gently cleansed and revitalized. Aloha beautiful. pH Balanced.”

As the name suggests, it really smells like honeydew, I kid you not. And the scent lingers on your hair the entire day. Like, I’ve mentioned earlier on, the products from Alba Botanica are all made from natural ingredients so they are really gentle on your hair and scalp. 

If your hair is in need of some shine, you have got to try this range out! It gives sheen to it but doesn’t make it greasy or heavy.

Body Builder - Mango

This range is made for me!! Okay, not for me but it is made for those who have flat and limp hair… like me!!

“For big, beautiful hair, take a permanent vacation from flattening sulfates and heavy minerals in conventional shampoos. Instead, pump up your style with this volumizing shampoo featuring gentle, botanical cleansers that lift away heavy grime and dulling deposits naturally. Mango, papaya and other tropical extracts nourish hair for boosted volume and beautiful bounce. Now your look is Big Island beautiful. pH Balanced.”

& yes, this shampoo & conditioner smells like you’ve entered a fruit market once you pour it out and start to  lather it on your head.

I’ve always complained about my hair being flat. I like that my hair is thick but it is also very fine and long. So when you add all of that together, it is a disaster recipe for flat hair. 

After using this Mango shampoo & conditioner, my hair feels really airy and am able to blow dry my hair manageably! Even though it isn’t the shine range, it does give my hair a slight shine too. My hair also feels really soft and the crown area of my hair definitely looks much more voluminous!

So Smooth – Gardenia

This range is for to help those tons of fly-aways and frizzy hair.

“For a sleek, smooth style, take a permanent vacation from the harsh sulfates and heavy silicones in ordinary shampoos. Instead, discover this smoothing shampoo, a veritable silk infusion of gentle botanical cleansers and calming extracts. Gardenia extract and soy protein gently nourish the hair cuticle so even unruly hair becomes beautifully sleek and polished but never flat. Destination smooth. pH Balanced.”

I do not have frizzy hair that needs much taming so I didn’t try this but if you are suffering from really wild and unmanageable hair then you should definitely give this range a try.

Colorific – Plumeria

This is specially made for color treated hair.

“For truly terrific color week after week, take a permanent vacation from the color-stripping sulfates and drying salts in ordinary shampoos. Instead, discover this color preserving shampoo with naturally gentle cleansers that kiss your hair clean without dulling your locks. Vitamin rich plumeria, pineapple, and papaya nourish over-processed or damaged hair cuticles. Your color stays vibrant and hair feels naturally soft and healthy. Welcome to island happy hair. pH Balanced.”

I’ve been dyeing my hair for the longest time and I really hate it when the color fades after 3 weeks. My hair stylist always recommends me to use shampoo that is made for color treated hair because it will make the color stay vibrant and longer.  Even though this range meant to preserve your hair color, it also leaves my hair feeling smooth and soft!

Real Repair – Cocoa Butter

This is catered for damaged hair.

“For strong, healthy-looking hair, take a permanent vacation from the stripping chemicals and damaging sulfates in ordinary shampoos. Instead, discover this intense-repair shampoo, a renewing cleansing experience. Natural cocoa butter creates a protective barrier around the hair shaft to improve elasticity and minimize breakage. Aloe, macadamia oil and kelp nourish and restore vibrancy. Cleansed without depleting chemicals, hair gets its strength back. Time to butter up, beautiful! No damaging sulfates or harsh MEA, DEA or TEA. pH Balanced.”

I was a little apprehensive about using this as well as the Coconut Milk (below) range because I’m afraid that my hair will be very greasy after. I’m already prone to having an oily scalp if I don’t wash my hair after 1 day. So when I saw the words BUTTER on the bottle I was a little worried. But I decided to just try it and surprisingly it did not make my hair heavy or overly-greasy. It does an amazing job at detangling the knots in my hair as my hair is pretty damaged and it also helps strengthen my hair. It doesn’t break that easily when I’m combing and I sometimes leave the conditioner in my hair 20 minutes to act as a home treatment and it comes out sooo soft and nourished!

Drink it up – Coconut Milk

Look no further if you have really dry hair.

“For velvet soft hair, take a permanent vacation from the drying formaldehydes and damaging sulfates in ordinary conditioners. Instead, discover this moisturizing conditioner, a deep conditioning treat for your thirsty tresses. High in fatty acids and protein, coconut milk locks in moisture to strengthen the cuticle and reduce split ends. Calendula and tropical oils protect from heat styling. Dry hair is soft, nourished and parched no more. No damaging sulfates or drying formaldehydes. pH Balanced.”

As you know that my hair is pretty long, the lower portion tends to be drier than the rest of my hair and it sometimes gets so dry that it looks like a huge mess. The coconut milk does an excellent job at keeping my hair healthy and smooth.

I’m so happy to have the entire range of Alba Botanica shampoo & conditioners!

I think I can go 9 months without having to purchase new shampoos & conditioners. Hopefully my brother can stop using them though. I always smell the Honeydew and Mango scent after he leaves the bathroom (yes, the smell lingers and it really smells so good!) so I know he has been using my hair products!!

All of the Alba Botanica shampoos are really light and gentle on the hair and scalp. It doesn’t leave any residue or makes your hair heavy and greasy and that is my number one concern! One of the best selling points in my opinion has got to be the scent of the shampoo! It really makes bath time so much more luxurious and I look forward to having a good long hair wash to unwind after a long day.

The conditioners go in hand with the shampoos but I do not use them the same range together with the shampoos. Haha, I prefer mixing around so sometimes I will use the Mango shampoo for big and voluminous hair and for the conditioner, I will use the cocoa butter to keep it from tangling and breaking.

& now I have happy hair all day, every day.

I can go for months without visiting the hair salon for treatments and still able to have manageable and healthy hair all thanks to Alba Botanica.

Stand a chance to win ……….

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It is that easy and you’ll definitely love the hair products like I do!!

Best of luck!


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