Japan Day 4 - 7

Here's part two of our Japan Trip!

Today I will be covering the next 4 days of our trip (still in tokyo) and there is like 50 over pictures so I'm going to be less generous with my words. It is 12.41am and I'm lying on my bed, lights off, under my comforter typing this on my macbook with real heavy eyelids..

- Day 4 -

Woke up much earlier that day as we were heading to the Tsukiji Fish Market! I can't remember what time but I know it was one of the earlier days that we woke up and when we arrived, the queue for Sushi Dai was so motherfking long!! We queued for probably 30 minutes and we gave up because we were told by the staff that we needed to wait for 4 hours before we could get a table. CRAZY!! 

So we decided that 4 hours was too much and asked around for recommendations for another sushi restaurant and we found one that we didn't have to wait... at all!!

I can't remember the name of the restaurant but it isn't super fantastic lah, so don't bother. 

There were some sushi that I totally didn't dare to take.. like the one on the far right, bottom image. It is a sushi topped with many tiny raw fishes. The eyes are all still there and I cannot. I just cannot bring myself to put it in my mouth so I didn't eat that at all. The only good ones I remembered were the scallop, prawn and crab! I guess you can say I'm not really the most adventurous eater out there. 

We also managed to find the store that was selling these amazing grilled scallops!!! Eve & I did most of the researching before the trip and this was one of the things on my must-eat list! 

It costs like $12 sgd for 1 if I'm not wrong? And we bought 8 in total.. 4 pure scallops and 4 mixed with uni and some fish. 

Day 4's OOTD.
My first ever pair of nike. Okay lah, 2nd pair. I bought it the day before because my feet was hurting so bad from all the walking and I decided I needed a pair of comfy nikes for the trip.

Super cheap somemore!!! I think I paid only $80 sgd for it.

Had a #WhenBoysVsGirls moment at a park that we came across after our breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market.

I could still remember it all so clearly, the wind was mega strong and sakura petals were flying everywhere and my fingers were freezing. But that didn't stop us from spending 20 minutes there just  taking pictures. 

After that, we headed to Harajuku again. Cause we didn't managed to cover much the day before, and I love the energy there so yes!


We were Sakura-Crazy the entire trip so we literally stop at almost every pretty cherry blossom tree we saw. 

You'll never get to see the behind-the-scene pictures of this shot. Hahah, but SX had to grab 2 handfuls of Sakura petals from the ground, run pass me, jump & throw the petals before hoping out of the frame when Silas or John snapped the picture. 

So repeat that 3-4x because the other girls took similar shots too!

Can you tell how hyped up we were?

Dinner was at this gyoza place that Jessica recommended. And it was good!! We ordered both the steamed and pan-fried version and I preferred the latter. Anything crispy and fried will have my approval.

We ended the night with crepes as desserts!

- Day 5 -

Started our day with the famous Ichiran ramen at Shibuya! Thankfully we didn't have to wait very long, maybe just 15 minutes and we were each given a cubicle.

The ramen was really good. But I still prefer the one I had at Ginza. The soup base and meat beats Ichiran hands down. Like, I won't crave for Ichiran now but I want to eat the Ginza ramen so bad that I wouldn't mind paying $50 for a bowl if I can get it in Singspore. 

Day 5's OOTD.

Borrowed Eve's coat because the ones I brought were all too thin for the weather. Sigh, cannot trust weather app and advices from friends anymore. Everyone said it would be very comfortable and like air-con weather but bitch please!! It was like 5-7 degrees at night. 

We did what everyone should do during Sakura season in Japan: visit Yoyogi Park for a picnic!!

How often do you get the chance to have picnic under so many cherry blossom trees? 

The park was packed like it was ZoukOut man. And almost everyone was drunk and there were stalls set up along the park selling food and drinks. Really cool experience! I wanna do it again!!

We bought bento sets and many other food to munch.

& super funny story, must share.

Can you see the blue plastic picnic mats we were sitting on? It wasn't ours!! When we found an empty spot, we just walked over to it and looked around before we realized "SHIT, we didn't bring any mats.. How like that? Must sit on the grass?"

Then like it was meant to be. God's calling or something, we looked over at the next picnic mat from us and there was no one there. And on their picnic mat, there was 2 brand new picnic mats!! With wrapper still intact. 

So the rest was history lah.

We "borrowed" our neighbor's brand new picnic mats. Hahahahha and when the group of them, mostly drunk, returned to their picnic mat, they didn't even seem to notice that we were using their extra mats. LOL

After our picnic, we explored other parts of Yoyogi park. This area was very quiet because the cherry blossoms have all fallen and no one gives a shit about them. But good for us cause we can take all the pictures we want without people walking in our shot.

Thanks Jess for capturing this moment. LOL. Laugh until cannot see eyes.

Our #WhenBoysVsGirls shot with this log  that John shamelessly asked a couple to let us use it for 5 minutes.

So when we were taking this picture, the couple just stood there, amused by our photo taking. Hahaha

Meiji Jingu

There under the tree, hung thousands of wishes made by locals & tourists from all over the world.

I left mine 2 years back when I was still flying and this time round, SX and I did too!

& it is going to come true because we did it together <3

Dinner was at a random restaurant nearby our hotel. Look at that egg.. Isn't it just perfection?

- Day 6 - 

Breakfast was at Tempura Tendon Tenya Asakusa. It is like their fast food joint but doesn't have that many branches around. We were so lucky that one of the branches was near our hotel! 

I had this tempura and soba set for 3 times in total and I am still in love with it! So so good. The tempura is the best I've had. The prawn, the long bean, the scallop and omg the sotong!!! I've never been a fan of cuttlefish but this Tenya place does it so well it puts all the other tempuras I've eaten to shame.

If I'm ever going back to Japan again, I will find you! 

Another dish worth revisiting would be this creme brûlée from Loccitane Cafe. Japan just make food taste better than anywhere else. Okay, maybe too exaggerated. But definitely better than Singapore lah. 

Night shopping at Shibuya.

Day 6's OOTD.

I wasn't just wearing this lah. I had on the not so fashionable looking Uniqlo light down jacket. That was called a trash bag by our group, haha! But it does a super good job at keeping me warm! I saw Eve wearing it during the first few days while I was freezing cold and she said she was warm. So I went to get it midway during our trip as I was feeling cold every single day!!

Dinner was Coco curry!

Our #WhenBoysVsGirls shot.

You have no idea how crazy we were to come up with this idea. The boys had to be at level 2 of Starbucks and shoot us through the glass panels and we girls had to wait for the traffic light to turn before we find a spot that was facing the guys and stay in that position for like 50 seconds before the traffic lights turned red and we ran off the road.

Repeat that x2 and then we swapped with the boys. 

And as you can imagine, we got quite a bit of attention. Hahahah and passerbys started to join us! They held Tricia and Jessica's hands and attempted to make our line longer. So funny!!

Didn't take much picture that day as we were revisiting the same few places!

- Day 7 -

It was Free & Easy day for each couple! Need to have own time also right? So we left the entire day empty and only to meet up the other couples at night for dinner. 

Tried another tempura and soba place for breakfast near the Ginza station and it pales in comparison to Tenya!! 

So the plan for that was for SX and I was to go visit Shinjuku Gyoen! It was a park that was filed with Sakura trees and not as packed as compared to Yoyogi because there was an entrance fee. But the entrance fee super cheap also lah! 200 yen only!! That's like $2.30 sgd the most?

This is just part of the park. It is huge!!! We didn't even managed to complete the entire park.

Just so beautiful!

I was in such happy mood the entire time.

Check out the ladies behind SX.

So glad to be able to experience this with  him! 

Sakura petals littered the floor and everywhere.

Jessica and Silas came over to the park after that too and we were just snapping pictures non stop.

Ended our night at Shibjuku where we had Yakitori for dinner and this was shot was by SX when he was testing out the new 45mm lens we bought for my camera. 

Next entry will be on our trip to Kyoto and be prepared to be flooded all the kimono pictures!!

Till then.

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