Avalon Whitening

If you've been reading my blog for awhile now, you'll know that staying fair is one of the things I pride myself in. Most of the time when I say I want to be fairer or carry an umbrella everywhere I go, people will tell me "Eh you are fair enough already lah." and many would ask what skincare I use or supplement I take to get fair.

But ever since I took on the hobby of diving and snorkeling, I started getting darker. 

(Spot me, I'm the one in pink bikini)

I did all I can to avoid getting a tan. Ingesting oral sunblock pills, layering on sunblock lotion of SPF 130 and finishing it off with a sunblock spray of SPF 90. But I still became a shade darker after I returned from my Maldvies trip.

I was constantly under the sun and I know that it is inevitable to not get dark but I was still really upset about it. Every night when I shower, I'll look at myself in the mirror to check if there are tan lines and whine to my boyfriend about it. He just told me "Go back to Singapore then slowly get fair again lor, apply more skincare products? You have a lot right"


They think it's so easy to get back the fairness?! 

Achieving fairness on the face may be easy as I can go for laser or facial or just spam the most expensive whitening skincare products on it. But what about the rest of my body? It would look ridiculous to have a face that is 1 shade fairer than my neck, chest and arms?

Then I was introduced to AVALON's NaturBeauty Skin Whitening Supplement.

I was so excited when I received it because it looks really promising and this could be my answer to regain my fairness!

When I first heard of the brand AVALON, I found it really familiar and then I realized, it was developed after their best selling Detox supplement, the AVALON Aloe Multiple Detox Capsule. I've seen it retailing at Watsons, Guardian and Unity, and I've always wanted to give it a try.

I was also told that the AVALON Aloe Multiple Detox Capsule held the title of best detox supplement for 8 whole years at the above 3 personal care stores.

So you can guess why I had high expectations from this product right?

AVALON NaturBeauty Skin Whitening is made from a revolutionary beauty formula that aims to promote skin whitening AND hydration at the same time. & this is really clever because skin whitening and hydration are my top priority in my skincare routine. 

They just go hand in hand!

AVALON NaturBeauty Skin Whitening is suitable for ladies like me who are frequently exposed to UV rays ,be it running in & out of office for meeting or having an active lifestyle. It is also for individuals who are facing problems like dull complexion, fine lines + wrinkles. If you think you are not worried about the above, then you can just take it to maintain your current skin tone and at the same time improve it. 

& in a box of AVALON NaturBeauty, there are 2 foil packets holding 10 sachets each.

This is to ensure the freshness and quality of the products to make sure it stays at its optimal state.

The 4 active ingredients are:
- L-Gluthatione
- CrystalPURE Japanese Collagen
- Vitamin C
- Blueberries

I was advised to keep the opened supplements refrigerated as one of the key ingredients is Vitamin C which is really vulnerable to heat so it is best to keep it in a cool place. 

AVALON NaturBeauty Skin Whitening Supplement is a product of Singapore and is Halal certified as well. There are no addictives and is a good manufacturing practice product.

So, rest assure that it is more than safe to consume it!

As I'm a first time user, 1 box of it is enough for my 1st month's supply.

I was told to consume 1 sachet per day for the 1st 7 days consecutively, thereafter, 1 sachet every 2 days for maintenance. This seems really reasonable and also more friendly for my wallet!

I love how I can just bring this sachets everywhere I go. When I'm busy in the morning, I'll just throw it in my handbag and carry it with me. & the best thing is, it can be consumed without mixing into a glass of water!

So there were times where I just tore the sachet open and poured the content into my mouth and took a sip of my water to wash it down. So convenient because I'm always in a rush and I seldom have the luxury in the morning to mix it in a glass of water. & because it is blueberry flavored, it makes it easier to consume.

So here's what this small sachet can do for you.

It whitens your skin and gives you an overall skin tone improvement. 

It gives you UV protection and that is really important because it is the 1st line of defense against pigmentation/darkspots! So if you are planning to go out in the sun, be sure to take this half an hour before hand.

Since we are on the topic of dark spots, the AVALON NaturBeauty is also able to lighten them. Believe it or not, but at the age of 27 (yes, that's my age), I'm already starting to see my dark spots surfacing on my skin. It is really faint but under bright white lights, it is obvious and I have been so worried that they will just grow bigger and darker as time goes by. 

It also helps to restore your skin's firmness and elasticity as it contains CrystalPURE collagen.

& as what I've mentioned earlier, it also moisturizes and adds hydration to your skin.

Created with a unique blend of clinically proven ingredients derived from natural resources, L-Gluthathione, CrystalPURE Collagen, I'm able to restore my skin's fairness in just 4 weeks!!

& it has been near a month since I returned from Maldives and started taking the AVALON NaturBeauty Skin Whitening supplement which aids in inhibiting 85% of melanin production (the cause of dark spots), blocks up to 67% of UV rays & 8x water absorption capacity to give my skin suppleness!

I'm so thankful to receive 2 boxes of AVALON NaturBeauty Skin Whitening Supplement because I really hated the idea of getting tanned and I just love having snow white fair skin. So imagine my horror when my dad said this to me upon my return from maldives "Girl ah, you become tanned hor, don't worry lah, looks good also, very sporty."

I was like "Nooooooooooo!!"

The last thing I want to be is tanned and sporty!! Because I've gotten dark before and instead of having a nice golden brown tan, I ended up looking dirty and grey.

So thank you AVALON!! 

Because right now, I'm just like half a shade away from my pre-maldives skin tone and no one has told me that I became darker! My tan lines are fading away as it is less visible to the eye as compared to before where there was an obvious contrast of my skin and the tan lines.

YAY for that!!!


Because, I'm having a GIVEAWAY!!

3 lucky winners will be picked by me to receive a box of AVALON NaturBeauty Skin Whitening Supplement.

All you need to do is:

- Follow me on instagram (@lianmeiting)

- Like this picture 

- Leave your email address in the comments section.

& I will be picking the winners randomly, easy peasy right?
I want to thank AVALON again for being so generous to my readers too! Now we can all have snow white fair skin!!

For more information, you can visit AVALON's webpage here:

It is retailing at S$68.90 (exclusively at Watsons) or if you want to order it online, you can go to (http://www.eshopforhealth.com/all-products&func=viewProds&pid=22&cid=5)


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