How I became Mrs Koh..

So, just about 1 month ago, on the 19th of July 2014, SX had a surprise proposal for me and I was really shocked as I never expected it.

We booked our tickets for Maldives more than 6 months before the trip and as it was nearing, friends/readers kept telling me that SX will definitely propose to me in Maldives because it is the perfect setting, too romantic a place to not do it and blah blah blah. But I kept saying "No, he will not, cannot be. Boh Koh Leng." & that's because my friend, OKM, told us he will be proposing to his girlfriend, Janice, in Maldives! So.. you tell me lah, how can 2 proposal happen at the same time right? So naturally it was stuck in my head that it was not gonna happen.

Also, I would never have expected SX to buy a ring this fast! I thought it would be the end of this year or NEXT year because he was telling me he needed to save for his business as the property market has been pretty quiet for the past few months. & I know his character, he is very careful in his financial planning and he always tells me to save for "rainy days". So I thought he wouldn't be spending such a huge amount of money during this "rainy season".

& like 2 weeks before we left Singapore for Maldives, our friend OKM started to tell us about his proposal and just a few days before we flew off, he created a group chat to tell us his plan and how I was supposed to distract his girlfriend while the guys run off to the beach to set up the proposal and stuff. There was zero suspicion from me because I really thought it was real.

So the day came, Saturday, 19th of July 2014, the plan was..

6.00pm, the guys will be off to the beach to set up.
6.05pm, Esther & I head to OKM's villa. Esther distract Janice by asking her to the balcony while I put the DVD montage that OKM made in the player in the room. But smarty-pants me thought it would be a better idea for ME to distract Janice instead. So I told Esther, I would ask Janice to the balcony to help me take OOTD pictures while Esther put the DVD into the player in the room.

Esther had to agree and go along with my plan because she didn't want me to suspect anything. So when I entered the room and walked straight to the balcony, Janice was quite shocked because she didn't know about the change of plan. So she decided to tell me to "sit down first" before taking my OOTD picture. & I was like.. "Why I sit down? You sit down!" HAHAHA, damn funny. I was really confused.

Okay, so that's how it sort of went down.

I was lazy to put in romantic music and captions for the video because it was already 4am by the time I finished compiling it. I'm not doing this to impress anyone or to compete to see who has the BEST or SWEETEST proposal. Because if I was, I would do like slow motion at certain parts and add in emo music at tear jerking moments. I just want this memory for myself, my friends and readers because you guys have been with me throughout these years and I want to share it with you guys.


There's been requests to post the video montage that SX did for me but I decided to not include it in this video as it will be too long. Maybe next time....? Haha.

So yup, this was how it happened.

I always thought that I would be dressed up properly and have makeup on during my proposal because I thought SX would have made sure of that. BUT to my horror, in my actual proposal, I had WET HAIR as I was freshly out of shower, ZERO makeup & wearing a casual beach dress. Luckily I was at least wearing a dress and not just shorts and a crop tee.

Esther kept hinting for me to put on makeup and to wear nicer that evening but because we were at the beach vacation and I spent the entire morning diving and snorkeling, I was so tired by then and I couldn't be bothered to put on makeup. I was makeup free the entire time I was in Maldives. & I thought, what the heck, it is Janice's proposal, she should be the highlight and I am just behind the camera, no need to be all dressed up. FML big time. Esther kept saying "See lah, be stubborn lah, ask you makeup don't wanna makeup. Ask you wear nicer also don't want."

AHAHA, so yah. Serve me right.

As I mentioned earlier on, its been a month since he proposed but nothing changed between us. I mean we are still the same. Maybe I was sweeter to him the first few days after the proposal, but that was it. HAHA. I still call him my BF instead of my FIANCE (so not used to it, don't think I'll ever be) and I've thought of him as my life partner for few years now so the proposal didn't change anything too.

I've people already asking me for the wedding date!!
WHOA, calm down and chill guys.

We are not planning to have it so soon. Not in a year's time. Probably in 2016 (same as Tricia!! Haha, she say I cannot be pang tang, I must attend her wedding no matter what). So I guess I will only start planning and worrying about the wedding shoot, dinner and hotel all next year. Just the thought of it all is so stressful. OMG and our house is coming in 2016 too. Just imagine the amount of money we will be spending....


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