Meaning behind my other tattoo.

I wore the freaking wrong dress.

My tattoo on my left rib/stomach is still so raw & my stupid dress has this elastic rubber band that hugs snugly at my waist.

It hurts a little each time I make any movement.

That's it.

Gonna buy a new dress later during lunch if I find a nice one.

If not tonight.. How to party~!~!

Travis Huang, my tattoo artist, super concentrating on my piece.

She was like "try not to talk so much"

Hahahaha! Cause my tattoo has a lot of straight lines & when I talk, my tummy tends to move so I gotta zip it!

Oh anyway, it turned out to be bigger than I expected it to be.

But if it were smaller, I think it would look a little weird? I don't know.

It just looks like my entire left rib/stomach area is inked now.

Can you see another dude who is almost naked behind me?

Let me tell you how scarily coincidental this is.

About 1 year ago, I went to Travis for my first tattoo (See previous blogpost below for picture). & there was this guy also having his tattoo done (full back) when I arrived. He was bleeding and sort of naked (can see his butt). We sort of chatted a little. But that's it.

& 1 year later, I'm back to Travis for my next tattoo & when I opened the door, I saw the same naked guy!!

The guy who was there 1 year ago!!

& I recognized him immediately & told SX..

"omg, remember last year I did my tattoo, got this guy doing his full back? It's him leh!!!"

Then Travis (my tattooist) & Baldwin (the guy's tattooist) went like, "really meh? Oh yah yah.."

I don't know why but I find it super coincidental man.

But anyway he is super covered with tattoos now. Full back done, front 1/2 chest done & he is working on his thighs now. #hardcore.

Oh, my tattoo this time round took slightly longer... Around 45 mins?

Getting the design I want "stenciled" onto my skin..

At that point I was kinda excited but abit worried about the pain. Cause like I totally forgot about how much it hurt but I remember it being bearable. Because for some people, they would get inked once, & be so afraid of the pain that they will never do it again.

But I remembered myself going like "I can definitely do this again", and started to come up with ideas for my next ink immediately.

Stamped & ready to go!
So yup, this was what I did.

I know you guys are gonna ask, what it means... Ok!

The heart stands for (love).

The 2 Roman numerals are my grandparents's birthdates.

The diamond stands for (everlasting).

So put altogether? - my love for my grandparents are eternal & infinite.

Ah ma & ah gong, I miss you guys so much .

My grandma took care of me since I was young, & we stayed together in the same house at Katong. Our family is super close knitted. We always have the best of times together. Growing up, I've always loved being in this family. My cousins, aunts, grandparents were like my BFFs. We talked about everything & anything, have the sickest humor & we were all just so bonded.

When my grandma left, I thought I would lose it big time. But time heals all wounds.

Even when I was little, just by thinking of her leaving this world would leave me in tears. But when the day came. & I heard screams from my aunt shouting for my grandma as she took her last breath, I ran down the stairs and when I saw that she has passed, I didn't burst out in tears.

In fact, I didn't cry for almost 30 mins after I saw her passed away.

She was discharged from the hospital as she decided to "leave" the world in her home rather than the hospital.

So while the adults called the hospital or undertaker or whatever.. I just held on to my grandma.

I had her head on my shoulders & her hand in mine while we waited.

My cousins, brother, everyone was there. Some were crying, some just sat near me.

I didn't cry when I held her lifeless body close to me. I just felt empty inside.

But when the official people came to "finalize" things (like time of death & all, I had to leave her for awhile...

That's when I went over to SX, who was with me the entire time, & I cried. 

I remember crying a lot.

Seeing my grandfather cry, being so lost and confused. But yet having to settle so many funeral stuff really breaks my heart.

I still remember 1 day before my ah ma passed.

My grandpa came home & sat by my ah ma's bed & woke her up, she was already drifting in & out, couldn't speak.

My grandpa said 

"YM ah, I'm home, look at me, I got a new haircut, open your eyes & look at me".

Ok I cannot continue already, I'm crying as I type. 

*take deep breaths*

I love them both so much. So so so much. My grandpa passed away less than a year after my ah ma did.

It was another blow for my family. But we were sort of glad he could be with his love one. Because life after ah ma for him was so lonely. He didn't seem happy & we were always worried for him.

But still, we wish we could have spent more time with him. Having lost both of them within a year was too much for us to take.

They went for couple shoot a few years back.

Thinking back now, they even took individual shots which were used for their funeral.

I wonder if they knew that THAT picture they were taking was meant for it?

I still miss them a lot. But I sort of block that emo/sad part away from my brain because I know I'll just breakdown & cry if I do. (Like earlier on)

We still visit them every month at the temple where their urn are kept. Pay our respects.

It got easier with time & I wanted this tattoo..

“Because I wanted to have a part of them with me. 

Tattoos are forever & I know I'll never ever regret having them on. Especially when it holds such a significant meaning to me.”

Okay so back to the topic of my new ink.

Here's a video of Travis doing of the .

The buzzing sound made me feel kinda jittery at the start. Lol.

She did the diamond first followed by the birth dates then the heart last. 

The diamond & the heart hurts the most I guess? The birth dates felt fine like.. Out of 10, I'll rate it a 3?

But the diamond and heart felt like a 8/10?


45 mins later,

This is the final piece..

If you guys are looking for a reliable tattooist, you can look for Travis Huang here:

Text her or even send her sample pictures of what you wish to do and she will give you her advice & all.

She works with another tattooist, Baldwin Chew, who is super good at doing huge pieces...if you guys know who chevonnecheng is, her fullback is done by him!

they don't have an Instagram page YET (Travis, hurry set up!), but you can go like their Facebook!

Just type in • Horikawa Tattoos •


Love these colorful tattoos that both Travis Huang & Baldwin Chew did. 

Super love.

A semi-done geisha piece by Baldwin.

Another geisha piece!


Oh yah, before you guys head down straight to the studio, it is best to text or call them to book appointment first! Cause most of the time they are busy working on other customers and seldom can attend to walk-ins!

This is their shop!

Located at level 3!!

I love this new shop as compared to the previous one. So spacious & bright.

Feels clean & totally at ease for my session.

(Thanks Travis for everything! Will visit you again, in 1 year's time! Hahahaha jk)


  1. Ah, I cried reading the part about your grandparents :( I can't imagine how I would feel if my grandparents were to suddenly leave this world as I live with both my mom and my dad's parents =/

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