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Hey guys ladies, I'm back again to talk about our daily necessities as females.
Which is the intimate stuff: Lingerie & Lace.
Sounds like a good combination doesn't it?
I'm contact by again as they have updated their webstore with a range of stockings and would like for me to share it with all of you.
If you are new to my blog and have yet to read the 1st post on them, this is the link for it
Just a short recap on, it is a One-Stop online store for every ladies' needs.With their extensive array of lingerie from their in-house brand, Beauty & Joy Lingerie, the prices you find at this webstore is always kept affordable without any compromising on quality!
In my previous blogpost for, I talked about the importance of wearing the right bra because it gives you the support at places which you need and also gives you a slimmer silhouette and fuller cleavage.
Today, the focus will be more on the lower half of the body.

I picked this Floral Patch Stockings because I think floral prints suits almost everyone and it just represents femininity.

The material of the stocking is really tip top unlike those that feels like it will tear any time from a slight scratch.
This pair of stockings cost only S$9.90!
& it comes in 4 other colors as well.
The next I want to talk about is focusing on the tummy/ thighs/ butt.
The Tummy Tucker Girdle!
It is seamless and feels like a second skin once I put it on.

I purposely picked this skirt so that you can see the length of the Tummy Tucker Girdle when worn.
It is especially beneficial for ladies with bulging bellies and sagging butts, which looks super obvious when we wear tight fitting clothes!
Think bodycon dresses, pencil skirts and even high waisted shorts.

It gives an overall trimmed figure from your thighs to butt so it looks like you have a toned booty when actually you haven't done a single squat in months. LOL
The girdle is also very thin and lightweight so it doesn't feel uncomfortable when worn, it just sort of compresses your "meat" together and keep them taut and in shape.
I'll definitely be wearing this on days when I'm wearing super bodycon dresses and have to have a big meal after.
& this magic shaper is retailing at S$21.90.

The last item I got was a super cute & sexy bra set.
I've always loved's bra sets ever since I received the 1st one from them last year, I'm still wearing it now okay!
I picked this sweetheart black lace bra set that costs only S$15.00!!
OMG so affordable please!

& I like how it is slightly sheer when worn because of the lace material.
I was really surprised by the material of this bra set because of the super low price, I had kinda low expectation for it.
BUT I was proven wrong!!
Cheap can also be good okay!
Right now, there is an exclusive promotion going on..
Quote < meiting15 > to enjoy 15% storewide when you purchase at!
The stocks at runs out really fast so don't say you haven't been warned!
I'm thinking of buying another set of bra + panties.. hmmm..
Oh, another point to share..
They also have this rewards system whereby customers can earn shopping credit for every dollar spent at! & your shopping credit can be redeemed at any time. *There is no minimum amount of spending needed to accumulate the shopping credits*

Happy Shopping, my ladies!

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