I bet many of you ladies out there are having the same issue as me. 
Clueless at choosing the right bra for you. 

A good bra is really important because it can help:
-maintain and at the same time correct the shape of your breasts, 
- correct your body posture, 
- eliminate the horrifying armpit fats (I absolutely hate this the most)
- prevent sagging 
- decrease chances of breast cancer 

I am a huge fan of tube bras which are really really bad for our breasts because it does not have the proper support and it is the main culprit when it comes to unslightly protruding armpit fats. But why do I love wearing tube bra so much? Because it is super convenient. 

(The horrible horrible armpit fats that is sooooo annoying! Looks really unsightly when wearing dresses that are sleeveless. Anyway picture was googled so credits to whoever that owns it)

See, I don’t have a huge rack to being with so I have this misconception that I can just wear a bra with not much support.. because well, I don’t think I have much things needed to be supported. HAHA. Also, wearing tube bra means I do not have to wear an additional tube when I’m wearing see through blouses/shirts. But because tube bras have very little support for my lady lumps, even though they aren’t huge, they still do sag. I didn’t even think it was sagging until I went to Tokyo Bust Express and the therapist told me I needed to wear a bra with better support. 

So ladies, do not make the same mistake as me!! Even though we are not as well-endowed, we still need bras with proper support! 

I am guilty of this. 
My bra always seem to ride up after awhile as it is not the right fit! And this is really bad because that means the bra is not even supporting my boobs at all. 
(Picture was googled, does not belong to me. Credits to whoever that owns it)

Another way to check if your bra is wrong for you is to raise both arms, if your bra moves up with your arms then it means it is the wrong size. 
(Picture was googled, does not belong to me. Credits to whoever that owns it) approached me and I was really excited because I remember reading Tricia’s entry on and I had a really good impression of them. So here's some items I've picked from that will help give me a much fuller appearance of cleavage and also better support.

So this is me wearing a regular bra that I got. 
I'm no sure if it is the right fit or not but it does show a little of the armpit fat still and it is not as fitting as you can see that my cleavage isn't that obvious here.

So I picked this bra from
The - Sweet mesh overlay bra - and it comes in 3 colors. 
Misty grey, pink and black!

To have a more fitted bra, larger bra straps is necessary as it gives more support and does not cut into your shoulders and leave angry red marks at the end of the day.

And the same goes for the hooks, it is best to get 3 hooked designed bras as it will help to reduce side boobs/bulge that are really undesirable. I don't know why but I can't seem to get rid of those stubborn back fats even when I was at my skinniest. Its so annoying! So with a wider side panel bra, it will help minimize that bulge.

Changed into the new bra it felt so good.

A little weird at first because the straps and side panel of the bra seemed much bigger than the usual ones that I always wear but what I noticed first was the comfort level. 

The bra straps sat on my shoulders properly and it didn't sink into my skin like how my other bras usually do. 

Also, erm, notice the fuller cleavage?

A perfect fitted bra will give you "bigger" boobs and also make you look "skinnier" because it sits all the flesh you have around your armpits/side/back in the right places so giving you a much more flattering figure.

I also picked this seamless undies from them!

I super love seamless panties because it is so comfortable and it is best when you are wearing tight fitted shorts/skirts/pants.

It felt like a second skin on my body. 

If you ladies have yet to try seamless panties yet, please buy one now and try! It is life changing I tell you. So shiok!!

Lastly, I got this stick-on bra because every girl needs one.

When you are wearing low cut dresses or those with really low back cutting or even full bare back, this will come in really handy.

Take a look at as there is a wide range of items for you!

From sexy lingeries, to undergarments, to bikini and more. 

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So generous of them lah!! 20% is alot leh!

Also they are having a Facebook contest!

2 Winners will be picked and they will receive $30 shopping voucher each.
Contest ends: 4th Sept 13.


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Happy Shopping, my ladies!



  1. I enjoy this blogpost! i have problems getting the perfect bra, i choose the cutest designs only not minding if it fits me well or not. haha

    thanks for sharing they have a wide range of beautiful products! Let's see im checknig on it now and hoping to have a transaction as well! ^^

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