Zara MBS + Shu Uemura

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Was invited to the Opening of the all new concept Zara boutique outlet at Marina Bay Sands - The Shoppe, a few weeks back.

The layout of the shop was really spacious and clean, like all the other outlets and the ladies & mens section was separate into 2 different "shops" opposite each other.

Was able to take a look at the new collection!

With my girlfriends Megan, Jun and Michelle.

I adore both the leather jacket and the floral shirt.

Really liking the trench-coat but I got to tell myself I ain't a stewardess anymore, not much chances of using a thick outerwear like this.

I wish Singapore has 4 seasons because of pretty clothes like these.


We went straight after work to the event so that explains our rather formal attire.

Very tempted to get this embellishment necklace.

It would look so good with everything I have in my closet.

I have an undying love for leather jackets. 
Or rather, just gorgeous outer-wears.

Tried on this fedora and I think I transformed into a hipster.

Appreciate the designs on the hat.

Getting lost in the array of accessories.

Jun bumped into her friend at the event too.

This was my Outfit Of The Day.
White shift dress from Zara that I bought a month ago! 
(Made a mental note to myself to wear something from Zara)

Accessorized the simple outfit with my Chanel brooch that I got from Hong Kong recently and a thin metal plate belt from Cotton On.

Dresses that Megan & I tried on in the fitting room.

Felt like a little girl in the floral dress I was wearing.

& we went to check out the Zara Men shop.

Cues Justin Timberlake's Suit & Tie music. *As long as I got my suit & tie, Imma leave it all on the floor tonight *

I love it when guys wear suits & instantly transform from boys = MEN.


The range of menswear was really extensive as well.

Fooled around with the men's sunglasses.

I love myself a good pair of aviators.

We had a great time checking out the new Zara boutique at MBS.

Thank you for the invitation!


The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
#B2-08 & #B2-113

Remember to check it out when you are in the area.

First time taking the train with Megan in ages.










So in the month of August, I was sent this package from Shu Uemura.

+10 points for the beautiful presentation.

That's 1 of the many things I love about Shu Uemura.

Lifted the box open and I was greeted with all these goodies!!

Here are the new products last month!

The S curler.
The Tokyo Lash Mascara.
The Tsuya Skin Eye concentrate.

Okay, so what is the S curler for?

You know how Shu Uemura is famous for creating the best eyelash curler to fit asian eyes? They decided to not just stop at being the best and instead continued their research & constantly creating new & amazing products for us.

The S curler was created so that us ladies can curl our lashes section by section and at all the hard to reach places

I found this S curler to be particularly useful for me because I'm a huge fan of wearing fake lashes and if I were to use the traditional eyelash curler that curls all my lashes at one go, sometimes it does not fit and I have difficulty in curling them. But with the S curler, I can curl my real + fake lashes section by section and it is so convenient and easy to use because I have better control of where I want to curl.

I am never putting this down after I've received it. 

Love how my fake & real lashes are "clipped" snugly together and it just looks so good.

The next item has also earned a spot in my holy grail for makeup because, it really does an amazing job at giving me fuller lashes.

It is the Tokyo Lash Mascara by Shu Uemura.

Check out how the brush of the mascara is shaped in a "Xmas tree" shape?
From thick at one end to thinnest at the other.

I like how I can use this mascara to apply to the lashes closest to the inner corners of my eye because the wand is thinnest at the tip and I apply the mascara at ease without accidentally messing up my eye make up.

On top of that, it also does an amazing job at lengthening and giving volume to my lashes.

This is my lower lashes with zero mascara.

& after I've applied 1 coat of Tokyo Lash Mascara.

& here's the final result after just 2 coats.

It really brought my lower lashes to life!

Best of all, no clumping despite being able to give great length and volume to my lower lashes!!

I give this product 5 out of 5 stars!!!

So next, remember the entry I wrote a few months back when I received my 1st Tsuya skin product?

I'm still religiously using the serum and its almost emptied already!

So when I received the Tsuya skin Eye Concentrate serum, I knew it was not going to disappoint. 

Just a tiny amount is needed.

& it has the same "holographic" shimmer effect as the face serum.

Even though it is a serum, the product was easily absorbed by my skin and it did not leave it feeling oily or anything.

A slight brightening effect was noticed after applying the Tsuya skin Eye serum.

You can use this eye concentrate as an eye primer before you apply your eyeshadow on and you will really appreciate the color payoff of your eyeshadow after that because it enhances it! Other benefits of using the eye concentrate serum are:

- Reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eye
- Prevents dark circles
- Smoothens, hydrate & gives luminosity to skin around eye area

I'm also loving these 2 products..

1 of which I believe needs no introduction: The eyebrow pencil.

The Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil is really special. The way to use it and why whenever I try to swatch the color of the eyebrow pencil on my hand, nothing ever comes on but when it is drawn on the eyebrows the color appears, blows my mind.

This eyebrow pencil gives me a really natural and fuller set of eyebrows. I use it on days when I am on a date or special occasion because I love how my brows look with it. On my lazy days where I'm rushing to work, I'll just use my eyebrow powder!

The eyebrow mascara is must-have for ladies who have color hair like me but eyebrows are still black in color. Nothing looks more awkward than having black eyebrows & brown hair. Period.

Shu Uemura (Singapore) has created an instagram account too!

Don't forget to follow them for the latest updates on product launches. 

follow them on instagram at : @SHUUEMURA_SG



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