Hey ladies out there who have been leaving me questions after questions regarding where I shop online and how I buy things from TaoBao because they don’t ship to Singapore and all that. Many of you even asked me to do a tutorial on how to purchase from 3rd party agents and I said it was quite confusing because the one which my boyfriend introduced to me was all in Chinese and I am not good at reading that. 

 So when I discovered SGshop, a local agent that deals fully with the China Vendors on behalf of customers and will take care of all the complicated backend details, I was super excited to share it with you all!


Apart from being a blogger and spending most of my time blogging, editing pictures/movies on my laptop, the other 50% of the time I am shopping online!! I can never get enough of all wide range of apparels, electronic items, skincare, makeup and even furniture there are on TaoBao. 

 Yes, furniture. 

 I helped my boyfriend purchased this mini sofa for his room from an overseas online shop. 

 The pros of shopping on such platforms like TaoBao, is that, the items are priced really affordably? & most items are really trendy and up to date. I often see the same items on TaoBao on our local boutiques at Bugis/Farest/Scape and all the items are cheaper by at least 40%!! 

 I can’t remember how I got to know of TaoBao, I think it was through my girlfriends who were also online-shopperholics like me!


However, one of the cons of shopping with China Vendors is that, it is really complicated! Everything is in Chinese, and they don’t accept Paypal! Even though we can make payment on their website via our DBS/POSB credit/debit cards, but ultimately, they do not ship items internationally. To shop directly at TaoBao or any other China Vendor websites, you will need to be residing in China itself. 

 So that’s when you will need a 3rd party agent to help with the coordination of payment and shipping.  

But, which of these agents are trustable?! 

 The previous agent which my boyfriend shared with me were all in Chinese and it was not a local agent. I was pretty skeptical about shopping with China Vendors because I am afraid the agents will just take my money and run. Or take a super long time to delivery my item. 

 & if anything was to go wrong or items were to be missing or damaged, who do I look for since the agent is located overseas too!


So I was wondering if there was a simpler way to do all these as I was quite put off with shopping on those China Vendor online shops due to all the hassle and the constant doubts I have. 

& wouldn’t it be nice if there was a localized agent that will help deal with all the backend coordination and all I do as a customer is to just shop & make payement. That’s it. That’s where my role ends. 

Because, shopping should be enjoyable & relaxing! 

That’s why we call it “retail therapy” isn’t it? 

So I what I was looking for was a fuss-free way to shop on TaoBao and have my items delivered to be fast, like within a week is my limit, and also posses reasonable shipping rates!

& here comes SGshop!! 

 SGshop is an agent for all China Vendors and they are based in Singapore! YAY! 

 They will deal fully with the China Vendors and will purchase and ensure that the items we buy are delivered promptly. Best of all, if there are any damage on your items during the course of delivery, SGshop will replace it Free Of Charge or in cases where item is out of stock, they will refund the amount of the item! 

 However, in the event where the responsibility does not fall on SGshop, then customers will have to bear the shipping fee if they wish to refund by sending the item back to the seller. So, I would like to highlight to all you shoppers out there to read the terms and conditions of the seller which you are purchasing from before buying! 

 Oh, I also forgot to mention that, the delivery time is really short and the shipping rates are really affordable!! 

 AND… all items are checked by SGshop warehouse before they send it out!!


So let’s take a look at the flow of how shopping on TaoBao goes with the help of SGshop as the agent!

 Step 1: Choose products. 
Step 2: Submit Order. 
Step 3: Make payment. 
Step 4: SGshop purchase items. 
Step 5: Submit Delivery. 
Step 6: Confirm receiving of goods. 

 Just 6 easy steps!! 

 Actually, only 5 because Step 6 is when you’ve already received your items!


Instead of just shopping at TaoBao, here’s the list of “shopping malls” that SGshop deals with! 

 So feel free to explore all the other websites, because I know I will. :D 

 To all the readers who are clueless, here’s a detailed step by step guide on shopping at TaoBao via SGshop as the agent! 

 STEP 1: Choose products


So just go to TaoBao and browse to see which items caught your eyes! 

For me, it is this 2 piece outfit! 

So just copy the URL of the page on TaoBao..


Go login to your account on SGshop, and paste the URL into the highlight area above.


Yes, just paste the URL of the TaoBao item that you want and click on the button [ Express ].


You will then see this popup box and just fill in the 3 highlighted areas: the Quantity, Size and Color of the item. 
 The rest of the fields will be filled it automatically. 

 Once you are done, click on the button [ Submit ]

Then you will see this page & that means that the item has been saved into your shopping cart and you can continue adding more items from TaoBao by clicking the button [ Continue shopping ].


So just repeat the steps as many times you want until you are finally done shopping, click the button [ Proceed to Checkout ] to submit orders and do some serious final decision making.. 

 STEP 2: Submit Order


You will be brought to this checkout page where you can see all the items which you’ve previously added into your shopping cart. This, for me is the part where I spend quite some time on because I will be thinking which items to keep or which to remove if it reaches my budget!! 

 So as you can see the highlighted area in the above picture, SGshop calculates for you the total amount that you will have to pay with the breakdown of the goods + domestic shipping within china.


After making sure that all the items in your shopping cart is what you would like to purchase, click the button [ Place Order ] to confirm your order. 

 STEP 3: Make Payment


Then you will be brought to the following page for you to select the type of shipping method
 There are 4 options to pick from and I would recommend “Economy Air” as it is cheaper and items arrive within 3-5 days which is okay for me. 

 Again, the breakdown of the amount will be calculated for you and once you are done, click the button [ Pay The Order ].


You will then see this popup box which tells you that you have successfully submitted your orders. Click on the button [ OK ]. 

*Note that the amount in this page is different from screenshots of previous pages because I decided to remove 1 item from my shopping cart after much contemplation.*


After clicking [ OK ], you will be brought back to your ‘Member Center’ where you can see the amount of you have left in your account and that your order is now categorized under the [ Confirmed Payments ] section. 

 You can also check on your orders and delivery of the items all on this page. 

 STEP 4: SGshop Purchase 

 So this part, you don’t have to do anything because SGshop will take care of it for you! So just wait for SGshop to update on the status in your ‘Members Center’ page as shown below.


So click on the tab [ Arrived SGshop ] to check on your item status to see if they have been sent over from China. If yes, select all the items and click on the button [ Submit ] to proceed to delivery submission! 

 STEP 5: Submit Delivery

You will then be brought to this page where you will choose the method of delivery, [ Advanced Delivery ] or [ Budget Delivery ] for your items once they have reached Singapore. If you do not wish to pay any further, you can select [ MRT Collection ] or [ Self Collection ]

Then click on the button [ Confirm ]. 

STEP 6: Confirm Receiving


So this is the final step! Where you have already received all the items you’ve ordered. 
Why still have a Step 6 when you’ve already gotten all your items right? 

Well, that’s because if you confirm delivery, you will earn Members Points which in turn can help you save on your future purchases!! 

So just click on the [ My Delivery ] option and click [ Confirm ] once you’ve receive that particular item and you will be rewarded with Members Points! 

That’s it! 

Well, to me it is because I’ve tried shopping via another agent which was so complicating and confusing and I gave up in the end asking my boyfriend to settle the rest of the delivery and payment for me. HAHA.

So here are my items!! 

Notice how everything comes wrapped in a clear plastic? I noticed that 1 of it was wrapped in SGshop wrapper so I guess they went the extra mile and got it wrapped for me even though the supplier did not provide it. This is really great because that means the items are “protected” and will not be stained or torn during delivery/packing process. 

In addition, the people working in SGshop are really efficient because just after I’ve placed my shopping orders, the next day this lady called me up to let me know that some items, I keyed in the wrong size and one of the dresses that I picked was out of stock. She was really patient in explaining to me the options available for me and everything was settled within a 3 minutes phone call. 

& after I submitted the choice of delivery for me, I wanted to receive my item asap so I picked the [Advanced Delivery] option and I got my items the very next working day!!

Here are just a few pictures of me wearing the items I got. 

 I got the pair of shorts in 3 different colors. Black, white and pink! 

& I really like the tee! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. 
Even when it comes printed on a tshirt.

 & here’s another item, a black top with really unique shoulder cut-outs. 

I’m not sure by introducing to you all SGshop will I receive good or bad feedback because…. I’m sure all of you guys are going to be like me, burnt a hole in the wallet!! 


So many apparels with the latest trends like Stylenanda and the price is.. omg cheaper by 50%!!

 I can even purchase things from TaoBao that is not available in Singapore!! There are just so many things to browse on TaoBao website alone, I can easily spend 2 hours and without even realizing it.

Yah, shop for more than 1 hour on TaoBao will result me in lying in such awkward position.

 My boyfriend calls this the – Lazy Dead – position. 

So for all who have been shopping at TaoBao or other China Vendor websites, try out SGshop and you’ll see how easy & fuss-free the entire process is. 

& for those who have never tried shopping on TaoBao before, START NOW!!! I bought a pairs of shorts at SGD $5+. 
I was super happy to find this kind of pricing and I ended up adding 2 more of the same shorts in different colors. 
So now I have, Black, Pink & White shorts for just $15~!! 

CHEAP DAO~~~~~~~~!!

& in conjuction of SGshop’s 2nd anniversary (CONGRATULATIONS SGshop!!), 

 Here are 2 promotions for you shoppers!! 

 Promotion 1: 
Express air promotion: 
5KG - 10KG: 10% Discount 
10KG - 20KG: 15% Discount 
20KG Onwards: 20% Discount 
Promotion ends on 15th September 2013 

 Promotion 2: 
Share your shopping experience via SGshop with us! The most outstanding testimonial and review will win a pair of movie tickets. 
Up to 50 Pairs of movie tickets to be given away. 
To participate: 
Send your shopping experience with SGshop, subject as “My experience with SGshop” to our email address:

 Terms & conditions:
Cutoff date will be on 31th August 2013. Announcement of result will be on 16th September 2013
Result will be posted on SGshop Notice board and our Facebook page. 
Winners will also be notified by email. Winner shall response through email to arrange a time for collection within 1 week. Failing to do so, a new winner will be drawn.
Prize shall be claimed within 1 month. All major winners during prize collection, photographs shall be taken and they will be posted on our official website, Facebook page and other media for the purpose of marketing.


There is an exciting contest going on!

All you need to do is:

 1 - Like their facebook page :

2 - Guess the prize of the product,

3 - Share the post with your friends!

☺ Shop at: ☺
☺ Shop at: ☺



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  2. Let me elaborate. We'll still have to read and understand Chinese to shop at Taobao (the sellers use a lot of Internet lingual which we locals cannot understand). Otherwise, we will DEFINITELY purchase the wrong item. This, frankly, SGshop cannot help much because they will buy on-behalf what we requested. If we can't read Chinese and order wrongly, it isn't their fault. At the same time, we are wasting money.

  3. Hi! may I know how long was the whole process and how much was the shipping fee? thanks! :D

  4. Nice and informative information shared by your blog on China Products. I really appreciate it.
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  5. i have personally use this for Singapore..just copy and paste the links in taobao and give them (You have to know Chinese) , they will order for you and ship direct to your house (Very good customer service)
    More for entertaining business customer that want to import more items to Singapore and sell(Bulk purchase)..they will quote me different shipping options and price after receiving at their warehouse (the shipping is very affordable compare to other agent i used before)

    For me, i buy over $1000sgd every month ..
    If i pay by posb credit card and buy myself, it will cost more service charge about 8% including exchange rate and i need alot of effort to communicate with seller in chinese)
    Their charge 5% is very reasonable for large orders

    Their facebook below

    Hope it helps :)

  6. Personally, 4PX is the most reliable and easy to use. It is also fully integrated with TaoBao, making shopping/checking/payments much more easy.

    Refer to the guide here:

    1. I use Express U to ship now. Cheaper than 4PX a lot and they are faster, and reliable. See here: How to buy from TaoBao.

  7. is the No.1 source of Taobao shopping tips and tutorials for foreigners. There you can get one stop Taobao shopping new, tips as well as foreigner Taobao shopping stories.

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