This is what weekends are made of:

Boyfriend and I went for dating in the month of July.

Yes, this entry is 2 months late. *yelps.

I promised I will be back with normal entries and here it is!!

Will be taking a break from advertorials for now, maybe just 2 a month instead of taking up so many!!

Us, in his car, driving to Singapore Botanical Garden for brunch.

& we had our brunch at Food For Thought.

Cranberry & Raisin Scone.
My ultimate must-have there.

The scones are freshly warmed up for you when you make your order & I really appreciate the generous amount of raisins + cranberries it has.


Banana & walnut pancakes.
Not bad but a little too dry, would be good if a scoop of ice-cream was added to it.. Hehe.

The full works.
Which means the everything-also-have-big-breakfast.

This is not too bad too, everything is not bad but I think the sausage could be improved.

The pulled pork burger or something. 
Couldn't remember but this dish did not impress us at all. The pulled pork was too tough and dry and did not have much taste? Didn't order this the next time we visited.. which was yesterday. HAHA. 

Yes, we went back again yesterday which was why I decided to blog about this today! :)

I love having brunch!
There's something so relaxing and happy about waking up and leaving the house earlier for breakfast and knowing that the entire day is free for you to do whatever you want and just unwind after a hectic week at work. :)

We over-ordered as usual.
Well, it was just me actually, SX usually leave the food ordering to me.

After our heavy meal, we decided to take a stroll around Botanical garden because the weather was not too hot and natural sunlight is best for photo-taking!

Hi there, lover boy.

Timer shot, anytime, anywhere.

Really like my outfit that day! 

& yes, this is how my blog header picture came about.
Good lighting + good nature background + camera timer + good angle shot.

SX's current desktop wallpaper.

Made him pose for me.

Happy day.

Am really glad we did this because when was the last time anyone of us actually set foot in botanical garden? 

Its really good to be away from the usual hectic crowd at shopping areas and just have a really simple & quiet day.

SX very intrigued by what was below.

Hello fishies & turtles!

Attempting at the infamous "My bf/gf brought me to" picture.

After all that, we went down to East Coast Park to find Esther & Pham.

The ultimate hiphop couple.


Hi tiny.

We were there because Vans was having a skate boarding competition and Pham was one of those people there to keep track of the scores or something.

I have totally zero idea about skate boarding but it was a great experience because my friends were there and the music was all the hiphop I used to love back when I was 16-18? 


Going out soon,
new blog post tomorrow!

On how to shop at TaoBao.

You wouldn't want to miss it.