Salon Vim - July

Hello my dear readers, just bear with me a little more with all these reviews and adverts and I will be back with my personal blog entries! One of the highly requested ones are .. my Hong Kong haul and my SQ makeup / hair tutorial! I can promise you the Hong Kong Haul blog entry and the SQ make up tutorial... but for hair wise, I will have to see how!

So this will be an update on my most recent hair dye and treatment experience at Salon Vim.

Went to Salon Vim at 313 Somerset after work..

and here's the unsightly black roots which needs to be covered up pronto!

and my hair ends are getting a little crayyy-zeee.

So I told Luis, my trusty stylist at Salon Vim who has been taking care of my hair for 3 years + now, that I wanted a darker shade overall, but I wanted ash blonde highlights inside. Yes, sounds like the same hair I always ask for. HAHA, Because I'm doing corporate job so.. I can only play around with red or brown or dark blonde.

Luis looking at the color chart helping me pick the colors. I always just leave all the decision making to him. Hehe.

Getting started on the dyeing process!

After that is done, my hair got an orgasmic Privy Treatment that is well loved by all the bloggers.

Applied step 1, 2 and 3...

& steaming it for better absorption..

After rinsing it off, time for a little trimming to keep my hair in shape and tidy.

See how healthy my hair ends are now! As compared to the earlier picture.

Thanks to the magic made possible by Luis and Salon Vim!

Take a peek inside to see the different colors.

& here's some pictures taken back at home with better lighting to show off my hair!

SEE!!! So pretty right the hair color!!!

All shades of brown imaginable are on my head.

Love how it stands out even more when braided.

Brown hair can be loads of fun too!


For those interested in getting hair services done at Salon Vim, here's the details you'll need.
Mention my name "Meiting" & you'll get a 10% off for any hair services.

TEL: 6884 7757 / 6884 7767

TEL: 6837 0045 / 6837 0073




Esther, Sue Ann and boyfriend came to look for me too.

Esther forever photo bombing me.

We rushed over to Ippudo at 10pm for late dinner after everything was done.


The pork belly buns were good but too full to enjoy them. HAHA I still remember Esther's epic expression after I "arranged" the buns with my bare hands.

Attempted at an OOTD shot but failed. Sad life of mine is that my boyfriend and most friends don't take nice pictures of me. :( Super envy those who have boyfriend or friends that can capture super chio ootds shots because mine all damn lousy lah! HAHAHA. But I always take for them super nice one -_-

Supermarket shopping....

Nice backdrop we have there.

Father, Mother and Daughter.

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