My 1st "plastic" experience!



That's me getting jabs on my jaw with BOTOX!!

Okay, the entire blog entry will be for another day but since I just bathed and am waiting for my hair to dry, I decided to do a super short summary of my evening today with Michelle at Dr Daryn Kang's.

Michelle & I went down for fillers & botox today!

This is my "BEFORE" face with zero photoshop.

What I did today was, botox to slim down my face because I have really huge jaw muscle as I have the habit of grinding/clenching my teeth when I sleep.

& fillers for my nose to make it higher and sharper and the top part of my nose... the area between my eyes is totally flat. So Dr Daryn Kang filled it up for me too!

Okay, that's all for today's teaser. 

Will be back with a full review once the swelling on my nose has gone down and when the botox on my jaw starts to take effect. 


Got this picture off my camera.. 

and as you can see, this was taken immediately after injecting some of the fillers and the top part of the nose bridge is pretty swollen and bruised. & my expression like damn agony.

HAHA, but trust me, the nose fillers are the least painful of all.

Will be sharing the pain level and everything in a proper post probably in 2 weeks time!

Meanwhile, if you have any enquiries, please call Phoenix Medical to check and just say that you are "Meiting's" reader and they will be more than glad to assist you.


The official website:

Phoenix Medical Group Tel: 6555 3512
1 Seletar Road, #02-11, Greenwich V, S807011

My doctor is Dr Daryn Kang and he is really friendly so don't be shy! :)


A big sorry to all you readers on the mini hiatus on my blog. Ever since I came back from Hong Kong, I've been super busy and can't seem to get back into the usual rhythm that I used to have. I will try to get things settled and start blogging on my personal entries soon.

LESSER ADVERTS by September! 

I try to balance okay!!

Alright, my hair is dry and my eyes are closing by itself.


Love all of you who still come back to read! :)

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