Beauty Review - Whitening Weapons


Almost everyone that knows me personally will know that I am a huge fan of whitening products.

I'm like on this never ending mission to be as fair as snow white.

& being in this crazily hot and sunny island, Singapore, doesn't help one bit at all.

So today I will be sharing with you guys some items that I've been using & consuming recently to help me achieve that amazing fairness that I so dearly yearn for.

[ Methode Swiss ]

This brand was is stranger to me because whenever I visit any Sasa stores, I will always see products of Methode Swiss on display shelves. 

This is the Thermal White Overnight Intensive Repair Mask.

& I love how it comes in a pump form. 
Hygiene wise, 100 marks!

I think all facial products should come in a bottle or with pump applicator because I always cringe when I stick my fingers into the jar/tub of moisturizer/serum as I am already imagining all the germs and bacteria from my fingers going into the products. *blame it on my overactive imagination*

I usually apply more than this amount but just for demonstration purpose, I don't want to waste too much product lah. Stingy, HAHA.

Check out the close up picture of the product. 
There are tiny blue dots in it!
I don't know what they are exactly but I believe it contains all the amazing formula for my skin!

I've been using this for about 6x so far and I am still liking the product.

I apply it onto my freshly cleansed skin after my toner - SK II facial treatment essence - eye cream. 

& the next morning I wake up to hydrated, supple, dewy soft & slightly glowing skin!

"This creamy, rich yet penetrating and fresh formula includes a blend of Swiss thermal water, exclusive advanced whitening detox complex, radiaglow, sodium hyaluronate, red alga and selected vitamins, to help improve the skin's evenness"

If you are interested, head down to any Sasa outlet near you & check it out!

[ Ludeya ]

I was invited for a English tea x product introduction of Ludeya face masks a month ago but sadly, due to my office hours I was unable to make it. 

But the kind marketing people of Ludeya still sent these face masks my way.

First of all, let me share with you how Ludeya face masks are different from the usual paper sheet face masks that we have.

The key here is - Bio Cellulose!

It is first used to treat various type of wounds and burn injuries, which is also known as "artificial skin". The 3-dimensional fibre structure of the Bio Cellulose resembles closely of the human skin so it delivers moisture and other beneficial ingredients deep into the epidermis layer of our skin!!

"This very same technology is now being utilized by LUDEYA in their Bio Cellulose Mask series, and endorsed by S.H.E. member, Selina, who suffered a serious burn accident in 2010. Having made a  recent comeback, Selina lists LUDEYA Bio Cellulose Mask as her beauty secret to looking radiant and ready for the entertainment industry again."

I super ganjiong tore open 1 pack to use on the very day that I received the face mask.

It feels really different from the usual paper face masks!!

Thicker and feels sort of like jelly?

I'm so worried I will get too used to this shiok feeling and abandon all my other paper face masks.

So this is after 20 minutes!

My skin instantly became brighter and fully moisturized!!
Damn amazing.

I mean, most face masks give that effect but somehow I feel that Ludeya's masks leaves my skin more hydrated than the paper face masks.

Skin tone is more even as well!

I'm just left with 1 of the masks...... how. 
Can't bear to use it!!

[ Heliocare ]

& here's me saving the best for last.

Heliocare's Purewhite Radiance oral pills.

I was literally jumping for joy inside when I was approached by the marketing person of Heliocare to try out this product. Why? Because I'm already using/eating Heliocare's products!!

Thanks to my girlfriend, bird, who introduced me to Heliocare's "sunblock pills" years ago.

Yes, you can actually EAT sunblock. 

Talk about hardcore right?

These tiny sunblock pills are my savior when I went to Phuket for holiday 2 months ago. I was exposed to couple hours of sun per day and guess what? I came back with no tan lines nor did I get any darker!! I mean, I did physically apply sunblock too but I took Heliocare's oral sunblock pills for that extra protection!

So whenever Bird & I know that we are going to spend hours outdoors, we will always have this preventive measure where by we take the sunblock pills before exposing ourselves to the sun. ;) Don't say never share our secret ok!

So back to the Purewhite Radiance pills.

A little introduction:

it is a health and a beauty supplement in one simple yet effective product! It boasts a unique formula containing Fernblock, a natural plant extract derived from a fern. 

Fernblock "provides protection against harmful UV rays by decreasing pigmentary response", therefore not only protecting the skin but also making it fairer.

Combined with pomegranate extract and other vitamins, each small edible capsule helps actively protect, whiten and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out

As it is a capsule its antioxidant effects reach parts of the body sunscreen would not be able to, helping us to achieve youthful and fairer skin in one easy step! 

My precious purple pills....

I've been taking the as instructed, 2 pills a day, 1 in the morning and 1 at night, for about 2 weeks now. & I am not kidding you.

I swear I am not kidding you.

When I say I do see my skin getting slightly fairer just after 4-6 days of consumption. 

I will always have like 5 of these purple pills in my tiny medicine box in my bag wherever I go because I'm afraid that I will forget to take the pills in the morning as I am rushing to work. 

I would definitely continue taking these pills after I've finished this tub as it really does benefit my skin but the only thing stopping me is the cost because it is not cheap!!

But most of the time, if you want good stuff, you have to pay the price.

& this Heliocare Purewhite Radiance, in my opinion, is worth it!


This is the latest picture I have of myself and see how my face and neck color matches? I am just using a light powder with not much coverage on my face in this picture. 


I can't wait to have even clearer, brighter, fairer and hydrated skin!

goodnight, ladies!

thank you for reading!!

Will be back soon.



  1. Hi meiting, can I check with you where can I get the heliocare white radiance pills? I couldn't find it from Watson and guardian. Thanks!

  2. nice post about beauty improvements lol, but i'm a guy though.
    I also love the style of blogging here on your blog
    you see, there are 2 blogs that i've found so far to be very helpful and have something interesting for me whenever i visit, this one and
    Keep up the good work you're doing here.

  3. hi babe, whats the diff btw the heliocare white radiance pills n the sunblock ones? ive tried the latter ones before and i think they are just ok, not too bad. so im interested to find out abt the white radiance one! :) whr did u get it btw? thanks!

  4. Hey Babe, just sharing that I manage to buy the sunblock at a good price on Qoo10!

  5. I came across your blog abt Purewhite radiance. Actually my derm doctor told me that purewhite radiance and heliocare is the same, perhaps the only differences between them is the COST - beautiful packaging and some vitamins. They separate out just for marketing purposes. There are others out there which is cheaper and yet gives the same effect. I was taking purewhite and heliocare for a few years, the reason why i stopped is becos they are simply too EX. Each pill cost $3.30! and i have to take 2 per day. This means its $6.60 per day. So why shd i continue taking the ex ones? Btw, heliocare is not halal certified, purewhite is. Muslim ladies shd take note if you are taking heliocare.

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