Catching up with...

Hey guys!

I'm back from Hong Kong yesterday. Went for a 6days 5nights holiday with SX and his friends during the long weekend!!

I am so so so tired and I have quite a bit to catch up on. 

Catch up on my sleep.
Catch up on my adverts.
Catch up on my blog.
Catch up on my YouTube.
Catch up on losing weight because I ate like a starving kid during the entire time I was in HK. Am determined to lose 3-4kgs within 1 month! :)

Will be jotting down my daily meal intake and sharing it with you guys once I reached my ideal weight!

Meanwhile, here's a few happy pictures taken during the trip!!

Will be back within a few days with a new entry! 

Hopefully I feel energized enough to do a Hong Kong haul video too!


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