Every year, SINGSALE will have a mega huge sale!

& this year the time has come once again for us to dig deep into our pockets because there are so many amazing brands participating in their "Flash Frenzy"!!


The SINGSALE Flash Frenzy will being on the 4th of May to the 6th of May 2014!!

Just 3 days for you to shop till you drop!!

What keeps me back again each year is how affordable the items are!
Can you image, some items have discount up to even 80% off their retailing price.

Here's a fun fact: The last Flash Frenzy was held in November 2013 and it became the largest, most successful online retail event of the year!! Every second, 2.2 items were being sold. *WHAT?!* and they experienced a 100% increase in new visitors!

& with 60 over brands happening during the SINGSALE Flash Frenzy, there's definitely something for everyone!! 

*New sales are being launched every half an hour!*

Let me show you what's in store for you guys.

So step 1 would be to log on to their website:

You can either sign up for their membership (free) or if you are lazy like me, just sign in with Facebook! 

Once I'm in the SINGSALE website, I feel like I'm lost in a maze. 
Because there are just too many things that I want to look at!

Thank god all the items are categorized into 6 different categories:
- Women
- Men
- Kids
- Footwear & Accessories
- Home & Living
- Beauty

Can you guess which categories did i zoomed in on immediately?

Well, it would be a tie between Beauty / Footwear & Accessories / Women. 


I may even head over to Men section because I like shopping for my boyfriend too!
It makes me feel good to be giving gifts to people & making them smile.


I've always been lemming after a pair of black or red Hunter boots.
I know we will probably never get to wear it in Singapore but it is just one of those things that I know I must get on my list! *More excuses to travel*

But I'm a little late..

The colors I want are sold out. 
I really wanted a pair of black ones but red is fine too!

I'm gonna camp on SINGSALE daily to see if the brand Hunter is gonna stock up on these boots!!

These pretty corsets caught my attention too!

& I've seen them in stores before and it is always so expensive. 

Which one would you pick?
Mine would be the bottom row, left! The purple + black combination one. 
*Sexy smexy~*

Okay, I caved in and headed over to "Home & Living" section even though I have no intention of purchasing anything from that category. 

BUT! I've also always wanted one of these!!
A bottle infuser. 

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I went through this phase where I would drink lemon water daily. But I stopped because I got lazy. But with this new bottle, I have no excuses anymore. I'm planning to get the Set of 2 so that I can give my mommy 1 too!

& if you are a working adult like me, where we are unable to camp at our computer to wait for each sale to be launched... fret not.

There is a SINGSALE APP!!!

Download it for free and be able to access the sale anytime anywhere!

The app version of SINGSALE appeals to me more because everything is so user-friendly and I will not miss any of the brands that I'm interested in because I can access it anytime!

All categorized to make your shopping experience a better one.

On top of the already very low prices, there are even CLEARANCE SALES happening on SINGSALE!

Confirm doesn't get any cheaper than this!!!

So, once again..

keep note of these dates: 4th to 6th of May!!


Brands like Coach, Bonds, Revlon, Zara, Quiksilver, Havaianas, Pandora, Dermalogica, Rayban, Redken, Australian Leather Uggs, Luxor Linen, Fitflop, Desigual, Thomas Sabo, Charlie and Me and many more are waiting for you!


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