Hello everyone!

Being in a tropical climate like Singapore drives me nuts sometimes. If you haven't noticed, I'm a huge fan of whitening products. 50% of my skincare stash consists of whitening products, guilty as charged. I want to be as fair as I can, best is if I am able to attain Snow white-like skin. LOL.

Many people tell me "Omg, you so fair already! Still want to be how fair?!".
But to me, it is never enough!
Because I am the kind that is able to get tanned pretty easily. I was really tan when I was younger because I spent a lot of time under the sun. 

To me, being fair needs daily maintenance!

One question frequently asked by readers and friends is how I stay fair.

Well, it is definitely not an easy feat because we are living in a sunny island.
& even more so these few months where the sun is merciless. Even when I am walking to my office from the train station at 8am in the morning, the sun is shining bright.

So let me show you some items I have with me that helps to maintain my fairness.

My trusty UV coated umbrella.
It is in my bag everyday. I use it when I go for lunch because the sun at 12-2pm is the strongest and even though you may think you won't get much darker because it is just a short walk to the coffeeshop opposite your office, YOU ARE WRONG. 

*Check out how I always shelter myself when I'm exposed to the sun, this was taken in Hong Kong a few years back. Old habits die hard.*

Imagine soaking up 10-15 minutes of afternoon sun a day, it will accumulate over time and those dreaded freckles/pigmentation will make their way to your skin surface soon. 

The 2nd item would be a hat or a cap. 

Personally I prefer big floppy hats than caps because it is able to shield more? But the problem with it is, it doesn't go well with most outfits. So I can only wear them when I'm not working or like going to the beach/park.

*See what I mean, I can only wear huge floppy hats when I'm a tourist or on the beach. Haha, this was also coincidentally taken when I'm in Hong Kong last year.*

Another item: sunglasses.

This is constantly an item in my bag as well. I try to wear them whenever the sun is shining bright. This is to protect my eye area because the skin there is the thinnest and I fear that it will get dark spots because of those nasty sun rays! 

*My last weapon, the sunglass is the smallest & best accessory but it doesn't do much except help to shield my eye are from the sun & also, if your sunglasses's lenses are not made to defend UV rays, it is totally useless & just act purely as a fashion statement*

what about you?

Care to share how you keep yourself fair? 

NIVEA is having an Instagram Contest!

The "Fairest Of Them All" contest starts from 21st Apr 2014 to 3rd May.
You will stand a chance to win $100 worth of NIVEA products! 
(There will be 5 winners in total)

All you gotta do is..
- Snap a picture to show how you stay fair & keep the UV rays away.
- Post the picture on Instagram & include hashtag #FairestOfThemAll 

That's all!

Here's a tip: 
the winning photos will be based on their creativity and the caption used. (hint hint)

Let me show you how I would style my picture for the contest.

I abit kiasu lah, so I add in ALL the things I use to keep myself fair.

Happy with your picture already then log on to Instagram & post the picture!!

In the end,
I decided that I shall keep it simple & just show how I combat the UV rays with my umbrella.

Remember your caption must include the hashtag #FairestOfThemAll!!
You may also tag @churpsg.

Check out all the other pictures posted under the hashtag #FairestOfThemAll!
The contest has only started a few days and I already saw quite a few entries.

So just let me share with you a little about this body lotion that I have been using for the past week.
Personally I am very lazy to apply body lotion but  as I age, I noticed my skin becoming rougher and drier so using a skin lotion is a must.

The NIVEA BODY UV Whitening Serum has SPF 25 PA ++ which is amazing because if you have applied sunblock on your body before, you will know how sticky it is. I REALLY HATE THAT FEELING!

Moreover it is so humid in Singapore, I can't stand that sticky feeling on my skin all day so I've neglected the rest of my body. I only apply sunblock on my face daily. But actually, most of the time, my arms & legs get tanned before my face.

So when I saw that NIVEA's body whitening serum has SPF25 PA++, I was so happy!!
Means I can moisturize my skin and at the same time protect it from the sun.

& it continues to excite me even more when I tried out the texture of the serum to find that it is fairly watery and lightweight. My skin didn't feel sticky at all. After 5-10 minutes of application, every drop of the serum seems to be absorbed into my skin. All I felt was supple and hydrated skin. *thumbs up*

Another thing I wish to highlight about this serum is the whitening properties!
Enriched with natural Vit C from Camu Camu and 95% pure Vit C to penetrate deeply into your skin to repair and lighten your skin!

So are you interested to try out this product yourself?

It is available at all personal care stores and supermarkets, including Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice outlets and major retailers.

Each 200ml tube is retailing at S$10.90!

Check out their Facebook page:

However, if you wish to WIN this product, continue reading on.

I'm having a GIVEAWAY!!
[ 1 set of $50 worth of NIVEA products ]

How to win?
Complete this sentence: "I like to keep my skin fair because........."

Just leave your answer in the comment section with your email address!



  1. I like to keep my skin fair because.........

    I am hiao lol


  2. I like to keep my skin fair because.........
    I want to be the fairest in the land. ^^

  3. I like to keep my skin fair because.........
    me myself think that whitened people is much more attractive :X
    plus im very VAIN too. HAHAHA

  4. I like to keep my skin fair because.........

    I want to age gracefully and beautifully with snow white skin! :)

  5. I like to keep my skin fair because my name is Xueli and as my name suggest I should be as white as xue (snow). Nivea nivea.. Turn me into 白雪公主 ����

  6. I like to keep my skin fair as to me, it is a health indicator. Fair and glowing skin would show that I'm healthy,

  7. I like to keep my skin fair because given my build, tanned skin doesn't suit me and I will look like a malnutrition girl

  8. I am snow white!

  9. I like to keep my skin fair because... I used to love being tan cos I thought that tan would show the sporty side of me. BUT I'm the kind that gets fair very easily even after being in the sun for a long while. So.... I gave up being tan and pursued fairness cos I saw many chio people all super fair and skin GLOWING. So that was when I changed my mind and decided to just make use my 'asset' of not being able to be tan, hahaha. Plus most importantly, fair skin can bring out one's GLOW from within :D :)

  10. I like to keep my skin fair because that's the one thing that I never used to have since I was young. I love outdoor sports, not afraid of being under the sun when I was young, end up I was tan like a charcoal. Haha. And as I grew older, I noticed how tan I was and of course I am jealous of fair skin girls especially like you :) And I took a few years to let my skin subside into being fair, no more outdoor sports, trying to avoid the sun now, and of course as technology increases, there is the dermatologist which is costly to me. But products like Nivea if they would help me, I would also give it a go to try. No harm, as such Nivea might be a savior to me :)

  11. I like to keep my skin fair because fairer skin looks more refreshed and younger! It will also be easier to mix and match clothes without worrying if it looks good on my skin tone. Girls in body wash and facial advertisements tends to be fair too, and they always look so elegant and natural ^_^

  12. I like to keep my skin fair because as the chinese saying goes, 一白遮三丑 !

    Cheers !

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  14. i like to keep my skin fair because i hate be tan like now thats really make me look soooo dull ,when i was child my skin is sooo fair beautifully(my grandma said :3)as like my mom and my other big family too (im chinese), its all started when i started school, maybe too happy or what i played everyday under the sun rays while dont afraid to the dangers of sun rays-_- then yeh slowly getting tan and its so HARD to get back my fair skin:( which's also i live at the tropist country huh, just wanna bring back my baby skin. one- time my big family who long time not see me at the family event lah, theyre be shocked why im so tan, huh so hurt theyre talk to much about me rlly tan now. yeah at ma family : fair/white skin=beauty ; tan/dull skin = ugly..:)

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