Beaute Pacifique

So about 2 months ago I received an email from Beaute Pacifique and I was clueless to their brand and what they offer. I researched a little and read up on their website and decided that I am really keen to try out their products. 

Because usually I do get a few skincare items sent my way by the marketing reps from various brands but most of them are high end beauty brands and seldom do I get to try out cosmeceutical skincare products!

Beaute Pacifique skincare products are from Denmark and it is known to deliver outstanding anti-ageing results and improves the quality, texture and appearance of skin by repairing, rebuilding and maintaining our collagen fibre structures.

So instead of them picking the items to be sent to me, I requested to choose the items that I needed for my skin.

& the above 4 skincare products was what I got!

The first item is the 
Submersive Serum Paradoxe.

The packaging caught my eye first, I'm not gonna lie. 
It looks so professional and I love products that comes in this sort of packaging (dropper form).

So what does this serum do? Because even from the name of the product, I can't tell as well.

This serum contains 2 active ingredients; Procyanidin and Resveratrol, which are extracted from grapes fron the Andes, where the sun's UV-radiation is extremely severe but the grapes developed a defense-mechanism against the attack of free radicials. 

So with that idea in mind, the Danish scientists had the idea to protect the skin from the harmful free radicals - both from UV-radiation and ageing.

It also contains Squalane which contributes in giving this serum its unique ability to deeply penetrate into our skin dermis.

The Submersive Serum Paradoxe aids in
- diminishing excessive redness in skin
- providing anti-oxidative defense again free radicals & ageing
- replenish what our skin lost in sun-damage and ageing process
- 2 types Vitamin E which helps combat wrinkles & fine lines.

*This is one of my favorite items out of the 4 products!!*

Next item that I pick is one that I need desperately,
The Enriched Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream.

I used to skip this step when I am applying my skincare because I was lazy but as you know, I'm not young anymore, I do notice some lines forming at the end of my eyes when I smile or laugh and it scares me! I know we will all age one day but I am trying to delay this process as much as I can.

So I picked this eye cream because the description seems super power!

It treats fine lines, wrinkles and reduces dark eye zones caused by transparent and thin skin.
It contains 3 types of Vitamin A which initiate collagen fibre to grow for younger looking skin!

But I had to take note of using this product daily at first because when you first introduce Vitamin A to your skin, it may not react well to it at the beginning. So I was instructed to use it every alternate day for the 1st 2 weeks before using it daily.

So this is how I apply it before I spread it out evenly on my top & bottom lid with my ring finger.

The 3rd item is the
Gelcoat-C Dry Air Comfort

In summary, this product is a moisturizing and refreshing gel with Vitamin C.

- Moisturizes skin
-  Lightweight, non greasy/sticky
- Can be reapplied a couple of times a day or whenever needed.
- High content of Vitamin C helps to brighten and even out skin tone
- Dull skin looks recharged in seconds after applying

The last item I got is another item loaded with Vitamin A!
The Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Booster!

Its similar to the eye cream, except that this is for the rest of the face.

So here are the unique benefits of this booster:
- Contains 3 types of Vitamin A, each has its own way of rejuvenating skin's collagen and elastin fibre structure
- Repairs skin damage caused by sun
- Reduces wrinkles and thicken skin
- Reduces sebum secretion of skin and prevents pimples
- Prevents formation of scars
- It's probably the most potent anti-ageing product currently on consumer's market

I'm soooo happy with the items and I actually find myself liking each product for its different purposes. I mean I don't expect to hate any but sometimes when you receive several items from a brand, you'll tend to like some and not like some. 

But I'm being really honest when I say I like almost all the products I received. 

They are not inexpensive so I guess that's why the quality of the products are so good. I guess you really pay for what you get!

Beaute Pacifique.

Their various products always fulfills the cosmetic (directive) but the effect is close to the border between cosmetics and medical remedies. They are uniquely designed for both young and mature skin, capable of penetrating to the deeper parts of the skin to reduce age degeneration, sun damage and stretch marks.

Check out their website here:

And their Facebook here:

Like their facebook page & quote my name "Lian Meiting" to receive a complimentary Skin Analysis (The Dema Scan) and free samples will be given to your skin types and needs at their beauty counter located at WESTGATE, Isetan Jurong East 3, Gateway Drive #01-23/24.


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