Valentines Staycation - Ritz Carlton

It's a bit overdue but.. I'll be sharing with you guys how I spent my Valentine's day this year!

It was a Friday and I decided to take 1 day leave to celebrate it with my love. & I booked this staycation at Ritz Carlton for us both!

So he picked me up at my house around 1pm and we headed down to Saveur at Purvis Street for lunch as the check-in time at Ritz was 3pm.

Ordered the above.
The duck confit never fails every single time!
So gooddddd! Boyfriend & I polished our plates clean. Hehe.

& after filling our bellies, we drove over to Ritz Carlton..

Waiting to check-in to our room.

We were given the 2nd highest floor!!! 
Our room had the city view instead of the Marina bay view but it was fine with me because it was an amazing view too!!

My room for the night!

I love how the window are from ceiling to floor because it lets in a huge amount of sunlight and during the night time it is even nicer!

Rushed into the bathroom because it is like the highlight of the rooms at Ritz Carlton!

The sexiest bathrooms award please!!!

I couldn't wait to jump into the bathtub.

Another view of the bathroom.
With separate shower and toilet area.

I sat into the bathtub for 10 mins just to take in the view in front of me.

Then SX came along and disturbed my peace.

Our 8th Valentine's day together!!

He decided to join me in the tub.

& I carried out a mini photoshoot session in the room..

Must take nice pictures now so that we can have alot of beautiful memories to look back on!

Took pictures of my outfit in the bathroom and who knew that it would look make such a good background!

Hahaha, climb onto the sink area some more.
But I love the picture above!! 
Took only 3 tries to get the "feel" that I wanted.

After rolling around the bed and exploring the room, we decided to not waste any more time and changed into our swimming attire & head down for a swim!

The water was far too cold for me so I didn't even went all the way in.

Check out his food baby.


I like this picture lor!!!
But it turned out blurry. :(

After getting some vitamin D (the sun), we headed back to our room, took like an hour's worth of nap and got up, changed for dinner!

We decided to not go to any "western" restaurants that day because we figured that it would be fully packed and guess what we had?


We went to "Dian Xiao Er" at Marine Square, 5 minutes walk from Ritz Carlton, and we were spot on! There was no need to queue for a table and we were seated immediately and the food was served promptly.

Best of all, food was good & affordable!

The prices were not jacked up because of Vday like many other "western" restaurants so yeap, we were glad we made this choice. Hehe.

We were super full from our dinner & so we took a slow stroll to MBS.

My suaku 1st time on the Helix bridge.

Boyfriend trying to take a nice picture of MBS with his phone.

So we walked around MBS, went to cold storage to get moscato and some snacks & headed back to Ritz Carlton for the night.

The night view!

Filled the tub with bubbles and warm water & we spent the next 30 minutes soaking ourselves in the tub and admiring the luxurious view.


Posted this above picture on instagram and it got me the most likes ever. 

After showering, we got in bed and watched TV with these snacks.

Strawberry jelly cheesecake from GS Desserts (SX bought it without me knowing!)
Nacho chips with cheese.
& lastly, a bottle of moscato.

We drifted off into dreamland and was so reluctant to wake up the morning after...

You see his reaction...


Hiding under the mountain of pillows (we had 8 pillows in our bed man) and refusing to get up because it was too comfy!!

My view when I woke up at 11 and pressed the button to get the blackout curtains up.

I didn't even know it was nearly noon because we went to bed pretty late.. SX at 3 and I slept at 4+am. Plus the room was so dark and cold it felt like it was 8 in the morning.

Reluctantly we had to wake up, wash up & checkout at 1pm. I asked for an hour later for checkout because 12 seems too early. And the staff said ok! So yay!

After checking out we went for brunch at Alkaff Mansion.

We arrived at about 2pm or so and it was quite empty so lucky us!
Because I read online that sometimes the place is full and you'll have to wait as they don't take reservations for brunch.

Here's what we had!
I ordered the one with smoked salmon but I forgot to tell them I wanted my eggs scrambled style. 
They gave me sunny side up instead.

But I traded half of mine with boyfriend's scrambled eggs from his full english breakfast plate.
We also ordered a side of sauteed mushrooms!

Price wise, the brunch at Alkaff Mansion is very reasonable.
I think we paid in total about $30++ only?
However this isn't the best brunch food I've eaten but it isn't bad either. I'll probably rate it like.. 6.5 out of 10?

The ambiance totally made up for the rest of the points though.

Explored around a little and yes, how can we not sit on this mega huge rocking chair.

It fits the 2 of us perfectly!
I think 3 girls sit together also not a problem lor.

& here's a picture place to take my OOTD.

Haha, but I was wearing a super sloppy attire lah.
No makeup some more, just throw on my prada baroque sunglasses can already.
Here's 2 instagram videos that I've taken during my Ritz Carlton Staycation:

I'll definitely be back!!

Am already planning my next hotel staycation.

Hmm, which hotel should it be?

Any recommendations?!

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