Outpost bar @ St James

Hello all!!

Weekend is over once again. 

& we are back to the starting point once more, Monday! Which means another 4 more days to go before we can exclaim in joy *TGIF!!

Anyway my weekend was fun.

Friday was spent with my girlfriends & boyfriend for dinner at Saveur, I love their duck confit so much!! And we ordered a bowl of truffle mash which was not listed on the menu for $5 and it was so good!!! Can fight with the truffle mash at Poulet!!

After filling our tummies we went to..

visit a fortune master. Or is there another name for them? Because I didn't actually go to read my fortune lah. More like hear about my future like what is good for me and what to be wary of.

I would say she is pretty accurate but then again @evonnz did pointed out that somethings mentioned by such masters are very generic so it can apply to almost anyone?

So just listen only lor. I won't totally do everything the master advise unless it's to my own benefit!

& for those that are interested

The master is from Thailand and she is only in Singapore 3x a year. The place I went to was at golden mile. Level 3 I think. Or level 4. I don't have her number or anything so don't ask me for it.

People address her as "ah ma", and she is known as "guan yin ah ma" cause she prays to guan yin.

So to those that are asking on my Askfm, that's all the info I know and will share. Won't be replying anymore!


My Saturday was filled with activities!!

Bf woke me up at 11am with my favorite..

Macdonald's breakfast!!

He said that's the only thing that can wake me up before 12pm on weekends. - Food.

Hahahah wah Lao I so greedy meh 

But yah, I did wake up within 30 secs. Hahahaha!!!

After eating our shiok breakfast, I went back to nap until 2pm.  eat n sleep straight!

Then 3pm we headed to gym where I did my usual workout & ran for a good 27 mins! Feel so good to sweat it all out!!

Then dinner time was meeting the following char bors & their partners:

@yinagoh & her Mr Bai, @evepek & her child star Neng neng, @evonnz & her brainy hubby yang.

We had dinner over at Jing Hua restaurant, used to be known as Qun Zhong eating house.

& this place sells the best Guo Tie (pan fried dumplings) ever!

The other dishes that are worth ordering is the pan fried pancake with red bean paste, their Xiao long bao, and ah balling!!

The best!!

Crispy like mad on the outside and the fillings inside is really tasty too!!

SX and I can finish an entire portion which is 10 Guo ties amongst the 2 of us. 

Some of the other food we ordered. The Zha Jiang mian is just average to me and I can don't order it because I don't wanna consume too much carbo? But for the guys it's a must-order because they need something to fill their tummies!

& after our dinner, we headed for the highlight of the day!! Ok night!!!

Which was an hour of fun at Xcape!

If you don't know what it is, then let me break it down to you in the easiest and quickest way:

- you are given 60 mins to escape.
- you'll be locked in a room with your team mates.
- clues will lead u to discover the password for each lock in the room.
- we had to unlock a total of 4 locks to finally escape and emerge as winners!

So yes. It was not easy at all because sometimes..

we overthink. And some clues that are meant for the next room's lock we will think that it is for the current room. So it gets a little bit confusing. If not for the hints from the girl who was working there, I think we will not be able to complete the game on time!!

No cellphones or camera are allowed in the room so we literally had no other distractions. Only 1 thing on our mind - get the password to unlock the door!!!!

So yes only 2 pictures taken after the game! 

After exercising our brains we decided to kick back and relax and I suggested that we head over to my friend's bar at St James - Outpost bar..

It's a bar with indoor (live band) & outdoor area for people to chill if they wish for a quieter environment..

This is their outdoor area, which actually extends all the way go the corridor and one thing I super enjoy is their large swinging table + chair!! I never fail to jump onto it and enjoy a couple minutes of swinging on it.

Another highlight of Outpost bar is that there are Live band every night of the week!

So far I've been there on Fridays and Saturdays so the only band I'm familiar with is Hubbababas (not sure if the spelling is right) and they are really good despite their age!

An overview of the indoor area but obviously this is just a small area of it.

The live band did a real good job at bringing the crowd to their feet and just gets the happy vibes going.

A perfect spot for a big group of friends!

And beside having beer and wine (me loves wine), we also tried out some food!

Let me share with you what we had.. (It's gonna be a long list!)


I don't know what pizza this is because I didn't order it but I think it was Hawaiian lah, I ate 1 slice 

To me, there is still room for improvement for the pizza though it is thin crusted - my favorite- but I still feel it lacks this oommphh flavor to the dish. It taste alright but nothing to shout or rave about in my opinion.

Next up is the sautéed truffle mushrooms which is good!! I like it a lot and I actually tried the fried version of it the last time I visited but I forgot to order it this time round.

If I were to choose, I'll pick the fried mushrooms over the sautéed one.

Because, anything fried is definitely shioker!! Hahaha

& here's a dish that left all of us baffled.

If I remembered correctly, @evonnz ordered this and it was named pork belly crackling or something.

But when we all took a bite we were like, it doesn't taste like pork at all! Is it fish? Or like salmon skin or bacon?

Haha but it was still good! Very thinly sliced and goes really well with the sauce! Perfect finger food to have along with beer.

& another 2 finger food that are must-orders when you are having drinks = fried & chicken wings!!

These dishes hardly goes wrong and the ones we has at Outpost didn't fail us too.

I am usually not a fan of steak cut fries but I can't help reaching for more! I think it was the fact that it was hot & crispy and the dips that were given went very well with the fried items

My favorite dip was the truffle tartar sauce? But the curry sauce was very good too! A few of them preferred the curry.

Okay & the last food item..

Crab cakes!!

I remembered having these in Sam Francisco (Cheesecake factory) and they were really good so I decided to try out the ones at Outpost!

It was up to my expectation! The amount of crab in the filling = generous. Only thing that I didn't enjoy was the strong taste of "seafood". I think it was just me because @evepek said she liked it and didn't feel that it had a strong taste or anything.

So I guess it's up to individual preference!

So besides just serving your usual alcoholic drinks, Outpost also offers quite an extensive list of food to be shared amongst friends and I think it's .

Food + drinks + live band = perfect recipe to keep me returning to Outpost.

& we managed to sabo @yinagoh up to the stage to sing for us!

She sang 2 songs - someone like you by Adele & - zombie by the cranberries.

I have the videos in my phone but I can't upload them now because the music will flood my office. Lol

I think it's really fun to see audiences go up to the stage and sing because such interaction w the live band makes it more fun! There were other people who went up the stage to sing as well.

Ahh, am envious of people with good vocals. I sing like shit 

The guys should do such selfie also. Hahaha

With my 

3 Sentosa Gateway, St. James Power Station, #01-11, Singapore, Singapore 098544

Opens daily at 6pm!!

Weekdays end at 2am.
Fri & Sat ends at 3.30 am!

Do pop by and check out Outpost for yourself! 

Some hiao picture taken when I'm home & waiting for the water to be hot before I can shower.

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  2. Hi there! Wow! What an eventful day you had.
    This is HubbaBubbas, the band from Outpost. Thanks for coming down! We had fun performing you guys and having Yina onstage with us. Do come back again and check us out on Facebook and Youtube too!

    P.S. We love the Truffle Mayo sauce too.

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