Little updates...

Today feels like a good day.

I don't know why but somedays I'll just wake up feeling like the day is gonna turn out great. & today is one of those days.

But so far the things that is proving otherwise is:
- stupid smrt delay but I was still on time.
- bit my tongue and it bled like mad when I'm having my oatmeal for breakfast.

Also my inner thighs hurt so bad from ytd's pole class. The pole burn 

But I really wanna master it good & well. So I'll not be giving up so easily!! 

Started my day with a cup of "morning" tea by SkinnyMint.

I've been sent a 28 day teatox by SkinnyMint & I'm currently on day 2! Will wait till I'm at least 1-2 weeks in the teatox before I update here again about the progress!

But it's quite interesting! so you may wanna check out how it works on their website

During pole class yesterday.

We stayed back for 10 mins after to try out the moves we were taught ytd and quickly snapped a few pictures so that we can refer back when we continue adding new moves.

Pretty scary because I feel like any time my right leg is gonna give way and I'll just crash onto the floor.

What hurts the most is the top of my feet!!

I feel like so much pressure is there and it was so red afterwards. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

No idea lah but I'll keep learning! Can't wait for next week's class!

I need to be less scared of falling I guess. So I can really get into those moves 

Selfie, anytime, anywhere...

It's only been our 8th class for Pole but I'm really glad I signed up for this in 2014. I am even considering to get a pole but..., where in my room can I put it??

I can't put it in my living room. My dad will nag until I die but my room is so small lah. 

Got $$ also cannot buy. Sigh..

Maybe my bf's house?! Hahahaa

One thing his house has is space. Lotsa space but I need to see if he would allow me to fix a pole in his room... 

Worked out at home yesterday for 30 mins after coming home from my pole class.. And check out the amount of perspiration.

It was so much that I started bleeding..

Yes, bleeding.

When I was working out half way I looked down and I saw my torso covered in red dots of liquid.

My first thought "did I cut myself?"

I inspected myself in the mirror, nope, I'm fine.

Then second though "nosebleed?"

I checked. Nope, no bleeding..

Then I realized....

the so called droplets of "blood" is from...

The red dye from my hair!!!!!!!


I thought I so hiong workout until bleed!!

Hahaha it's because I was perspiring so much the red dye from my hair started to come off because I've yet to have my first wash after dyeing it on Monday! 


My calves hurt so bad.

I think I overworked it from my last workout. It was so painful that I went for a massage specially for my lower legs and the masseur also commented that it's very swollen.

I've always hated my calves and wished I could just chop it off. Super big lump of fat (front n back view is damn ugly) so I always take side view of my legs or I'll cross them in front of each other to give a skinnier illusion.

Damn you fat calves 

It did become smaller after I started running and working out but last week I tried a new workout routine and I guess it backfired.

Anyway I did my hair at salon vim yesterday right?

Let's see what I did!


Guess what is this for????

My eyes!!!

After my double eyelid surgery... I'll use this "ice pack" to bring down the swelling!!

I bought 2 for me & 2 for my other girlfriend who is going with me so we can interchange when 1 becomes warm.

Omg 10 days more!!!!!!!

So freaking excited!!!!!

Need to change TWD soon!

I'm really gonna do my eyes! Yay!


  1. wah! i so long never visit your blog, just revisited again and realised how much I've been missing from your updates haha. you're finally taking up the courage to do double eyelid surgery! i remember a few years ago or a year ago, you blogged that you are thinking whether to do. haha. coincidentally, I'm also on a tea detox, also on my day2…but mine is called TinyTea. different, much more mafan than yours.. cos mine have to drink 3x a day before breakfast, lunch, dinner on an empty stomach and must be hot one., also cannot eat for 30 mins after drinking the tea…. kinda regret cos too troublesome! yours seem more easier. hope to see your progress on it, so i can compare between the 2 teas.
    jiayou on the pole dancing! i always wanted to try but i am the type that is afraid of bruises/pain like friction.

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