Beer Market: Not just beer! FOOD for your BELLY too!

Yesterday night saw me eating a lot of sinful but yummy food for dinner at the Beer Market @ Clark quay.

Was organized by @evonnz & a couple other bloggers + a huge bunch of Nuffies were there too!

We had an awesome time indulging in the many dishes that were served last night & the live band was good. I found myself singing along to almost every song. 

Okay let's start with the picture roll..

All the Nuffies & bloggers!

Let me see if I can name all (confirm miss out a few people one ) @jayneluv @davienne@willyong @pr3gnantkow @ahmantha @thatkqxlah @player1n2 @crispyegg @karenkay@gwenyipsw - Nuffies.

& @evepek with her 2 friends!

So we had like a huge sofa area to ourselves & it was like a "cozy private" corner where we could all eat-drink-talk-mingle at ease!

I was ΓΌber hungry upon arrival and I just sat down at Eve's table because there was food!! Hahahaha.

I thought that Beer Market only served finger food and all but I was so wrong. They have many other food on their menu.

Let's start!

(Pic stolen from Evonne!)

First thing I ate was this platter & it was so good. I love love LOVE the spam fries! And the sausages at the side! & the 3 dips all went along really well with the fried items.

Then we had pizzas!!!

The one with shreds of cucumber is their "chicken rice" pizza!! I was like "you kidding me?" But I once I held the pizza near me I could confirm by the fragrance that only chicken rice can have. Haha I ate almost an entire slice myself!!

I also like the fact that their pizzas have thin crusts!! 

Their pan fried salmon is another fish that I really enjoyed (though I didn't order this as my main, but I stole a mouth from @thatkqxlah & another few mouths from @pr3gnantkow )

Just look at that huge slab of salmon! Super generous can? Most of the time I hate ordering salmon steak because I'm always served with a miserable small portion and I won't even feel full after eating it. But the one served at Beer Market will definitely be my choice of main the next time I visit!

Crispy & shiok!

Another few mains that we ordered, I didn't try the steak (above) but as usual, the portion is .

My main was the grilled chicken with truffle sauce & mash potato! I love the sauce because it is creamy which totally complements the chicken & mash potatoes + mushrooms. But the sauce can be little rich after having half the plate. So I'll recommend you share this with a friend! 

The last item to share is this fried silverfish! Best item to snack on when drinking beer!

This dish was so loved by everyone that we had to order it again because it was gone within the first 5 mins 

With @evepek @evonnz @valerielim Eileen Iris & me! Decided to tie my hair midway because I hate my hair now. Need to visit salon vim!!! But I can't find time 

1 more with me looking at the camera this time.

Lol, ytd night on Whatsapp when Evonne & I were sharing pics with each other & Eve..

@evepek " eh why meiting look elsewhere one"

@evonnz "I DUNNO LOL"

My reply " I wanna act ma"

Lol, act what? I also don't know. But I didn't wanna stare into the camera so I chu some new pattern lo

& here's a happy Nuffnang team picture! 


It's nice to hangout with them apart from client meeting or product briefing. Because we were goofing around, talking shit (mostly @pr3gnantkow & I) & laughing at my manager@thatkqxlah sing + dance with her coordination all messed up! ( I like your spirit, girl! Keep it up!!)

More gatherings like this please!
/looks at mamasan @evonnz

Hahahaha, what! She knows everyone & she jio 1 outing only 20 people turn up. *good event organizer*

Because we are all siao char bors.

Had a great time chatting w Eve, Eileen & Iris too! even though I've only met her friends once/twice, I always end up talking to them like I know them very long Liao.

Sorry, bad habit. Lol.

& this was what I wore ytd.

Dark grey dress that was too short for me by online store - Fashmob.

& my trusty C&K work bag.

& here's a hiao picture of the day.

I was telling Eve & Evonne how I cannot be dedicated like other bloggers who only post specific things on their Instagram.

Like food bloggers just post all their wonderful food pictures, makeup bloggers post all the Chio cosmetic products.

For me, I like to post a mixture of stuff.

Mostly about me.

So it's like, food, me, me, ootd, me, boyfriend, food, makeup, me, me, me, friends, me, ootd, ootd, me, me, makeup, me, me, me.

Oh! And here's a picture taken with my ex.

My ex, manager. @jayneluv!!

Hahaha, she was like "wah my ex, like so sad sia"

don't worry ok, I'm in good hands of @thatkqxlah! I won't bully her 


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