Benefit Opening - Westgate

Attended the Benefit opening at Westgate mall yesterday after work with Jessica (aka tippytapp the fashion-OOTD-nista)!

It was super far for me & I've never been to Jurong for more than 5x in my life because I've stayed in the East since I was born.

But because it was the opening of Benefit (a brand which I'm a fan of), traveling all the from East to West made it worth while! 

Will be reviewing some of the items I've gotten and am going to collaborate w Benefit on some exciting plans for the next few months (not confirmed) 

& after the event, Jessica's bf & SX joined us for dinner.

Super impromptu couple dinner. 

It was the first time the 2 boys met each other & I thought it might be awkward for them but it went pretty well. The boys talked about cars, dota & what not. So it went pretty well. 

Westgate mall or whatever is the proper name of that mall is super huge but seriously to me, not much shops there leh. They have a lot of restaurants and I like how the supermarket at the basement sells a lot of..

Japanese food & snacks.

I arrived early so I went to check out the mall before Jessica arrived. 

I even took a couple of selfies. Lol.

But first, here's what we had for dinner:

Tonkatsu ma maison.

Both Jessica & I were craving for Japanese food but the queue for the sushi restaurant was long & it didn't look like it was those higher standard sushi restaurant? If you know what I mean.

So we ate this instead!

& here's what I was wearing that day. Halter maxi dress courtesy of @yinagoh TVD! I've always been a big fan of maxi and this particular one is not too over the top kinda glam and it is super comfy and light weight too! Best of all not sheer!! Just throw on a pair of nude undies will do 

Over lunch time, I went to Watsons with my colleague and I bought this Loreal lipstick that was on sale.. $21.90!

Color called "vivid coral" if I remember correctly. 

I swatched it on the back of my palm and found the correct surprisingly pigmented & very moisturizing too! 

This must have been my first ever purchased Loreal lipstick. 

& this is how it looks like!

Love the color! This lipstick will be my ultimate go-to for the month!

Just another selca while waiting for Jessica to arrive..

So let's take a look at the pretty Benefit boutique!

The whole boutique is so pretty and girly, I feel so happy to just be in there because if I had vanity room, this is it.

Mandatory shot with Jessica and Mei ting. Yes, the PR lady from Benefit has the same name as me too!! Haha.

We got to witness the opening ceremony.

& was entertained by a very flirty and fun dance.

& then it was time to check out the store..

I wanna try their blushers!
I know right, how can I not have any of their blushers? I really don't!!

I have other products like High beam, Hello Flawless compact powder, Hello Flawless Liquid foundation and Benetint but I don't own any of their box blushers.

These perfume looks so luxurious don't they?
They smell pretty awesome too.

The Benefit Brow Bar where you can get your brows waxed and colored! They also provide upper lip waxing which I really want to try because I'm quite fair and I hate to look like I have lady-mustache. So not flattering.

Jessica and I checking out the products.

Just a few more because the lighting was good. LOL.

We are young at heart, so still can do act cute poses. HAHA!

Some of the products we were given to try.

Have seen a couple beauty bloggers talked about the Gimme Brow fiber gel and I tried it on Friday and I must say I'm quite liking it. It keeps my brows tidy and the color matches my brows perfectly. Sorry but I forgot to take a picture of my brows with this product.

This is another product that I've seen youtube beauty gurus used all the time and I decided to try it out once I got home!

Before: see how my lower lashes look almost non-existent.
(Ignore my top lashes, lazy to apply mascara to join my real + fake lashes together)

& this is after applying 2 coats of They're Real mascara.
Super thick and long right!!
And I'm quite surprised that it doesn't leave my lashes looking clumpy because when there are fibers in the mascara, it usually makes the lashes stick together in a bunch.

I really like the brush tip of the mascara because it separates and combs through my lashes very easily!

So that's all for my beauty review today.

Will be back again to blog about my Ritz Carlton staycation with SX next!



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