Of Hair, chips & more hair.

 Hey all!
How are you going to spend you Valentine's day this year?
For me, I planned this way in advance because I've been wanting to go on a staycation for the longest time! Okay lah, the last one I had was in October (SX bday) then Bangkok (Jan). But still, I just want a day off from everything.
No work, no need to think about my blog or pending adverts, no need to worry about growing fat or having to exercise.
Ritz Carlton will always have a place in my heart when comparing hotels.
Because SX and I used to go for their buffet dinners during our anniversaries or christmas. So this photel definitely brought back some fond memories.
Where I will be spending my 2014 February 14!!
I cannot wait to soak in that bathtub with that amazing viewwwwwwwwww!!
Stay tuned for my staycation blogposts! Hehe.
So a reader asked me about my most recent hair color after I posted the blog entry on the gathering at Eve's house, saying that she like my new hair color! & well, it was all thanks to Salon Vim, as always.
My trusty hair sponsor since, 4 years ago.
OMG how time flies.
I can still remember the 1st time I went down to Salon Vim 313 to talk to Gary, the director, on joining them as an ambassador and I was quite intimidated by him actually. HAHA, because I'm used to being the one who talks more but his PR skills damn good also lah! So I kept quiet while he explained to me the details. Haha.
So here I am, 4 years older and my hair has been lovingly cared by Salon Vim for the longest time.
So here I was recoloring my hair before CNY.

See how much root has grown out?
NO TIME to go and pamper my hair also lor. >.<
& if you are wondering why the top of my hair looks grey instead of black, that's because I was using dry shampoo as I didn't wash my hair for a day. HAHA. & I don't know whether is it the brand of dry shampoo I'm using is lousy or what. But it leaves my hair looking slightly grey. 

 & here's Luis, my stylist since the day I joined Salon Vim, checking out my hair condition.
& he decided that I should do the Kerastase hair treatment.

But first, Luis decided to dye my hair a few shades darker for the new year.

Treatment time.
The Kerastase treatment has like 2-3 steps.
After applying the treatment, they will let it sit in my hair while it is getting steamed (as above), then after rinsing out, they will "seal" it all in with a hair straightener.

So what do I get after that?
Super smooth and straight hair.
Not the artificially straight rebonded kind of hair though.

See how shiny my hair is!!!
This is after the Kerastase treatment and Luis is trimming my hair for me!

HAHAHA, the cheeky staff at Salon Vim.
I love how friendly they are to me even though I've never spoken to some of them but they do recognize me as I've been visiting over the years. These 2 in the picture kept me laughing throughout my entire time at Salon Vim.

About done.

I could not keep my fingers off it lah.
Super smooth to the max!!!

Before the Kerastase treatment, my hair was brittle, dull and all broken at the ends..
See how smooth and shiny it is after!
One thing you can't tell is, the softness.
But I swearrrrr, my hair was soooooo soft.
Thank you LUIS!
Thank you SALON VIM.
Thank you JOHN THAM.

Such hair ends deserves 1 picture on its own.

My hair continued to be so straight for the next week.
For those interested in getting hair services done at Salon Vim, here's the details you'll need.
Mention my name "Meiting" & you'll get a 10% off for full hair services.
TEL: 6884 7757 / 6884 7767
TEL: 6837 0045 / 6837 0073


Any fans of potato chips here?

Please raise your hands.

I for one, am a potato chip addict.

When I was in Poly, I used to skip dinner and just buy a large bag of potato chips and take the entire thing as my dinner. Yes, what an unhealthy meal replacement it was.

But I just really love chips.
Or potato, for that matter.

So when I was told that this new brand of chips is in Singapore, I knew I had to try it!!

& they send me the entire range of chips from VIVA LA PAPA!
Viva La Papa chips are from Peru's seasonal harvested potatoes and veggies and they only select the most delicious native potatoes for their chips!!
The potato chips are hand cooked in small batches using pure sunflower oil and it is all natural, gluten free, no trans fat, no artificial additives and no GMO.

That's not all, VIVA LA PAPA is also the proud sponsors of Amantani, who run educational boarding house for children in the remote Andes of Peru. Meaning with every bag of chips you purchase, a part of it is donated to the Amantani sponsor!

& here are the flavours: Andean Pink Salt Potato Chips | Anticucho BBQ Potato Chips| Chillies & Lime Potato Chips | Exotic Sweet Potato Chips | Andean Native Potato Chips
I've not tried all yet but my favorite so far is the Pink salt and chillies & lime!!
Do try them out!
You can get them at Real Food cafe, Grocer Books, SPR MRKT, Swiss Butchery and The American Club.
Since we are at the topic of hair earlier on,
let me share with you something amazing for your hair : OriginalMineral.
OriginaMineral believes in being natural, organic and chemical free and when I first read that, I am like "I LIKE YOU"! Because I know it is always bad to expose your hair to too much chemical and if you over do it, your hair will end up being fried.
I've experienced it before and it was so scary.
So ever since, I've always tried to use less harsh products on my tresses.

Maintain the Mane
A Daily Ritual
Keep your hair looking its finest. Oils of Evening Primrose and Macadamia seed combine in a mild moisturizing everyday formula that cleanses the hair and scalp. Antioxidants and amino acids in Banksia Flower protect, helping freshly washed hair stay healthy.

Seven Day Miracle
Moisture Masque
An intense moisture masque for damaged hair. Seven Day Miracle will leave all hair types deeply moved with its unique blend of Australian native oils. Macadamia Seed Oil and cold-pressed certified organic Australian Argan Oil boasts intense moisturizing powers to convert colored and damaged hair to divine hair. A sweet scent of Vanilla Bean takes this potent moisture masque to the next level.

Original & Mineral is available at
TANGS Orchard,
Robinsons Orchard

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