Make Up Store x Innisfree x YSL

Hello everyone! :)
Today's entry will be all about makeup!!
One of them are sponsored and I bought the other two brands with my own money because I can never resist getting brand new makeup every time I step into a store.
So thanks to Evonne, Jessica, myself and Tricia were invited to Make Up Store's Beauty Blogger Workshop where they shared with us their Valentines 2014 collection along with many beauty tips!

So I hurried down to town after work & headed to the Paragon outlet.
Oops, was caught taking pictures instead of listening during the workshop. HAHA.

They asked for a volunteer to have her makeup removed and reapplied using the latest collection and everyone just went silent because no one wants to remove their make up except for... TRICIA!
She damn onz and went like "Ok la, me, I go, I like the pink shades"

So here's her look after the makeover.
Isn't she smokin'~
& she really have very nice skin! Even with no make up on also chio.
So I went home and did a little photoshoot with the products.
Haha and these are not all the products that was given to us but I decided that it looks nicest this way. Haha, if not there will be too much going on in 1 picture.
So time for me to review some of it for you!

Let me start with 1 of their star products: the Make Up Store Brush Cleansing Soap.
I've already read about this since many other beauty gurus were raving about it so I knew it was like a Cannot Go Wrong item!

So how you clean your brushes is this:
Wet your brush, then just swirl it on top of the soap, keep doing it and you will see all the colors/dirt coming out and then when you feel it is clean enough, just rinse the brush thoroughly and dry it.
I've yet to try it out when I took the pictures so the picture above is just to give you guys a better idea.
I need to do a major bathing session for all my brushes soon!
 This next item is also one of the top best sellers of the brand.
The Cover All Mix concealer pot.
Comes in 2 shades, 1 for fair and 1for darker skin.
It is super pigmented and I love how it comes with 3 different shades to combat different problem areas on our faces.
I apply this with my ring fingers instead of using a brush because I think when using cream products, it blends best into your skin because of the heat from your fingers!

Here's the swatch of the concealers.
The yellow concealer will help cover RED areas like pimple/acne spots + obvious blood vessels.
The salmon colored concealer will help cover the BLUE parts like dark undereye rings.
The lightest color, beige concealer is to help LIGHTEN and BRIGHTEN your skin tone. I apply it over my eyelids to act as a primer for eyeshadow and down my nose bridge before I apply highlighter on it.
This is my new go-to for concealers!

The 3rd item has also found its way to my heart.
The Tri Brow palette.
For those who have been reading my blog will know that I am a huge fan of eyebrow shadows because it is super time saving. I only use eyebrow pencils when I have more time and want more precise lines for my eyebrows.

I like how Make Up Store allows us to "create" the shade that we need by just mixing and matching the 3 different shades of grey, light brown and dark brown.
I also use the lightest shade to contour my nose bridge. Haha, 1 product can be used in many ways. Oh, if you want to, can also use it as eye shadow lor! So when you travel, this tiny pot can double up as eyebrow shadow + eye shadow!

Another item that I've tried out as well would be the eyeliner in Desert Flower .
I've yet to try out the black eyeshadow with gold shimmers in it because I've recently been into a lighter eye makeup look so I've not used much dark colors so will be keep this black eyeshadow for my party girl look instead.

Here's a swatch of the eyeliner.
It is a very pretty metallic dark green which I think will look really nice when applied to the water line..

Like how I did here.
To intensify the green further, I could add on green eye shadows but again, I decided to keep it simple.

The last item from Make Up Store is one that got all of us girls excited: LED LIPGLOSS!!
This is not my 1st time seeing a lipgloss with inbuilt LED light but I am still fascinated by it. I don't know why. I'm a sucker for makeup/skincare that are high tech. Haha.
So when you twist off the cap of the lipgloss, the LED will lit up immediately!

Here's the swatch.
Looks like a super bright pink shade on my arm but when I applied it to my lips it looks very natural!

So I've labelled the parts of my face where I used the products by Make Up Store:
1: Eyebrows drawn using the Tri brow eyebrow shadow.
2 : Lower Eyeliner drawn using the Metallic green in shade desert flower.
3 : Lip lightly coated using the LED lip gloss.
4 : Contoured the sides of my nose bridge with the Tri brow eyebrow shadow in the lightest shade.
Forgot to mention in the picture: I''m using the Cover All Mix Concealer too! Under my eyes & around the sides of my nose.
A clearer picture of my face without all the labels.
If you are interested in any of the products, do check them out at any of the Make Up Store Outlets!
* Paragon *
* 313 Somerset *
* Robinsons Orchard *
* VivoCity *
The next review will be on the brand : Innisfree!
I've already gotten their skincare products like the Super volcanic clay mask when my friend went to Korea the other time. But I did not get any of their makeup products and since they opened a store here in Singapore, I decided to check it out.

& I left the shop with these items!!

I'm a huge sucker for blushers and I had a hard time deciding which shade to pick and trying to remember what colors I have at home so I wouldn't end up buying something similar.
& these 2 were my picks.

Both blushers have slight shimmers to it but I guess from the picture, the pink shade is shinier than the orangey blush. & the blushers are not very pigmented which means you can slowly build up the color intensity on your cheeks.
1 problem that I have with NARS blushers is that the color is super strong and if I use my normal strength to apply the blusher on, the color will look too over.
So 1 tip is to alway swatch the colors on your hand to know if the blusher is very pigmented or not, so you will know when to use a lighter hand when applying the blusher to your cheeks.
I really like the orangey shade! Have been using it pretty often.

This is the next thing I got, and when I saw this at the shop, I knew I had to buy it immediately.
It is a lip balm + lip concealer!!!

You know how annoying it is when you buy a lip color expecting to see that exact same color on your lips but because our lips are pinkish by nature, the color you see on the lipstick tube and the color you see on your lips are different?
Well, this solves all your problem because when you apply this lip balm concealer on, your natural pink lips will be covered and ready for whatever color lipstick you wish to apply on.
I bought this for fun.
It is a small pack of scrub with heating effect + microbeads to remove dead skin and impurities.
This tiny tub is for 2x usage!
I've yet to try it out.. so no comments.

The last 2 items from Innisfree: Black head Good bye finger tip sillicon and the Jeju Volcanic black head out balm.
People are always praising me for having good skin blah blah blah but really!! I don't find my skin very good leh. I mean, its good in the sense that it does not have pimples or acne or random breakouts. But I find my pores really huge and I hate those nasty blackheads!!

The pores on my nose/blackheads are so annoying.
I've used the Innisefree blackhead out balm once + the finger tip scrub but it doesn't really work wonders in my opinion. *sigh*
Like the difference before using and after using isn't significant enough for me to go '''WOW'.
So other than this black head out balm, I think the other items I've reviewed here are worth my money!
The last item from: YSL.

My 2nd lipstick from YSL.
Oh & here's a picture of my beautiful CNY nails done by @covetnails - find her on instagram!
I got to know about this purple shade of YSL lipstick from by girlfriend, Juan, and I bought 1 for her as her birthday present. Hehe, and then when I was at Changi airport's DFS before my flight to Bangkok, I decided to purchase it.
Because I do not own any purple lipsticks and the packaging is just OMG CHIO, and it is cheaper at airport's DFS!! So I bought it.
So this is me wearing the purple lip color. (Anyway this picture got add filter so the color not as TRUE, if you know what I mean)
Not as crazy purple as it looks like on the lipstick right?
Another thing that I really like is how moisturizing this YSL lipstick is.
I didn't even need to use lipbalm before applying it.
It is really quite expensive for a lipstick but I guess the quality, packaging and color pay off is wjhat you get in return of spending a little more than usual.


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