Dayre post.

DAY 48

Oh hi!!

I'm back.

Disappeared since Friday because it was Vday!! But kudos to those who still managed to update their dayres at night after their celebration.

I was lying in the super comfy bed of ritz carton and did not want to leave. At all.

I actually planned for this since Jan or even December. I'm a sucker for hotel stays so I made use of whatever chances I had! Hehe.

I guess after valentines day the next occasion is my bday in June? But I doubt SX will book a room cause he thinks it

is a waste of money.

I mean he does enjoy the staycation but he feels like once in a blue moon is good enough.

I'm thinking more like every 3-4 months? Hahaha. Okay la, that's the difference between SX and I.

He is the practical one. He seldom shop on impulse like I do and he usually think it through before he makes an expensive purchase.

So you can imagine how much he nags at me for shopping. & he always complains that I have enough clothes.

*come on!

How to have enough clothes right??!

But I think his saving ways have rubbed off me a little because I do not spend as much as the past (when I was flying) and I will try to ask myself "do I need this / do I already have something like this / will I be v sad if I don't buy this" whenever I want to purchase any item.


So that explains why I decided not to buy my Chanel bag anymore.

At first I intended to use the money from my Nuffnang payout to get a Chanel bag.

But after some thought, I'll use 2k for my double eyelid surgery and save the remaining 3k for my future.

Suddenly I'm not that into branded bags anymore. Like for the moment?

There isn't any bag that I really want or is on my wish list except for the Chanel Classic jumbo but then again I can think of so many ways for me to spend that $6k instead of just buying 1 bag.

So, no to Chanel.

For now.

Anyway that amount was accumulated over months and maybe even close to a year ok? So I do not earn that much from blogging lah.

But extra income..... From doing what I like, why not right?

So for 2014, my aim is to increase the amount by... Double? Wahhabhahab make my blog manager stress only.

Okay lah, aim higher better chances of getting more right? 

Okay let me share w you some images taken during my weekend..

When we first checked in.

Super happy & full of energy.

The bathroom is definitely the highlight of ritz Carlton hotel. Because you can have sexy bath time with a great view!

I was given the city view which I didn't mind! Because it was still as beautiful. Most people would want the marina bay view so that they can see the Ferris wheel and MBS but it's okay! The view I had was amazing too!

Because we got the highest floor! The 31st! I don't know why be we are always super lucky to either

Get free room upgrades or have our room on the highest floor! 

Initially I wanted to book 2 nights but SX said 1 night was enough. But when we were supposed to wake up the next day and check out....

You see his reaction...


Hiding under the mountain of pillows (we had 8 pillows in our bed man) and refusing to get up because it was too comfy!!

My view when I woke up at 11 and pressed the button to get the blackout curtains up.

I didn't even know it was nearly noon because we went to bed pretty late.. SX at 3 and I slept at 4+am. Plus the room was so dark and cold it felt like it was 8 in the morning.

Reluctantly we had to wake up, wash up & checkout at 1pm. I asked for an hour later for checkout because 12 seems too early. And the staff said ok! So yay!

After checking out we went for brunch at alkaff mansion..

Food was average, not super super yummy but not horrible also. And best of all, the ambience and price is v 

We paid only $30++ for the above 2 mains & additional side of mushrooms.

The only downside is that for branch we were seated outdoors and Singapore is just so hot!! Even though there were shelters we were still feeling pretty warm by the end of our meal.

I really want to try out dinner at alkaff mansion because the place looks so romantic lah!

SX and I even commented that this may

Be one of our choices for our wedding next time, Hahahah.

Yes, talk until very far even though he haven't put a ring on my finger yet.

But I really dislike the traditional hotel weddings so I'm more inclined to having a wedding at a pretty restaurant like this instead.

SX mentioned botanical garden as well. But I didn't know they had other restaurants there other than food for thought. Lol.

Okay enough of wedding talk. Still far away. Our house will only be done in 3 years time 

Boyfriend sneakily took this picture of me when I was slowly adapting my body to the cold pool water.

Even though the sun was super big and it was so hot, the water was quite chilly.

After 5 minute I still couldn't ring myself into the the water. So I just sat at the side of the pool like a #loser. LOL

They had jacuzzi at the pool are but it looks kinda dirty.... So I decided to skip it since we are already going to soak in the heavenly bathtub later on!

Check out the viewwwwwwwww 

DAY 50

Early morning this reader make me angry only.

Really leh, as much as I love my readers (some are really sweet and nice and even read my blog since years ago), some of them can be a real pain in the ass.

See, few months ago I started writing my experience when I was a stewardess with SIA.

I started writing 1 blogpost and realized that there is too much to share so I decided to label each post like SQ 1, SQ 2.

So I'm left with like the final entry which is SQ 3, but I've just been too

Busy nowadays to do it.

I mean I wrote that post when I was free and because I wanted to share what I went through and all.

I barely even have enough time to sleep more than 5 hours a day. & of course I'll prioritize my blog and complete my paid,sponsored advertorials before I could even think of writing my SQ 3.

To be fair, I do update non advertorial entries. But just that I do not have the "feel" to write SQ 3 anymore. And I don't want to purposely force myself to write when I'm uninspired

So I rather wait till I have the mood to write and produce a better content entry than to just anyhow write one to satisfy those readers.

Most of the readers are understanding except for some that leaves comments that are super ridiculous..

This is the kind of comments that make me go into rage mode. Lol

& this is the kind that makes me go "omg u get me"

Anyway damn random but I think my bf looks like a butch. Hahahaha

& this is my eye with and without fake eyelash.

Can't wait for May to arrive!!!!!

I'm finally gonna go do my eyes after procrastinating for years.

I'm using the stitching method and I'm going to do it in Taiwan.

Why Taiwan? Because my friends (2 of them) both did it last year and I'm quite ok w their results so I've decided to go to the same doctor!! I know Korea is well known but I've not seen any real life cases from Korea which I find nice.

So, Taiwan it is.

Hi hi!

am back home now after my Pole dance class.

Today is lesson 2!

& it is so much fun!! We got to learn 2 new spins & a dance move. Okay not really a dance move. More of like sliding down the pole in a sexy way and crawling on the floor abit & flicking our hair back & slowly sliding up the pole again! 

@gugglez & myself enjoyed today's lesson so much!!

Can't wait for the next class!! Though we will be skipping one week as @gugglez is having her pet expo event..

So we will skip a week and then the following week have 2 lessons at one go!! Weeee!!

I'm so happy that I am finally enthusiastic about something in my life besides shopping, makeup, eating and sleeping. 

@gugglez & myself made a pact to continue level 2 of pole & every other level after. I'm aiming at level 6 by end of this year!! 

So before my pole class, i went down to sephora at ion orchard for an event with @evonnz &@yinagoh! The event was for the glam glow mud mask!

So if you don't know what Glam Glow is, go read @evonnz or @yinagoh dayre. They already wrote a rather detailed summary of the product.

I've heard all the good things about Glam Glow from YouTube beauty gurus and I've been very keen to try but it is quite costly considering that it comes in a rather small tub.

Will be reviewing the mask probably this weekend so stay tuned for the post on my blog instead!!

Here's 1 picture of us with the creators of glam glow. they are from Hollywood and they know all the celebrities and are like super ar-kah-liao with JLo, BeyoncΓ© and all one. & they shared how this mask came about and it's quite cool that it happened this way.

Word of mouth can also be a very powerful marketing tool.

So after the event, I took a train down for my pole dance class. Wished I didn't have to rush off and can have a proper dinner with the girls.

But it's ok!

Next week is Nuffnang's 7th birthday so I'll be seeing them & also Benefit's event next Friday with @evonnz & @tippytapp too!

Eh char bors, dinner hor. Westgate got what nice restaurant? I Nv go before.


Okay speaking of dinners, I had this before my pole class.

Super good salad from Tossz salad at 100am (tg pagar).

I ordered the signature creation & it's $10.90 but it's so yummy!! They use super good ingredients lah.

Baby spinach, grilled chicken, feta cheese, almonds, mango, cucumber & honey mustard sauce!

I'm so gonna have this everytime before my pole class! 

Oh and I drank less than 10 mouth of that tomato soup because the salad was so filling!! So I tabao-ed it and gave it to @gugglez

Okay v tired Liao.

Gonna blow dry my hair & sleep.


  1. hi meiting!

    actually i'm always lazy to leave comments... :P but i want to say that reader is really rude and shameless! it's our gain to be able to read your entries and have you share stuff with us! you don't owe us anything! the way she says it, it's like she's like trying to imply that you have other readers as lame as her, to only come here to refresh for SQ3. please don't say "we" if it's just herself! pfft.

    it's not like visiting a blog is a very hard thing to do! compare that to the blogger who has to wreck their brain to think of how to make entries interesting + upload/edit pics to post etc.? how can she still complain?

    don't worry man i'm sure all your real readers understand that you have a real life to live and will still support you even if you're busy! jiayou meiting!!! :D :D :D

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