2d1n impromptu Kukup

Not long ago, erm, like mid January, SX's dad asked  if I wanted to go to "Ku Kok" with him & SX's mom to visit his friends. I was like "where is that man?" And SX told me is like a kampong. Haha, I really didn't mind since I already took leave, I forgot for what reason, but I was free that day so I said "why not!"

It is not often that we get opportunities to travel with our parents so I decided we should not miss this chance!

& then I can't remember why but I told Michelle we were going for this and she wants to come along too!!

So after just one phone call and a night's sleep, we drove around 3 hours into Malaysia and arrived at Kukup!

Just a random picture taken while we were on the road.

Michelle drove her own car and she was just behind our car the entire way! ROAD TRIP!!

When we arrived at Kukup, we have to park our cars at their super huge and rundown carpark & take a mini van into the area which we are staying at.

Us in the super lok-kok mini van.

SX's daddy was seated in front with the driver.

Making our way to our bungalow.

An abandoned house made out of nothing but wood.

& here's a common mode of transportation for the people living at Kukup: by boat!

Jumped onto the hammock once we spotted it.

& this is where we will be spending the night!

With SX's dad & mom.

After putting all our stuff we decided to take a walk around to explore before we headed to SX's father's friend's house for home cooked lunch!

Water everywhereeee.
Kinda cool and a little scary because if you are not careful, off you go into the waters. LOL.

After our hearty lunch! But it was quite an experience as there were like 10 over houseflies lurking around us and trying to get our food while we were eating. The locals are so used to it they don't care at all but I cannot lah! I spent half the time waving my hands to shoo the flies away.

A public toilet?
Haha, no we did not get to use this. All the houses have normal toilet. LOL.

Going for a short boat ride to the kelong to see how fishes are reared. 

We were the only ones on the boat. LOL. 

& here we are!
At the kelong.

This is my first time ever experiencing this and it is pretty fun.

No idea what this is, wait, horseshoe crab or something? 

But sorry, I don't dare to touch it at all.

The bottom of it looks damn creepy lah. Like the legs of cockroach or something!

There were many dogs there too!

& the super cool thing is, they all know how to swim! Okay, I know that dogs are born swimmers but these dogs jump into the water and swim from 1 kelong to another kelong to find their friends one ok! 

Pretty awesome.

After buying some local treats, we took the boat back.

Then SX & Michelle had crab cravings, so we went to the zi-char stalls outside for some food!

The coconuts were super sweet!

Black pepper crab which was quite nice but it isn't one of my favorite food because I hate the fact that after getting all my fingers dirty, I only have so little meat to enjoy. LOL. 

Cereal crayfish.
This, I LOVE!!

& later that night, we headed over to this big event happening at the local temple.

All the locals gathered at the temple for this yearly event but I can't remember what it is.

We were still pretty full from our "snack" earlier on so we didn't finish all the dishes and left earlier to go - Fang Tian Teng!

Wrote all our wishes on this for the year 2014.

Let my wishes come true ok!!

Sx's mommy & daddy's turn.

I really like the feeling when the lantern is going higher and higher into the sky.
I don't know how to describe it but it just feels nice. 
Like a part of me really believe that my wishes will come true and it kinda gives me hope and I feel lighter & more positive after.


Sometimes, what we all need is a leap of faith.


Oh, on a side note, I'm not sure how many of you here reads my dayre but I did mention the following news over there. But anyway for those who don't have Dayre app, here's what I want to share with you guys.

I will be going to Taiwan on the 11th of April for..

my double eyelid surgery!!!


Just 1.5 months to go..


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